CNN’s Richard Quest explains concerns around the timing of Twitter layoffs

One week after it was acquired by billionaire Elon Musk, Twitter laid off thousands of employees in departments across the company, in a severe round of cost cutting that could potentially upend how one of the world’s most influential platforms operates. CNN's Richard Quest reports. #CNN #News


  1. All the incoming lawsuits are going to be perfect karma. Between that, 89% of twitter users stating they won’t pay to be verified and 80% of advertisers leaving twitter, Elon is screwed.

    I love this for him 😊

    1. @Bongfacekilla The issue is the left generally isnt lying. Its the right are lying about anything and everything. The worst kind of hypocrites.

    2. @PeterK6502 No one cares if the blue mark doesnt mean anything other than you are paying for it.

      The whole point of it was that the person was who they said they were. Taking away that means that imposters will be rampant and no one will care about it as it doesnt mean anything.

    3. @Hic Svnt Dracones Ah, okay. You’re one of those people. I have no desire to continue any conversation with someone like you.

      Have a wonderful day.

  2. I don’t have a twitter account, never have never will.. I personally have zero use for any such connection to what I perceive as nothing more then a drama mill. I avoid drama…at all cost ! It serves no purpose in my life !

    1. Yeah my life just wouldn’t be worth living,
      if I couldn’t spew relentless nonsense on twitter.
      Thank God this imbecile had 44 billion to waste.
      WRZ 2022-11-05

    2. Abe: If I ever have to waste 44 billion dollars in the most stupid manner humanly possible,
      I’m going to ask Elon Musk for advice. I don’t think I could have ever have come up with
      anything this stupid all by myself.
      WRZ 2022-11-05

  3. The question that comes to mind β€œis Twitter even necessary?” Does it add value to humanity? Or is simply a platform for some of the most quarrelsome people to come together and slug it out ?

    1. πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ funny how this question only comes up when one out of a dozen social media companies aren’t run by p3d0philes aka democrats aka cnn.

    2. @JoaquΓ­n Diaz I should have never given an example and stuck to the point because you have ran off with that example. My point was to stress profits over people over your country. It does not change the fact that Elon is this ways notice the flaws in his certification 8.00 a month policy. I did not comment into their company making or losing money that is just life that is not my concern. My concern is people using the platform to launch hate and the company having no concern as long as its profitable. Its the same thing that happen with face books ties with Russia and Iran buying accounts. Your name sounds Spanish but for all i know you could be FSB. The idea you would allow these platform to spread lies and hate in a country your part of is questionable WORSE for the company to allow it as long as it generates a profit.

    3. Christ would have voted Republic (Public). Remember The PEOPLE=REPUBLIC. Don’t be fooled by the Believers who vote Democrat, they are not reading the scriptures. Democrat in Gemetria=Satan/Samael.

      (Gemetria is The Hebrew Numerical Value Of Each Letter)

      Read Luke 18;9-14. Christ=Republic.

      Don’t be fooled by celebrities endorsing Politicians remember we wrestle not against flesh and blood but wickedness in high places.

      Without being taught we will be voting for devils(DEMOnic=DEMOcrat) and praising GOD.

  4. Wow, when a person who helped “fix” what is still one of the most soul-sucking and immoral labor-exploitation corporations the world has ever known calls someone lacking in empathy – you got to sit up and take notice

    1. Musk is going to turn the company hes bought into 100’s of billions of dollars… He knows what hes doing. dont you ever doubt mr musk. this layoff thats hitting the news will be a thing of the past, a piece added to the foundation of whats holding up the worlds biggest piece of human information that will be added to their Ai computer program.

    2. @Putins Cat If you listen to any group of rap-loving gen z dipshits, the use of the n-word is about as common as the use of the word “yo”. But no, before, if I said “climate change is bullshit”, I’d probably get kicked off Twitter. I’m allowed to have that opinion if I choose, but the idiots [ who just got fired from Elon’s company- thankfully] would consider that “hate speech” or bullying or something completely stupid or irrelevant to find an excuse to ban me… This is the kind of bullshit/nanny-state overreach, that needs/needed to be excised like the cancer it is from Twitter…And firing those useless leftist-extremist bastards who banned anybody they disagreed with is a first step.

