47 Comments on "CNN’s Van Jones lists who he thinks won ABC’s Democratic primary debate"

  1. They didn’t mention Bernie or Yang once! Corporate shills

    • Dems always played dirty . Sanders got screwed in 2016 while Hillary was fed the questions by Donna Brazil head of the DNC by CNN against Trump . Very sneaky and dirty !

    • DJ See's through it | September 14, 2019 at 11:39 AM | Reply

      @william m just saying as a “privlaged white male” … your clowns words … not mine 🙂

  2. Bernie Sanders 2020…. Stop disrespecting like the whole debate isn’t because of Bernie

  3. Domestic Terrorists For Trump | September 13, 2019 at 7:12 AM | Reply

    Where is FREDO?

  4. Where is my BRAIN?

  5. Biden was the best on the stage and that’s terrible!! Lol.

  6. Yang all day long!

    • Your delusional ! Democrats are losing every where . They have no message ! Economy is booming , 401k are up , Incomes are up and jobs are everywhere unless your an idiot.

  7. Yang! Out of the box thinking & putting $$ out there for Americans to prove his point based on automation & job displacements!

  8. Lol , they did not mention Sanders or Yang even once 🙂

  9. Stefano Genovese | September 13, 2019 at 9:33 AM | Reply

    The bosses at CNN just gave Jones is orders. Biden was awful. He had no idea what he was talking about!!!

    • yep. Tired and dopey. Sleepy Joe. Stealing all the votes that would go to Bernie or Warren. UGH!!!

    • I actually pushed play and thought “It will be cool to see Van tell the truth.” My jaw dropped as he read the queue of names… wow

  10. Andrew Yang stands a good chance in beating trump. He has my vote.

  11. Yang is all that matters. The sooner we get around that fact the better. Let’s rally all our power around Yang and give him our unwavering support

    • 3 Things Fishing | September 14, 2019 at 8:51 AM | Reply

      Joe Gage

      And who’s gonna pay for every citizen’s $1,000 monthly “freedom check”?

      Please tell us, oh wise Mr. Gage.


    • @3 Things Fishing apply that 10% vat tax to ONLY non essential purchases

    • @3 Things Fishing if you want we can do the math all together but I’ll save that knowledge for someone who is ready to comprehend the out come.

  12. notice how they don’t talk about bernie or yang?

    • 3 Things Fishing | September 14, 2019 at 8:53 AM | Reply

      toommy lee

      Because their both insane?

    • @3 Things Fishing is it really Insane to offer up a Ubi to 10 families at random? For a year?
      Meanwhile your candidate is stuffing that money into a corporate media fund for exposure , but somehow giving money out of his own campaign to test out a policy so many want to dismiss is problematic?

      Are you a member of the 1% club or do you just play one on YouTube?

  13. This panel is a f. king joke. What debate did you guys watch?

  14. #Andrewyang deserves more attention, this man is literally putting his money where his mouth is!! Stop with this #Andrewyangblackout

  15. Everyday CNN lives up their new name more and more FNN FAKE NEWS NETWORK CNN will help ensure TRUMP is re-elected

  16. Yang was silenced again. How can you ask the front runners the majority of questions and basically ignore everyone else? Corrupt. The media will be AGAIN responsible for Trump being re-elected. If you think arguing for open borders, taking guns away, taking your healthcare choice away is going to get you elected you are severely delusional.

    • Actually, it wasn’t the front-runners…they gave WAY more time to 4 people polling below Yang. Booker got the 3rd highest speaking time, even though he’s below Yang in the polls.

  17. The people want more Yang. Your bias has been transparent since day one. Democracy at its best.

  18. I’m currently 2:30 into this 6 minute video (Van Jones just stopped talking) and he discussed every candidate except the 4 most progressive (Sanders, Warren, Yang, Castro). What the hell, dude. Don’t just wear your bias on your sleeve.

    EDIT: Everyone go to 3:01 in this video and see how Van Jones reacts to the words “Elizabeth Warren did so strongly.” His bias is clear.

  19. CNN anchors are legally prohibited of saying the word “Sanders”.

    • All the networks are Rigged ! Remember what they did to Sanders 2016 . CNN is the king of fake news . Countless redactions !

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