Changes For Fort Hood Army Base A Year After Vanessa Guillen's Murder | MSNBC 1

Changes For Fort Hood Army Base A Year After Vanessa Guillen’s Murder | MSNBC


A little over a year after soldier Vanessa Guillen's murder in Fort Hood, Texas, more reprimands were announced in connection with the Army base over her death. Guillen's death sparked a collective outrage about the mistreatment of women in the military. NBC News Pentagon correspondent Courtney Kube reports.
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  1. “by one of her supervisors”….. exactly….. how many supervisors where they?…… BS….. total army BS…..

  2. Careful he was her supervisor, disciplined by UCMJ reduced him to the rank of private then claim his low rank prevents releasing his information. That’s protection people.

  3. I hope Vanessa Guillen’s family gets the justice she deserves. This smells like a big cover-up. There needs to be an independent investigation.

  4. Sad to hear all the bad things that happened to her when she was alive and that wasn’t enough for them they killed her.

  5. Does anyone know the name of the sergeant I believe there were 2 involve in this case not just Aaron possibly more but I think it’s only 2 if you don’t know it’s ok I just want to know how can I reach the investigators to tell them and see if they find out the supervisor name in fort hood there must be some information or file a that should show who was her supervisor

  6. That sucks!! Cover Up because of their rank. Bring forward who it is. Pure Evil. No information about the lady that help the killer. She should be jail for life. Cover up. Aswell..

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