Paisley: This Year Has ‘Been A Nightmare,’ Encourages Getting Vaccinated To Get Life Back To Normal 1

Paisley: This Year Has ‘Been A Nightmare,’ Encourages Getting Vaccinated To Get Life Back To Normal


Country music legend Brad Paisley shares the struggles of musicians and performers during the pandemic and urges all Americans to trust the science and get vaccinated. Aired on 04/22/2021.
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Paisley: This Year Has ‘Been A Nightmare,’ Encourages Getting Vaccinated To Get Life Back To Normal


  1. The vaccines are safe and effective. I’ve got mine and so have most of my friends and family. Sure is nice hanging out together without worries.

    1. that would be in large part because of trump. joe biden couldn’t do that, he’s barely sentient.

  2. Yes, I got mine, Nothing Happened… Now, I can safely be around friends, without having to worry about myself or killing them…
    Feels good!
    Get yours, Be FREE!

    1. @andrew zgoda American scientists helped them create it.
      The microbiologist Ralph Baric, the world’s leading coronavirus scholar, one of the greatest experts in the construction of synthetic viruses, author of the famous 2015 chimera of which Leonardo news spoke, speaks for the first time in Italy in an interview granted to PresaDiretta : “ You can engineer a virus without leaving any trace . The answers you are looking for, however, can only be found in the archives of the Wuhan laboratory “.

    2. @Dale Babcock That is patent nonsense. Why did the Chicomms interfere on behalf of China Joe? Why did China Joe sign an executive order banning the phrase “China Virus” on federal property? Why did Trump ban China travel while China Joe called it “xenophobic”? Why did Trump place high tariffs on China?
      Why has Chins Joe placed no tariffs on China? Why did China Joe call the imprisonment of Muslims in China “cultural norms”?

    3. @Kushner Virus Rubbish. Artificial viruses would be extremely fatal. Sars 2 is a mild virus that has been criminally exaggerated by a combination of media, health officials and governors. No one bioengineers a mild virus predicting an overreaction. That is fuzzy thinking. I blame those who criminally exaggerated a mild virus, not standard Chinese incompetence.

  3. I love it that Nicole’s son has a pet chicken They’re the best when they’re not on someone’s plate

    1. Itd be totally nonchalant for Brad; hes originally from WV and knows the topic on a personal level. It’s the typical for people in WV.

  4. Me and my grandfather just received our second dose of the Moderna Vaccine and I can tell you this the vaccine is definitely effective and has not caused any side effects such as blood clots headache’s or anything of that nature. I strongly recommend everyone please get your vaccine today.

    1. How do u know its effective because they told u it is my dad got his shots 2 weeks later tested positive for covid

    2. @Joel Rivard 200 million people have taken it, so I would have to say that it is safe. I got Pfizer and the worst I got was a headache, chills and a sore arm where I tha be taken the shot. It wasn’t that bad and I felt better in the afternoon.

    3. @Roxy Lasch I believe they are safe i just question how effective they are from stopping u from getting it. I also believe u won’t get it as severe if u do get it

    4. @Joel Rivard Because I’ve had No negative reaction to the vaccine. Although the vaccine is not 100 percent effective it is effective against the most severe part of the virus.

    5. @Joel Rivard They are 94 percent effective and the vaccine with the closest percentage is the measles vaccine. Companies are a bit concerned about the variants floating around and we might need a booster if that is the case.

  5. I got my vaccine and I love love love love love Brad Paisley! would love love to be in the front row of one of your concerts!

  6. Attaboy. Once a mountaineer, always a mountaineer. Country roads always welcoming ya back for more games in person in the future! thankful for ya and our girl Dolly working to lead the way for Vanderbilt and its initiative in vaccination.

  7. I got my first shot. I was very tried and a little achy, took a nap, but doin good now.
    I want my life back !!!!!!!!!
    Come on people let’s get this handled.

    1. @joe kim Well, let me explain that. The more people who are vulnerable to the virus means the longer it hangs around in the population, risking everyone. On top of that you don’t want to be responsible for causing the rise of new variant by mutation.

    2. @TuffTitties4U if you’ve had the vaccine you are no longer at risk. Don’t worry about everyone else. If you are scared take the vax. Then u won’t be scared anymore. But you won’t guilt me into taking it. I’m innocent.

    3. @joe kim That is a myth. I have diabetes so I had to talk to my doctor before getting the shot and so did some of my folk.

  8. Sounds great. It’s just ridiculous that my 33 year old only son, Kris and I are struggling with vaccines! (He got the virus for 3 weeks. Was in an avalanche before that. ) Hospitalized for 7 broken ribs. He was dug out of the snow storm by his best friend Evan. It was terrible. Then,,,Covid-19 scared him …big time. He’s fully vaccinated. I got my first dose last Thursday. I can’t wait to see him again and go to Zion National Park in Utah and then camp again. Yup!

  9. If you got yours don’t worry about others getting theirs. You’re protected right? Worry about yourself.

  10. I miss being with people I love! I got bot of mine waiting on them to get theirs. Get you shots this plague will not go away. Amen Brad!

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