1. @Jessica
      His father was not present, a drug addict, and in the porn industry.

      These are three things you support as a Democrat…therefore, you have a hand in this

  1. Why do people care so much about how other people live? You have to really be insecure to let how someone else lives bother you 🤨

    1. Tell that to people who think I should be forced/ blackmailed into using someone’s ‘personal preferred pronouns’

    2. @kimbercustompro1911So what? People on the left actually recognize humanity. Righties despise other people, especially the left, because they know that they are themselves just maggots mired in their own filth.

    3. @JP Baley people on the left SEE humanity in child predators and violent criminals with rap sheets that stretch a mile long while conservatives see the value of people with morality and ethics

    4. when you force your mental illness on young innocent children, we care! When you force men into womans private spaces, we care!! I don’t care if dude has a dress on and lipstick, he goes in a womans bathroom with REAL woman, he’s going to get treated like any male sicko that commits a sex crime like that. 🙂

    1. @Dunky Gamer fitting? But the guy himself was nonbinary and identified as “they/them”. This wasn’t some hate crime by a homophobic guy that wanted to spark something, it was a member of the lgbt community who attacked others.

    1. Yup one of their own killed a bunch of them and then they beat one of their own up. Perfect senerio I guess right.
      Glad everyone is happy with this tragedy 🤦

  2. Saw his patents I guess (?) And what a nasty father, mother ect….hateful crazy poison out of their mouths. I glad he got jumped on and whooped him for the police can shovel that Pos out! My heart is with the families and loved ones. Oops, yes I meant parents not patents ( getting older) I have family and very good friends who are gay ect. Married and single. They are sons and daughters and beloved ones in my life. This is heartbreaking and I worry for my family and friends and communities everywhere. Those parents, which are NOT parents at all, will probably rot in hades.

    1. @Dirty Red so According to you he’s trans? That’s what you’re saying?

      He’s been Maga level garbage that much is known. now… Trans?

      but hated gay people… according to all who knew him. Sure thing bud. Makes complete sense. Like it makes sense to invade the Capitol, expect no punishment, and be stupid enough to call themselves “patriots”.

    2. @William Diaz According to him he’s trans, just like every other trans person, dummy.

      He could be MAGA, however the left are known to take out their own.

      Trans is a disorder. Gay is a sexual preference. They aren’t even the same thing. Have you never heard of the divide in the LGBTQ community? 😂

      The Capitol was never invaded. The doors were held open by DC police which disproves your invasion conspiracy. They were also gun owners at the Capitol yet nobody had guns with them. Please, take your Seroquel.

    3. @Dirty Red what a gullible !d!ot. I mean now bear w me on this one… perhaps he’s trying to get off that hate crime charge. Either way you must be the first person to believe a criminal what he says. Good luck with that in life!

    4. @Robby Tominson Making excuses for Biden for what??? For his appointment of 84 FAKE ELECTORS as part of a deep state conspirwcy to overthrow a democratically elected government??? Making excuses for him stealing 700 top secret highest classification nuclear documents to barter with our foreign enemies??? Making excuses for his daughter pocketing $640 million from China while working in the White House and his son-in-law for pocketing $2 billion from Saudi Arabia right after leaving the White House?? Making excuses for him releasing 5000 Taliban prisoners into freedom for NOTHING in return for USA??? Are these the kind of excuses you want me to make for Joe Biden???

    1. From Non- Binary, to psycho, to murderer, to defendant, to convict and finally become a full fledged certified liberal.

  3. His picture looks pretty good, considering what he did to those people.. I am amazed he made it out of there alive..

    1. @docholiday2016 Yup. Even that’s too good for him. They should do him like they did to Joe Pesci in “Casino”. Him and his dad

  4. The only good part about this story is seeing how beat to hell the suspect got. I know the act was traumatizing for the people that kicked him, but he deserved it and it saved other folks’ lives.

    1. @Soggy Kid One of the people beating him was a military vet and the father of a girl that was killed there. If I were the father, I would have killed him.

  5. Joey Jackson is a great contributor to have on the air. Unlike so many others, he is articulate, gets directly to the point, seems very aware of the rapid pace of the broadcast and gets in and out. Clearly there is no future for him in politics 🙂

    1. You all are immortal Gods who will live and dominate forever? No you’re not. You complain about getting old, and when you’re on your death bed you squeal like little girls. Anton Lavey, the one who built the first church of Satan in America, cried worse than a little girl on his death bed. You’re not forever! You’re ephemeral. Time will destroy you.

    2. Funny how CNN platers his face on a video thumbnail but refuse to put the Black Walmart mass shooters face on a video thumbnail..

    3. @Rocky Balboa Right. Whatever happened to Paul Pelosi’s hammer attacker? What about Darrell Brooks? They don’t fit the narrative.

  6. I can’t be sorry for him and the injuries he suffered from people trying to defend themselves and others. He shouldn’t have been killing people.

  7. I believe this suspect didn’t receive enough of a beating. from the bystanders that took him down. I wouldn’t have had a problem with them dancing on his head. but that’s just my opinion. as for the legal aspect of the case it’s an open and shut case. however there will never be a sentence harsh enough. to allow justice to the victim’s in this case.

