Cohen Reflects On Insurrection: Trump Needs The Adulation Of The Crowd The Way You Need Oxygen 1

Cohen Reflects On Insurrection: Trump Needs The Adulation Of The Crowd The Way You Need Oxygen


Former personal attorney to Donald Trump Michael Cohen uses his personal experience with the former president to imagine what was going through Trump’s mind as his supporters stormed the Capitol on January 6th.
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    1. I believe what Michael Cohen is saying about Trump & being a coward also. I saw the riot when it first did happen on YouTube & Trump said he would be there also. I was thinking that he would dress in camouflage clothing back at the car & then go up the steps with his children & his other goons to look for VP Mike Pence also with all his other loyal supporters in the building so they could hang him right there where the noose was just outside the Capitol building. I was waiting to see Trump in the building also looking for his VP Mike Pence. And this is still the Trump party for most people in the USA. But I look at it as a Totalitarianism regime with a Dictator & this regime is their only hope for taking back the country with the Trump swamp nest of goons still in many places (like the courts for example) in the Federal Government where there has been no overhaul with many people being fired except in Homeland Security right now.

    2. and you are what. Can you not see regardless of how bad Trump is that this reporter in the red dress is lousy and biased. wow it is unbeliveable

    3. MrRocktex1978, Nicole Wallace worked for John McCain and his election campaign. Like many other Republicans and former Republicans, they have left the party because of Trump. They haven’t lost their principles, the Trumpublicans have hijacked the party.

    4. @John DiGiacomo Well said. MrRocktex1978 is another delusional deplorable just trying to think of anything negative his poor little 1/2 brain cell can come up with. Pathetic.

    5. Ginger Miller, when Obama was elected I thought we had passed a milestone, I expected some backlash from the right, but the venomous explosion of hate was beyond anything I could imagine it simmered through Obama’s two terms but it manifested itself in other ways, obstruction by the Senate loss of the House and Senate in the midterm and general elections. Trump’s announcement unleashed the hate, he validated and fed their bigotry. The police abuses either ramped up or just became more public. This hate and bigotry has increased almost geometrically. The Republicans are fanning the flames to retain power. They have no platform, they foster hate and fear to distract from the fact that they’ve abandoned their constituents for their donors and to retain power. The worst part is they’ve amplified the hate and division for their own selfish ends, and their constituents are too stupid to see it.

  1. Tangentially related to Baby Cheesus, PizzaGaetz is baked.

    A letter from his buddy Greenberg confesses to witnessing PizzaGaetz pay for a 17-year old.

  2. I can picture him watching the news when it was said the FBI raided Rudy’s house, him popping open a bottle of champagne with his teeth and drinking straight from the bottle like he just won the Superbowl

    1. @Shea Stephens if Cohen went to Jail so will the Orange man and then another and Another and So on then we can Say Another one Bites the Dust next one please

    2. @Dean C Hi,
      Let us start with charges that he was impeached for.
      Election tampering.
      Tax fraud.
      This stuff is being freely talked about all over the World.
      What news sources do you look at?
      Where have you been?

    3. @Dean C Well, for causing the coup, mainly, but also tax fraud, Ukraine scandal, violating emoluments clause. I’m sure there’s more.

  3. You can always rely on Michael to cut through the haze of time and bring the real back. Trump had even sent him to Ukraine with a throw away phone if you remember. And he’s talked to the feds about it.

    1. “always rely”? you are a dolt if you relied on Michael before he was busted. Even he will tell you that.

    2. @Heer Syal He’s believable to fools. He lied to banks, the IRS and went to jail for it. He’s such a chronic liar the socialists couldn’t even use him as a witness in their 100% partisan impeachment. No wonder why you people are so out to lunch when it comes to facts.

    1. why he just says the same thing over and over– you are pathetic. Move on and focus on your new senile dream leader doing all the marvelous honest things

    1. There is always a second chance for good men, you made a wise choice picking family over trump and greed. Good job michael cohen.

