1. @SCABCRAWLER True story. There are a bunch of old men taking dementia medication in the Senate, and we should also be talking about how their staffs have to wake them up when they need to hand them their talking points and escort them to their committee room or the Senate floor.

    1. @Vlad the Inhaler You tell me who is the best qualified elected leader in Washington, D.C., amd why?

    2. @Paul Robinson Actually, it would if the 20+ voted. That demographic group doesn’t normally vote. Their loss.

    1. @kj rose That’s probably one of the dumbest things I have ever heard. They are elected officials, they are subject to the people who vote them in. I can assure you that Feinstein isn’t struggling financially.

    2. @kj rose Well, by age 70 they should have that. If not, that’s just too bad because some of these people are in charge of our government and are becoming incompetent due to age-related problems.

    1. @John Grigg Tell that to his constituents in Kentucky. They love him cause he brings them the bacon.

    2. @binh phuoc nope and we as citizens cannot vote for term limits. It’s total BS. How many citizens would support 8 year limits? I bet 97%

  1. Yep, finally the media is shining a bright light on this. These people are getting old and are still trying to hang on to their jobs when they should be retired or in a freaking nursing home.

    1. @Mark That test is a screening test for severe dementia. It is routinely given to everyone who enters a nursing home, so the staff will have some idea of how aware the patient is, and are they competent enough to make decisions about their own care, and can they manage to make their own decisions about other things, or do they need to have extra help. As a disabled, widowed, senior citizen, I have taken the test numerous times when I’ve moved from the hospital to a nursing home for rehab after surgery or very serious illness. No matter how severe my post-surgery pain was, how debilitated I was from very serious illnesses, and no matter how much morphine and other heavy duty narcotics I was taking, i have always gotten a perfect score on the test – because it’s the easiest test imaginable. I could have aced it in 3rd grade. Bragging about a perfect score on that test is ridiculous. I have serious doubts that TFG managed to get a perfect score like he claimed, partly because he always lies, and partly because he said it was a really difficult test. Questions like look at these 3 pictures and circle the elephant aren’t difficult. Neither are questions like if Tommy has 24 apples and then gives 9 to Billy, how many will Tommy have left. Neither is having to remember and repeat a few simple words. I still remember the words I was asked to remember and repeat when I was given a neurological test after a stroke – 10 years ago.

    1. Some people can do good work at that age. Ben Franklin. Some cannot. But there’s no need to make it about age – all persons serving in government at any level should be able to pass a cognitive examination for dementia, and be removed from office immediately on failure. Require the test be administered at the beginning of the term and each year thereafter.

  2. That’s literally most politicians. What’s the average age? Like 65. These people are not going to be around to see the consequences of their decisions.

    1. A few years ago, I read that the average age for congressional Brand D was 72, and 53 for Brand R. That was before AOC and other younger women were elected to congress, but the old fossils have gotten older. The old fossils of both brands need to step aside.

  3. Term Limits should be mandatory for all 3 branches of government. No one should have a lifetime position as time changes the environment.

    1. @GreenEyedLady An astute comments. Bernie Sanders ideas would be closest to a social democratic platform. The lack of national healthcare in 2022 is bewildering to the citizens of every other industrialized democracy. Combine that with exorbitant college costs, and any tax savings from not having a social safety net, are gobbled up by the free market mindset.

    2. @Wayne Burton We should get rid of the R and the D. What we should focus on is where a person is a pro or anti Constitution I am for term limits. I am for age limits. However just because I am for those, I still need to make a Constitutional argument. I just haven’t found one

  4. Term limits are a positive for everyone. Constituents get better representation & the elected get to go out with a semblance of dignity. This isn’t just about her & her age.

  5. Honest question, wasn’t the last bit of Reagan’s presidency marred by the same kind of thing?

    1. I don’t think we need to look that far back for an example… Biden literally shook hands with air yesterday.

  6. I don’t want all these dozens of elected officials to have power over the wellbeing and rights of people if they are so far detached from any semblence of direct exposure/understanding of the lifestyles and experiences of the modern everyday working people of the current times, and the issues they face. The older you get into an advanced age the more you aint “with it”. You slow down, your mood changes, your perspective aint at the same level as the younger majority struggling to stay afloat and establish themselves or elicit big changes in their communities/society.

