Family Members Of Colorado Mass Shooting Victim Speak Out | MTP Daily | MSNBC

NBC News' Steve Patterson speaks to Colorado shooting victim, Rikki Olds' uncle, Robert Olds. Aired on 03/24/2021.
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Family Members Of Colorado Mass Shooting Victim Speak Out | MTP Daily | MSNBC


  1. My sincere condolences to all of the families and friends . Nobody should ever have to experience the loss of a loved one in this manner !

    1. ​@Folding chair End the gunshow loophole, require background checks and a waiting period, no more selling high-velocity weapons intended to make smithereens of an enemy on the battlefield to the general public, and bring back the mental institutions instead of sending the crazies excessive checks while allowing them to roam free unchecked and unsupervised.

  2. The Second Amendment doesn’t grant the Right to possess a Weapon of War. It doesn’t.

    1. Muskets. Make muskets the only firearm that qualifies for 2nd Amendment protection. The “arms” of the day. No constitutional change, just a reset to its original intent.

    2. This shooter is banned from owning guns and bought one illegally. Also in Boulder it’s illegal to carry guns or have them loaded in your person. So banning guns obviously doesn’t work and this is proof.

    3. @Chronic Crypto ah-ha! Bought one illegally (no corroboration… noted) but if guns were actually banned, where would the gun sold illegally come from?

    4. @Chronic Crypto also, Ye of little information, there was a city ordinance against firearms, struck down by a court. And I will be checking the illegal purchase claim…

  3. I’m a gun owner, and a Marine combat veteran. I don’t own an assault rifle, because my days of going on patrols, raids and assaults are over. I live in the suburbs now, so why on earth would I need a weapon that was designed for mass carnage on the battlefield? I’m a practical person, so if I go out and buy a hammer, it’s because I intend on hammering something.
    When it comes to assault rifles, I know them like the back of my hand. You do not want to be on the receiving end of a weapon with a velocity like that. Your chances of surviving are extremely slim, and rightfully so, because it’s a weapon that was designed for the battlefield.

    1. @Folding chair
      I love the fact that you don’t care about the lives of your kids, their kids, and their kids. You care more about a weapon.

    2. @Folding chair The “well regulated militia” was the founders’ answer to _not_ having a standing army.

  4. Bless your hearts wishing all the victims peace in their hearts!! This is so very sad Again!! Please take care!

    1. Gun laws only hurt law abiding citizens. Do you really think murderers will follow idiotic gun laws?

    2. Who shot back? No one and that’s why they were victimized.

    3. Regardless if you take away guns or not, people are still crazy. Guns are inanimate objects. They can be neither good nor bad. People, however are different.

      So even if you take away guns, people will still try to harm others. Wether it’s with bombs, knifes, or other improvised weapons. Humans are violent and that’s a fact. If you think someone has violent intentions, tell someone. If someone is being watched by the FBI, they should keep a closer eye on them.

  5. President Biden needs to update his Crime Bill, put full trust in the Law Enforcement and prevent as many potential mass shooters in this country preemptively.

    1. Buy a gun and protect the people around you. Very simple solution. Learn gun safety and your states self defense laws while you’re at it. Then do a little research of the thousands of lives saved by good guys with guns.

    2. @Folding chair people already do that. However, there are too many crazies out there. They have access to the same guns.

  6. Does the employer have an employee benefits plan that would contain funeral expenses as well as group life? One would think so if she was a manager.

    1. How do you point a gun at pretty much anyone and pull the trigger. The whole gun culture in the USA is surreal to citizens of most other countries.

  7. This is sad it’s not fare for no one to lose their lives just because someone decided to take it. My condolences to the family’s.

    1. She would have been a useless retail worker anyways. Hispanics are better for that and it is good her place is empty so we can replace it with minorities to prevent racism.

  8. A uniquely American problem where civilians can purchase weapons of War without background checks across the board.

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