1. @Wargutz 40k funny how they decide to air his indictment live but won’t air him answering some simple questions

    1. @Persuasive Barrier well they do matter a little bit. It shows who’s going to be the nominee (in most cases). No doubt, this will be a Trump vs Biden rematch

  1. I think this is a pretty selective and biased choice of title here, but I absolutely love this dialogue. We need to stop mischaracterizing “the other side” in political discourse and make sure we are presenting facts and looking at things objectively. Outstanding job

  2. The lady was a terrible moderator. You would have thought he was in a debate with her. Like trump said “nasty person”

  3. I’m no Trump fan, like at all. But as a veteran, I get this. There are no winners and losers in modern warfare. I support Ukraine, but the Reds were in Afghanistan for 10 years. At some point, everyone will just be tired of the death and walk home, but it will take a decade.

  4. That small hat Jake Tapper was on the verge of tears after this his voice was cracking. 🤣🤣🤣

  5. He doesn’t say he wants Ukraine to win because if he did so, Putin would get annoyed and it would be more difficult to negotiate anything.
    Trump is smart not to make enemies when it’s not neccessary.

  6. Freaking hilarious. If you see two kids fighting on the playground and a teacher walks up to try and break up the fight, you get a person like her going: “Teacher, which kid did you want to win?”

    Thing is, she is not a kid anymore. She’s supposed to be a mature adult. Did no one ever teach her that fighting is wrong, it doesn’t matter who was “on the side of right” when the fighting itself is wrong?

    Fact is that you can find people on the ground right now fighting for each side who doesn’t care to whom Crimea or the Donbass belongs to, because they don’t live there. And you can say that is short sighted or selfish of them to think that way, but it wasn’t the people fighting on the ground who started or wanted this war (well mostly everyone, can’t speak for the warmongers among them).

    It is the politicians who draw the borders and claim ownership over land and its people. Sadly, those people who actually live in those places don’t get a say it seems.

    1. Are you comparing 2 kids with another 2 countries while Russia invaded a country of 40 million people? To see if I am on the same page.

  7. This is why he got along with all countries. He never picked sides. The only side he ever picked was the side of the US.

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