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    1. Honestly, I can’t believe anybody would support a bill that makes ANY voter ID illegal. How can you possibly think the election will be fair? I’m from Canada and we need voter ID to vote. Why would you want a system where fraud becomes EASIER and not harder?

    2. Joe Manchin is the only Democrat WV would have. He has to be conservative or WV would replace him with a Republican. We have to work with what we got.

    3. @A L You have to present i.d. when registering to vote. Where I live, I still have to present my driver’s license along with my voter i.d. card. I think voter i.d. is the least of the worries.

      How does limiting ballot drop boxes, reducing the time for early voting, and eliminating Sunday voting help election integrity? It doesn’t. It’s pure voter suppression.

  1. I’m a West Virginian, and a Democrat, but I’ll never vote for him again. He’s nothing but a DINO. And our other Senator, Shelley Moore Capito (R), is just as bad. Unless we get some new blood in the Senate, younger candidates who actually represent the coming generations, I’ll write in my dogs’ names, because they do more for me than my Senators.

    1. @Christine King LOL, it’s not every day of the week that you see a West Virginian in an online forum, and I am genuinely interested in hearing from them.

    2. @Constituent A Coal, Southern WV, depend on coal mines for their living…With the Politicians lies, and forgetting them…Most Southern WV won’t vote…Then the Opioids, What the world does not know, over half of our young are drug addicks…The Homeless is at a dangerous level….Poverty, because of low wages, and Manchin is the biggest mouth piece against Minimum wage raises…The Government of WV has gotten out of Poverty, but the people haven’t….Remember acouple years ago, our teachers strike started a movement across USA. I have been trying to get more education, better jobs for the coal miners, to move beyond coal mines…The people say it was good enough for the last generations it is good enough for them…..Please pray for the people of WV, we sure need it, with our RED GOVERNMENT…..

    1. That’s it. The ruse he doesn’t want to lose to a Republican is just that, a ruse. Not much different than sweet Lindsey Graham.

    2. Voting against won’t win him anything…..just like all republican politicians….. he’ll be under trump’s control!

  2. Joe; you need to show the voters in your state how, the dude that used to be called president, made a fool out of them. Not telling them will be continuing to make them look like fools. The difference is you’re doing the damage for republicans.

    1. It’s West Virginia. He’s the best we can do there. We wouldn’t have gotten the stimulus bill through if it weren’t for him because Mcconnell wouldn’t have allowed it

      We should do our best to keep him in place but win more seats elsewhere.

    2. If you vote Manchin out or he switches parties, Moscow Mitch will be back in control. Better to work with him.


  3. Your system is a joke. Moscow McKKKonnell had everyone by the short hairs for 6 yrs. You just finally get rid of the Grim Reaper obstructionist and some guy steps forward as Mr. No Party and starts shi*ting on the parade. He interferes which the COVID relief, against sane gun control, might not vote for this and who knows about filibuster and infrastructure? McKKKonnell gets the last laugh.

  4. Manchin is a Republican in the disguise of a Democrat. He can’t be trusted to honestly do what’s best for the American citizens. He is always careful to remain in the good graces of his corporate sponsors however.

  5. We’re being Grassleyed and Collinsized by Manchin.

    Lord Above, I ask again – history aside, please five more Senate progressives in 2022. To paraphrase Scarlet Witch: “No More Blue Dogs.”

  6. Sidney Powell stated that “no reasonable person” would have believed her election fraud claims. What does that say about Republicans (particularly the federal and state representatives) who make these same claims?

    1. Sidney Powell absolutely did not say that. What her legal team argued, was that her specific claims about Dominion were not fact. This doesn’t mean they were lies, or even false, it means her specific claims about dominion were not clearly proven. Keep in mind, these claims about Dominion have nothing to do with other fraud that occurred. Legal documents can be tough to read, just wanted to help !

  7. Man chin is also a loser, there’s no way that universal background checks are an infringement on the second amendment!!! And 90% of people agree that ar15 & other weapons of war S/B banned!!!

    1. He’s a moron for It’s not going to save him from getting defeated by a trumplican riding on voter suppression.

  8. I’m calling it now..Joe will change his party affiliation if DC gets statehood, the dude is disgusting

    1. @Anti Factoid would you rather get a new wife or keep the one that keeps sending signals she is available….screw him!

  9. There is a big check coming his way. Straight from the NRA.
    Nice going Manchin, you showed you still belong to
    the division party.

    1. Most Republican voters going for the voter suppression don’t realize that it hurts them also for without majority rule a one party system with a few people controlling it is exactly what every communist and non democratic country has! Everyone in those countries are enslaved people with only one choice….and one choice is no choice!

  10. Seems more like Manchin likes the attention and loves being the one who decides which things move forward

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