    3. @I I I I People have a right to opinions. But if you have 1 million followers and tell people to favor oil over solar, I could see them having an issue with that. Then again, Holocaust deniers seem to have no issues with social media. It’s a mixed bag.

  5. If the moderators are all gone, does that mean it’s possible to post offensive images? Like nudity, extreme violence, etc ? If it’s open season like that then the advertisers will pull out, and probably most governments will step in to shut it down too.

    1. Seems to be that you only listened with a “leftwing ear” Musk clearly said that contents can not violate the law.

    2. πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ so this idiot doesn’t have Twitter. Umm groomer Twitter has been full of nudity s3gs and violence since it was created.

    3. @FD Do you know me? Have you talked to my wife? Oh I get it, you are one of those. I am actually speaking out for you to be able to say what you just said. If the wrong cronies owned Twitter you yourself could be blocked.

    4. @Real Talk Thank fake Jesus I don’t know you or live in the same country. Twitter is for losers. One of those? Is that what weak men say? And why aren’t you spending time with your “spouse” instead of trolling? I’m sure your sister wife misses you.

  6. Elon purchases Twitter two months before Christmas and terminates half the workforce. Thats Elon spreading goodwill and kindness everywhere. Now you have a better picture of Elon. He’s not the cuddly messy haired genius with a heart of gold you were under the false impression he was.

    1. I hadn’t thought that since he called a rescue diver a ‘pedophile’ just because the man wouldn’t let him play with his toys in a life or death situation.

    2. Nope, he’s the guy whose silver spoon was mined, forged and polished by South Africa’s apartheid government policies. Is it really any wonder he is the way is?

    3. @BJ Rosen Holy crap I completely forgot about that. I remember, there was a group of workers trapped inside an underwater cave and Elon tried to be a hero and save them with a robot drone or something and the rescue diver who was working on the case politely and savagely tore Elon apart on live TV, essentially telling him his plan was stupid (which it was).

  7. What the hell man. She said that the factcheck and context team was fired a week before the election and you just let that SIT there? How can that not be the core of this video?

  8. Yea, mass layoffs is not easy but Stripe was graceful and humble about it and gave some really great severance perks.

    Twitter was like “I dunno; check your email tomorrow”

    1. Mostly i think it was to prevent sabotage by the employees with access to the system. They had to take measure otherwise some employees might have tried to shut down the systems.

    2. I mean 3 months full pay and benefits until they are actually terminated, far exceeding anything legally required, seems like a pretty nice perk to me. They are technically still employed until the end of Feb.

  9. Surely, job/worker protection legislation across most OECD countries will make this sort of cavalier behaviour on Musk’s part illegal, won’t it? Except in the US, which is ranked last of the 38 OECD nations in terms of worker protection, isn’t it law that any layoffs of more than 20 workers requires months of employer-employee consultation, and then formal arbitration if agreement isn’t reached?

    1. @Ryan Elliott that law only applies in the US. Elsewhere he’s required to enter negotions or arbitration. Firing someone without cause is an expensive undertaking under EU, British, Aussie, Japanese, Canadian, or Norwegian labour laws, where employee rights generally trump those of employers. Only in the US does the old system of the employer having most of the rights still operate.

    2. @Ryan Elliott Technically they’re all still employed with full pay and benefits for the next three months. All that has really happened is that they’ve been notified not to come to work until then.

    1. It’s really Elon speak for “Oh crap, They made me buy it and now people expect me to follow through with free speech and unbanning everyone.. What is a good reason as to why I can’t do that? Ah ha! Advertisers!”

    2. Maybe you forgot how these advertisers brought Mark zukerberg to his knees, So, Elon is right by going away from advertisement.

    3. The thing is the employers are only temporarily pausing their advertisement, probably until the hysteria dies down on the platform.

  10. So now Twitter is going to be a free for all πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚no wonder they lost most of their highest paying advertising πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    1. CNN is super hypocrite here. First they say look at the timing fo firings as in context of elections but the end of the video he himself say he cant know whos who. Lol
      So why the heck did you say like that in first place ” look the timings of firings of (super left) employees πŸ™

    2. @matt delusional much? I understand having to cut workforce to save money. But assuming only biased people were fired, I guess you are the biased one here

    3. @matt there is still hope if people who are as thick as you can be employed – how does he figure out in 7 days 3500 employees are biased?