  8. How certain constituencies can feel like they’re being represented by someone like Boober says volumes about who they are and the values they hold.

    1. Did you NOT read and understand the words on Lauren’s twitter posts??? I will have to give your reading comprehension skills a thumbs-down, CA. (BTW, the Denver Pest is a woke-joke!).

  9. Like this photo. Congrats to the people that made this guy pay for what he did. Grateful for these individuals who attacked him and made him pay a price for what he did. So sad for the people they lost during such a cowardly act.

    1. Getting ‘paid for what he did,’ would be like how the left wing Bernie supporter was given a celestial dirt nap by police for shooting at republicans. Getting ‘paid for what he did would be like how Kyle Rittenhouse gloriously dispatch a couple of left wing scum bags for trying to take his life.

    2. @Brookman Iol, rightwing, conservative, evangelical American “Christians” have finally accepted the reality of non-binary people – it tells us so much about who these conservative Christian nutbars are.

      *HE identified as male when he was first arrested and embraced their non-binary reality after speaking with an attorney – that’s the land of the imprisoned, home of the cowards for ya!

  10. It’s fascinating to me that people since time immoral have had to fight to simply exist wouldn’t be able to beat the crap out of you. The fact that they don’t is only eclipsed by their humanity. They are the first to help out a friend, to open their home, to feed you, to adopt and raise children, to help even though they are hated and persecuted. Damn shame really.

    1. @K. Ferguson U R onto something, there. The real meaning of the word DOES seem to coincide with the ascent of dt…

  11. 4:06 you’re damn right it’s a ploy. The point isn’t that the shooter identifies as anything, the point is that he identified himself as a *murderer*

    1. Matt Walsh: Sorry but if you’re on the Left then you have no right to deny the shooter’s non-binary identity.

      You set a precedent here and we will hold you to it. You have to respect his identity. I don’t. You do. These are your rules. Now take your medicine…

      You have already made it clear that if a male criminal comes out as a woman and is transferred to a women’s prison, we may not speculate that his trans identification is a ploy to gain access to female inmates. Same for men in women’s locker rooms.

      Your rules are clear: ALL self-identities are valid and cannot be questioned, ever, under any circumstances. Again: your rules. You are stuck with this. The shooter is non-binary. You have no choice but to accept it. Sorry.

    2. @Nasty Woman 1979 I think you’ll find Republicans want people that call in bomb threats to have the full weight of the law thrown at them which includes removing gun ownership, it’s liberal prosecutors that want minimum sentences or releasing and liberal DAs that keep releasing these punks and the FBI once again failing to stop a killer.
      The FBI over and over are failing to do their job with obvious dangerous individuals, gee I wonder why that is…

  12. Very sad but this guy should have known if anyone got ahold of him he was in for a beating
    Thx to all who stopped him
    You guys and girls did a good job

    1. @Rocky Balboa Because the story is about this guy, maybe? What black Walmart shooters do you want them reporting on? If you make a claim, provide evidence. That onus is on you.

    2. @Shie H. Andre Bing. It doesn’t fit the narrative of cnn. A black man using a handgun to kill people. They can’t blame Andre bing because he’s black. They can’t blame the handgun because it’s not a “scary ar 15” so they just don’t talk about it. I’d love to see cnn say the same things they said about a white shooter as they do a black shooter. However they never do

    3. @Shie H. You must have missed it, a black guy committed a mass shooting at Walmart the other day murdering 6 innocent people. CNN refused to put Andre Bings face on their front video thumbnail covers like they do with white shooters.

  13. The victim blaming is so gross in situations like this is just disgusting. No one has sympathy for the murder.

    1. Well duh 🙄😒 @Gus Fil I’m notta enforcer let losers ruin their own lives think I give a damn? I’m notta (bleep) psychologist

    2. @Simmer Pete also, you named like a couple people yet your original comment said NO ONE has sympathy. You’re clearly not understanding that “no one” means literally nobody. If you truly believe that, I think that’s completely ridiculous. Get off your high horse and stop acting like you care more than everyone else

    3. @Gus Fil Stop being a bigoted clown. Nobody is forcing anything on you but you seem intent upon forcing your hatred upon everyone else.

  14. Hey Jim I haven’t seen you in awhile, You sound like your either getting a cold or at the end. My sister sounds like that. Hope your doing good. As for this horrible shooting I’m getting so numb to all this hate in the world. And the people who are saying these bad things are like Tucker, Lauren, Margorie, and more it’s so disgusting. These are grown up adults congressman/ and women and FOX I’m so sad for our children having to grow up in this world.S.M.H

  15. For those appreciative of the culprit’s appearance, I am too. I’ve intentionally avoided details about the latest shootings but a story about the man who administered that beating caught my eye yesterday. Richard Fierro, retired Army major with two tours in war zones and two Bronze stars, went into combat mode unarmed immediately on hearing gunfire. After ensuring the safety of his wife and daughter he rushed the killer from behind, brought him down, disarmed him and beat the crap out of him. I am staunchly anti-gun and anti-war but not anti-soldier. That vet deserves another medal

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