1. @Simulation K Will Biden agree to do the same even if there’s a democrat audience…? Nope.

    1. Laugh track included (presumptively so we know when to laugh at Trump sexually assaulting someone?)

    2. I like presidents that don’t flush important documents down the toilet 🚽🪠

    1. He’s trying to change the context of what he said in the deposition. His deposition, and his characterization in of the deposition in this “town hall” are completely different.

    2. @RedondoBeach2 Tom Mesereau once said “whenever you sue someone in civil court for money, it’s about the money”.

  1. Come on y’all. Does not take a genius to know when you’re a billionaire celeb the ladies get just a bit more friendly.

  2. This video should’ve been longer, but poor her and go her for going through it thoroughly. I would’ve liked to see her jab more at this.

    1. Should’ve contained her ego a bit and be a mediator for him instead of debating him then…

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