    4. @Kevin Petter don’t need to know how to run a business to know he has overpaid, churning 3500 of your workforce within 7 days is not logical or that the reports that advertisers are running for the hills because Twitter is about to become a very expensive 4Chan

  11. As the saying goes when someone shows you who they are believe them the first time. This is a good example of why no one should be allowed to control this much wealth. He stole not earned most of it.

    1. @Bob Cob When Tesla was going under Daimler said they would invest if they could get a government loan. Tesla then told the government that Daimler had already invested to qualify for the loan. Also Tesla lies to get extra carbon credits which they sell to other companies. The majority of Tesla profits come from selling carbon credits, not cars. Elon became so successful through exploiting workers and lies.

    2. @GaNTech you do realize that it was democrats that created the carbon tax scam right? Hate the game not the player.

    3. @Bob Cob Leave it to people who complain about welfare fraud 24/7 be the first to defend government fraud. It’s always projection onto others to justify being shitty people themselves.

    4. @Bob Cob His workers and even your own government(so, you) and then there are those pesky slaves of his daddy’s emerald mines……πŸ€”

  12. The employer/employee dynamics have drastically changed over the past 20 years. My husband went through a similar experience in 09 during the worst of the recession, and it was brutal. At this stage, the employer/employee trust at almost any business, is a moot point, and dead in the water. Trust is not a word, I would ever use now in this type of context.

    1. @Patricia Eddy it is called economic cycles. We basically live off of debt in the ‘booming’ period and have to pay it off in the ‘recesion’

    2. @Fleur Bandito posting antisemitic and racist pieces of media and free speech are two different things . you can say what you want , until it incites hate or violence on a group of people

    3. @Fleur Bandito Communication companies are technically regulated by the FCC. If you want to shout on a street corner, go for it. But what right do you have to transmit your sh.. to the entire world? I don’t think freedom of speech included recording your voice, sending it in a package, and having the recipient being forced to listen to it. This is basically what these social media companies are doing.

  13. I have used Twitter for years. When lies were pushed about Paul Pelosi, I uninstalled the platform. I’m relieved to not be a part of this biz. It was adding nothing to my life. I hope all fired employees find a better job, with better employers.

    1. Good for you. The lying about such a horrible attack has shown Elon Musk for exactly what he is.
      Everything else is par for the course imo.

    2. Stupid leftist CNN viewers of course. Twitter is losing 4M$ per day. They had it coming lady. Just read real news lady. Nobody’s happy. Left is pressuring Advertisers to pull out. Why this isnt mentioned in biased CNN? How twitter is gonn pay employees with advertisers pulling out. Twitter is in debt thank god Elon bought it. There are lot of others things that they haven’t mentioned. You just got brain washed πŸ™

    3. What lies, the report that MSNBC posted a few days ago before retracting it? Or was that just the truth? If speculations about a story doesn’t add up is what makes you leave a platform, i doubt you had much to contribute with.

  14. Then my next job laid me off while I was in a medical emergency and pulled my FMLA insurance. Zero consideration to the situation I was in. This is America.

  15. My best wishes to those who got out of the madhouse. Even with announcements from some of the bigs, there are still many real opportunities for these alumni … smaller firms, startups, non-technology companies with tech spots that are necessary to fill just to keep operations going. Best of luck!

    1. @Robert Kennedy Never heard that one before. Unfortunately it has nothing to do with what I said in my comment.

    2. @Fleur Bandito No. Terrible idea. You want the guys who constantly do misinformation like the Russia Hoax, and so called weapons of mass destruction to be in charge of information? Yikes.

    3. @Fleur Bandito Never heard it before? You must live under a rock, so you believe you can spout all kinds of nonsense without consequences to you? Words can get some people killed.

    4. @Fleur Bandito
      Op means free speech doesn’t need to be regulated, but people should keep in mind that words have consequences.

  16. Conspiracy theory: Elon is TRYING to ruin Twitter because he is angry that he was forced to go through with the sale

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