1. Person, woman, man, camera, Tv. If he passes that round, let’s see if he remembers who is his ex/current wife is, show pictures of Ivana trump/Marla Maples/E jean Carrol

    2. He has to be convicted of one of his many (alleged -but glaringly obvious) crimes before he is actually disqualified. I love your name, btw. Did you graduate with your sanity intact?

  1. Trump is back on the Big Lie Tour playing his greatest hits–“The Election Was Rigged”, Mexico Will Pay For The Wall”, “I Can’t Release My Taxes Because I’m Being Audited”, “Covid Will Magically Disappear” and many more!😂

    1. and his believers never hold him accountable for all the lies he told, all t he things he pr omises and never delivered. And, then there are the crazier than a loon comments he’s made. But they’ll insult our POTUS for the slightest error, which are Not purposeful. Scary

  2. Oh jeez, I didn’t think he could get worse, now he’s depressed & whiny! His sluggish rant could be mistaken for sleep talking.

    1. @Keith Thompson – Your guy has called the vp the prez, three times. He’s called jill his sister and the prez. He’s vey confused.

    2. @kelperdude You should come up with just one original thought instead of repeating fox news lies you groomer.

  3. He relies on his hate and misplaced grievance rallies to boost his deflated ego while grifting from the most gullible.

    1. But it sure does pay well ! Guess there must be a lot of gullible-idiots out there, as you can tell from the sales of those funny red hats. BTW, who profits off those, I’m just asking questions ?

    2. He’s pandered for money, sold “hero” cards/merch of himself, taken from charities and other indefensible acts. Not a good businessman, he’s a con man.

    1. @Paul Schulte Kelperdude sees how it works. He sees fascists and agrees with them. Kelperdude is completely aware of his bigotry and he’s convinced he’s right.

    2. I think a big part of the problem is democrats and Republicans demonize eachother and put blanket statements over an entire group of people based on their political beliefs and statistically that just cannot be true,the odds of millions of people having the exact same beliefs and acting in the exact same manner is not realistic.this cult like following and blind allegiance to a political part just to spite the other side is not how progress is made in any setting you apply it to.

    3. @kelperdude Not even on the FBI watch list like the Proud girls or the Oath idiots, who is the leader? Republicans talking point!

  4. “We have a woke military that can’t fight or win”. Straight from the leader of the “support our troops” party.

    1. @Navy Chop – Here’s one of the new rules. “Women can’t wear eyelash extensions without a medical prescription.” Or this one, “Lipstick can not distinctly contrast with lip color.”

    2. @kelperdude That’s not entirely correct. DoD sets appearance and uniform standards, while executive branch appoints Defense Sec and below civilian leaders. US commanders requested changes from DoD on several times to accommodate, among other changes, maternity uniforms and female grooming standards for non-deployable soldiers.

      When US fields a 100% volunteer force, accommodations must be made in order to continue meeting recruitment targets, which are determined by the same folks requesting the changes. I suggest this of little concern to Trump, as is much of the US military.

    3. @Toe Cutter – The army alone, fell 25% short of it’s recruitment goals. I guess some people aren’t happy with the new make-up rules.

  5. Trump is like that old rock band from the 70’s – 80’s that used to play to full stadiums, that sadly now plays their same old list of grievances, er… I mean hits to around 200 people at a state fair or theme park…

    1. He and Marjorie Taylor Green, is sickening. I was scared to death Trump would win in 2016, so many Democrats wouldn’t get off their asses and go vote.

    2. I Agree!! I would much Rather hear Biden’s story’s of how he didn’t need our votes…………… Or how “They” Put together the Most Extensive And Inclusive Voter Fraud Organization In The History Of American Politics……. What a Tool..

  6. It disgusted me that he was in my town yesterday. There was 1 person out front holding a trump flag and 1 other with an American flag. That was it. No one else outside

    1. If you are from SC thanks for posting. Unfortunately there are many, many lesser educated, gullible people in SC. Most are white supremacists in the lower economic spectrum looking for people to hate and blame for their plight. Trump only enables and validates their most negative side. That’s all they get but it’s adequate for them.

  7. He’s like a little boy in trouble just spinning out of control with all the excuses for all he’s done. He’s such a baby. I wanna see him in handcuffs so bad!!

  8. We’re going on 8 years of his base having to support him and pretend the things he said isn’t completely idiotic. Best interpretation of the low enthusiasm for Trump now has to be burnout of defending him and reimagining his actions and statements in a more positive light than reality would suggest.

    1. Sadly a part of his base actually don’t think anything he says is idiotic…that truly is the astounding part.

    1. @Victor J. Cano …. You’re kidding me.. Right?… your man biden couldn’t open a can of biscuits….. Trump is for America….. Dems Get in charge.. INSTANT WAR…..

    2. Playing golf everyday will exhaust you. Eating KFC by the bucket and drinking diet Coke is debilitating.
      And he’s old.

  9. He never has been fully engaged in the task of running for or being president. He’s fully engaged with the grift, with the get-out-of-jail free card he wants from it, with the income the fundraising brings in that he can attempt to embezzle. That’s what he cares about, and it ALWAYS has been.

  10. Imagine having a grown adult be an American President and he can’t get through a speech without engaging in middle school name calling

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