Cobb Experienced ‘Whiplash’ This Week From Hearing The Chauvin Verdict To Attending Wright’s Funeral 1

Cobb Experienced ‘Whiplash’ This Week From Hearing The Chauvin Verdict To Attending Wright’s Funeral


Staff writer for The New Yorker Jelani Cobb describes the complicated emotions he experienced as a Black man while in Minnesota this week, after hearing the conviction of Derek Chauvin on Tuesday and today attending Daunte Wright’s funeral. Aired on 04/22/2021.
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Cobb Experienced ‘Whiplash’ This Week From Hearing The Chauvin Verdict To Attending Wright’s Funeral


  1. Wright was pulled over for expired tags , had warrant for gun charges and resisted arrest. A true American hero. Teach your kids to idolize him and be like him

    1. @Crimdor We’re talking about police brutality and excessive force. If you can’t talk about that, then you have nothing to contribute. Try somewhere else for the conversation about random acts of senseless violence.

    2. @CShield – The example I laid out highlights what can happen when a person in a driver seat is tazed, nothing more.
      Your conscious decision to not acknowledge that proves that you don’t want to have an honest conversation.

    3. @Crimdor We’re not talking about random acts of violence. Lethal force wasn’t warranted in Daunte Wright’s situation.

    4. @CShield – My point was that a tazer used against a driver of a vehicle can end in lethal outcomes.
      Just because someone gets shot, doesn’t mean they die in all scenarios.

    5. @Crimdor You’re still off on a tangent. Excessive force wasn’t warranted in Wright’s case, which is why the officer negligently killed him.

  2. It is good Fioyd stopped to exist. It is so bad, so many BLM and Antifa animaIs still exist.

    1. @Aedammair Ornóra also. What made trump the best president ever? It’s not economy or employment (pre covid). You can look up line graphs that shower that trump piggybacked on a rebounding employment rate and economy… that’s like having someone finish the mona lisa and then someone else rights their name on it and takes the credit.

    2. @Niko Blanco it’s a shame all that money went to repair the damage from the BLM “mostly peaceful protests” cos it could’ve been used at the border to make the young children more comfortable instead of cramming them in cages in Biden’s border concentration camps. Fact!

    3. @Chaos 93% is a big a percentage. And a big factor in realizing that blm isn’t out there looking to be violent. But you’ll focus on the %7 still no matter what. Blatant, and willingly ignorant

      The border problem is biden dealing with the mess left by trump. Under obama, illegal immigrants were allowed to stay if they worked and paid taxes and weren’t criminals. If they were deported, it was because they did something that deserved deportation. Under trump, he made ICE take away ALL illegal immigrants, separating families in masses, leaving children in cages… and, before, during obama, the kids and families during processing were only held for about 3 days max. With trump, they were held for months, as the number of illegal immigrants deported was increasing, which was action from Trump.

      Trump labeled all illegal immigrants as criminals and rapists, and his crowd ate his words up. So, hard working fathers and mothers that were seeking a new life in America were then targeted and deported for no other reason than a change in policy, with the mirage that they are “rapists and criminals”… (watch immigration nation on netflix for a look at what ICE does)

      Side note: i dont care about biden. All i cared about was getting that evil con man outta office before it gets worse.

    4. @Chaos oh, and can you stop misdirecting and actually go back and forth on something? It’s like, you say say something stupid, i call you out, then you say DIFFERENT stupid thing… LOL like, bruh… at least try

    1. @Aedammair Ornóra In the inimitable words of the great Mick Jagger, “You can’t always get what you want.”

    2. @Demetria Karnavas I want the Democratic party is banned, the BLM and Antifa terrorists are arrested, Biden and Harris have resigned, people read the Bible, America is great again.

  3. You should learn very early in life in America do not run from the police when they have you under their authority PERIOD.

    1. The facts in the Derek Chauvin case was so extreme that it can not be seen as representing anything.

    2. I agree. And as a black mother I warn and teach my son, regularly. But we shouldn’t HAVE to. We should not have to fear those employed to keep us safe. We shouldn’t HAVE to teach our children that fear, especially not as a survival technique. IMO

  4. This trial has set a president for police reform weeding out the bad seeds and testing those that have a power play in mind when joining a force it all has to change , to earn the name of peace officer , you have to show that you have regard for human life ,

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  5. It’s seems that my American government is absolutely useless, only interested in serving themselves and retaining selfish power and money.

  6. It’s essential that officer training be focused on ‘service’ rather than ‘force’. POLICE *SERVICE,* NOT Police Force!

  7. sorry to disagree with the context presented here that requires people to focus on optimism. especially since america believes happy endings need to be attended to or socialists will take over. but the facts tell of this situation needing to focus solely on guest stating what do they believe should be done next. in fact now this approach of guests increasingly caveating that this police reform issue is local not federal pretty much damps optimism as a requirement. so that what should be getting discussed is then what can the federal gov’t do against illegitimate instances of states rights. now admittedly and unfortunately that’s a difficult conversation to have. but only because guests aren’t being at all pressed about how the biden administration needs to take federal action so that this violence is dealt with via redistributive justice. ( oh yea the optimism distracts from specifically this) but redistributive justice is actually what’s required here. indeed though guests might not even admit this either, but right now america is dealing with the same truth and reconciliation issues of colonialism. which means all cards have to be put on the table, meaning from the pain inflicted to the profits it’s resulted in, because otherwise quite frankly a fairy tale is being used to narrate an actual tragedy taking place in real time…

  8. I see Maxine’s mob have suddenly gone very quite about the cop shooting Makhia Bryant, and MSNBC don’t seem to wanna talk about their hero LeBron James and his despicable “you’re next” tweet that the coward deleted. Fact!

  9. There should be qualified immunity and performance management measures for all Police Departments and officers as there are in other workforces. Good Police shouldn’t be tarnished by the likes of Derek Chauvin.

  10. Optimistic? They just passed an Asian anti hate bill yet couldn’t pass an anti lynching bill and so sadly still black lives are held in low regard !!

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