Colorado Gov. Polis: Boulder Shooting Is Evil That We’ve Seen In The Face | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC

Colorado Governor Jared Polis joined Andrea Mitchell Reports today to talk about the Boulder shooting. He commented on the ongoing investigation into the suspected shooter’s motive, saying, “There is no motive that's a good motive. I mean, this is evil that we’ve seen in the face here.” Polis also indicated that the suspected shooter was suffering from mental health problems. “From a preliminary perspective, there’s been comments from the brother, the family that there were concerns about this individual's mental health,” he says. Aired on 03/24/2021.
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Colorado Gov. Polis: Boulder Shooting Is Evil That We’ve Seen In The Face | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC


  1. He should comment on the Boulder Pd’s ties to a street gang producing ruffies and fake lsd. I’d love to hear why this is allowed by the state of Colorado!

  2. A country that refuses to address mental illness, yet allow any nut with a few dollars to purchase an assault weapon is doomed to repeat this scenario over and over.
    Just more spouting from from another self serving Governor….no pity here.

  3. LISTEN!!
    Hear that?
    It’s the voices of the American people, rising in unison,
    calling out for sweeping and restrictive new gun reform legislation!

    1. You want to take your own freedom away because the government refuses to deal with a mental health issue? Seems idiotic

  4. countries like Canada and Switzerland love guns but they have access to proper mental healthcare and rigorous gun safety prerequisites
    the US is just so incompetently backwards once again…

  5. Biden just had a missile strike on Syria. The active shooter in Colorado is from Syria. Someone needs to bring a lawsuit against the FBI for flat out failure to do their job. we haven’t seen a single image from the CCTV cameras and doubt will seen anny.

  6. The numbers since 2000 are very clear.
    People shot by a person with a gun: 2,370,000
    People shot by a person without a gun: 0

  7. The brother will say anything to diminish his brother’s responsibility. So I’ll take whatever he says with a pinch of salt. He had the presence of mind to choose specific type of guns. More investigation into his past needs to be carried out, really.

  8. states with no backgraound checks? convicted can just go to the supermarkets and buy guns? you’re nuts in the US

  9. i blame our legislators for this insanity…they are bought and paid for by corporations and special interest groups like the NRA

  10. Polis, are you still a governor? After bankrupting the whole state of Colorado? :)))))))))))))))))))))))

  11. The NRA boasted about how they won and got the judge to rule in their favor and look, only 10 days later.. Pathetic.. I hope that Judge is happy..

  12. Publish the name of that judge. He is directly responsible for these murders and should be fired, removed from office and disbarred.

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