1. My son is 5.

      I demand you apologize to him right now. He’s by orders of magnitude far more intelligent, mature and cognizant of the world than Trump.

    2. I was thinking 8 year old range…narcissist are broken kids trapped in adult bodies…

  1. It’s so outrageous that he make these claims with reporters and audiences. But whenever he’s in court and asked to provide evidence he pleads the fifth or doesn’t show up and hangs his own Attorneys out to dry to fend for themselves!! 😳🙄

  2. If they fact checked like that in 2016, maybe we wouldn’t be here now. Too little, to late.

    1. @Scott Pratherhaha! Great point. It would be an insult to a 5 year old! He’s more like a 3 year old.

    1. Then they will suffer again. America needs Trump back to the White House 💯💯💯🔒🔒

    1. I’ve never seen Trump like that before. You could clearly see he knows his claims are false.

    2. Quite delicious watching his face, I can’t stop! He has a really tiny mouth, who, who… love it. Coming up with new lies is a bonus, where is the evidence Donald?

  3. If there’s all this evidence on camera why doesn’t he show it? “Put up or shut up!”

  4. Don created a character that he is a winner. Winners don’t lose. A known con man knows how to con people.

  5. I’m not American but I feel an enourmous connection with the US. I’m begging my informal fellow countryman to not make the same mistake twice and to not forget about the reasons why they didn’t take him in 2020.

  6. The interview was a ‘wake up ‘call for America, and I hope everyone that has a vote, has their eyes and ears OPEN!

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