  7. My sister has dementia and she repeats the same scenarios. Took her out to my grandparents old Ranch at her request, came home, got out of the car and she asked when will we go. It’s sad, she’s always been “gifted” and to see her mind diminish is cruel for her and us. My sincerest sympathies for all affected by this horrible disease.

    1. Your post is a beautiful example of empathy and sensitivity. Both of those qualities are rare inside of the online environment. Thank you for making the post you did. I respect and appreciate you. 🙂

    2. One of the reasons Justice Sandra Day O’Connor retired was because he had dementia. It got to the point she had to put him in a nursing home. The even forgot who she was other than a nice lady who visited him. In one visit he introduced Sandra to his new lady friend, another resident there. To O’Connor’s credit she didn’t move him to another home or otherwise pitch a fit. It hurt her but he was happy.

    3. @GreenEyedLady
      I have empathy for her problems, but she’s up there collecting money to fix our problems, she needs help herself bruh 😂 what’s next military, police and fire fighters with dementia? Come on man

  8. The fact that she just lost her spouse undoubtedly exacerbated her condition I believe the age cutoff should reflect our retirement age of 65

    1. I think retiring at 70 is a good age. Voters had the option to elect her or not. I also think people over 70 should have to take a supervised driving test every year thereafter.

    2. @Annette Jenkins The highest full retirement age is currently 67. Waiting till 70 is a choice just to build up your amount. From 70 on, there is no increase in benefits. So no reason to wait longer.

  9. She aged a LOT over the last year. There needs to be a cap on being able to serve based on age, health, or anything else that can affect the vote count should they leave the senate without warning.

    1. I voted for her last in 2018, but she has aged considerably over the last year. Her family needs to have a “sit-down” with her, and talk to her about resigning while there is a Brand D governator still in office. He appointed former California secretary of state, Alex Padilla, to replace Kamela Harris. He was very good in his former position and after a year spent learning the ins and outs of this job, he continues to move forward on many issues that concern the state. Diane Feinstein has had an excellent run for the state, but needs to retire before she pulls a Strom Thurmond.

    2. So true, I’ve been watching her too. She is my representative in the senate & has worked hard for us.❤️

  10. Yes we all go through this and it IS painful. My mother was very proud and when her abilities began to falter it was left to me to take her to her family physician with her and state my concerns. This led to an assessment which led to her losing her license. ( that didn’t go over well, but she was so confused that she didn’t connect it to me!) Hopefully this important lawmaker’s family will step up and lead the way.

    1. My youngest sister was left to do this with my Dad. It was to say the least heartbreaking. It could have been much worse, if it hadn’t been done.

    2. Same thing to my exhusband, he was found going the wrong way on an expressway and it was the hardest thing we ever did to help him sell his truck and give up his license.

    3. My heart goes out to you. I have seen the privations of age include dementia, but it’s not accurate to say that we all go through it. Both of my parents were lucid until the last few days in each case, and there is no history of dementia on either side of my immediate family, nor the immediate branches unless something is going on with someone I haven’t kept up with. I just thought it best to mention it. Age does what it does to each of us, of course, but it’s not the same for every person.

    4. @Betty Olivia Clark you’re right not everyone goes through it. My mother had Alzheimer’s whereas my father had dementia at 92.

  11. Many people do not like to acknowledge the fact that when they get old their mental faculties are not as good as they used to be.

    1. Age limits, to start with. The ages of your members of congress, senators and Justices on the Supreme Court are ridiculous. No wonder the US stopped making progress.

  12. This is an example of holding on to the job is more important than governing and working for the people

    1. This is an example of how stubborn people with dementia can be. I’m sure she’s convinced she’s still capable. It’s really hard to convince people with dementia that they are no longer able to do things. I remember how hard it was to convince my grandmother to give up her car, and to convince her she could no longer live by herself.

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