    2. He was a horrible man when he worked for Donald he lost his law license put in prison and now is a better man Donald Trump brings out the worst in people.

  4. The 45th loves it when ppl are die hard loyal for him and fawn over him and – he comes alive when he sees them go crazy over him….

    1. and dumps the people were most loyal to him as soon as he can’t use them anymore. Remember always he’s a malignant narcissistic psychopath. No empathy and loyalty only matters one way for him and to him. He’s loyal only to vladdy daddy.

    2. You socialists will never get it will you? It has nothing to do with Trump. It has everything to do what he stands for and how he ran the country. Like he said, “they aren’t after me, they’re after you. I’m just in their way.”

  5. The things that Michael Cohen is saying are so starkly true to so many of us. It’s incredible that so many don’t see that Trump is a sociopath.

    1. It’s incredible that you watch MSNBC lol. Cohen is such a prolific liar the socialists couldn’t even use him as an impeachment witness because he has ZERO credibility. Then they have their crack reporter lyin Bryan Williams interviewing people like the great racist Al Sharpton. And this is where you get your news? It’s incredible alright.

    2. How pathetic does a Trump MAGAman have to be to haunt MSNBC, looking for attention? Aren’t you supposed to be beating camera equipment with an American flag somewhere in your antimedia rage, just like your spray tan messiah instructed? Careful. Hang out here too long, all you middle-aged patriot hotflashes will turn into *Marxists* This is how it began for all the other progressives. First CNN, then communism.

  6. The hundreds of MAGAs in court must still be expecting Trump to pay their legal fees like he promised. Remember them delusionally chanting “Promises made, promises kept”? Sadly, many of them will probably go to their graves still not understanding they were completely conned

  7. Just rehearing January 6th through Michael, is gut wrenching. I wish everyone would get a chance to hear this video.

  8. Donald couldn’t help himself, he had to watch the violence, and the chaos, because there is no doubt in my mind, it had been PLANNED for months prior. Thank you Michael, can’t wait for that second book.

    1. It was absolutely an inside job that was many months in the making, starting at least with Trump’s summer 2020 propaganda that it would be impossible for him to lose – that either he won or the election was rigged. After Trump’s Plan A – Steal Election Through Voter Suppression, Lying, Court Stacking, More Russian Help, etc – and Plan B – Ramp Up Big Lie, Extort Swing State Governors, Launch [& Lose!] ~70 Frivolous and Vexatious Lawsuits, Obstruct Biden’s Transition, etc – failed, he colluded with his fellow-Putinite henchmen Rudy Giuliani, Roger Stone, Michael Flynn, Michael Flynn’s brother, Lt. General Charles Flynn, etc, and a number of the seemingly endless supply of corrupt rightwing Republican politicians, such as Matt Gaetz, Ted Cruz, Ron Johnson, Mo Brooks, Andy Biggs, Paul Gosar, etc, and MAGA / white supremacist militant groups, to stage a coup. It’s painfully obvious that he was desperately hoping his Tinhat MAGA Terrorists would storm the Capitol, murder key politicians such as Mike Pence and Nancy Pelosi, somehow “stop” the certification of the election, etc, to provide the Trump Cartel some excuse to declare martial law and hold onto power, indefinitely. All for wealth and power, and, of course, to remain out of jail.

    2. @Maine McEachern You are 100% correct. They tore out panic buttons, gave tours to insurrectionists (despite Covid restrictions), ignored 13 calls for assistance from Capitol Police, and refused to send in the National Guard. It was no accident this was planned to coincide with the certification of the vote.
      If it were not for the brave Capitol Police and Secret Service, we would have seen Pence, Pelosi, and many other politicians hanging from their gallows.
      Followed by a declaration that TRE45ON would remain in office.

  9. I have been assaulted at work. 9 years ago. I still have C-PTSD, Major Depressive Disorder, Disthymia, Fugue states and Anxiety Disorder as well as seizure disorder due to the head injury. All of those officers will deal with that insurrection for the rest of their lives.

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