1. @Your Friendly Neighborhood Lawbringer if you scream ALM then you should be angry as those who scream BLM

    2. LAST CALL coming from a probably 40 year old Irvin that has never met a anyone of color you ignorant fool

    3. @Your Friendly Neighborhood Lawbringer where were you when white people burnt and killed black communities in the past?

    1. *Lyme disease isn’t studied at all because doctors could not care less about people’s health….I fixed it

  1. The fact that she and others see it as a political issue instead of a social issue is part of the problem.

    1. @Brandon Keys You still believe Russiagate? Steel is admitting the dossier is fake and he is putting everything on your girl (Hillary). Talk about fake news. Guess you were running with a huge LIE. Must be the Dems thing to believe fake news! roflmao

    2. @Thomas Perry Snowflake I’m surprised you didn’t call them uncle toms, I know you wanted to.

  2. Kelly Loeffer and core… What exactly are American principles. I am UNEDUCATED please enlighten me 👀

    1. @DILLY Remember the “law & order” CRIMINAL in the White House!!!! Lock Trump up, Lock Trump up, Lock Trump up!!!

    2. American principles are the opposite of Marxist principles. You know, Marxism, the one that murdered more than 100 million men, women and children.

    3. @R Patrick Holguin Looks like your girl Hillary broke the law. Steel is admitting the dossier is fake and Hillary paid for it. Big trouble coming her way! Lock her up. Wonder how many more Dem lies will be exposed in the near future? Stay tuned….roflmao!

  3. Don’t have to tell me about other people’s ignorance of an illness they don’t have to suffer with. Spent my whole life having people tell me my asthma was all mostly in my head. People who never had even a tenth of an experience of a full blown asthma attack.

    1. @Anti Racism Security What are you talking about? This is a person talking about others gaslighting them over chronic illness. How is that racist?

    2. A’heil’aam beloved Cherub E Clouston. I sincerely send divine love of healing to you in regards to your asthma. ( As you can see in my avatar title , that I am a Hypnotist.) In my field of study regarding the issue of asthma. I found out other Hypnotherapist discovers the source of the ailment . I will cut to the chase , so that you can utilize this gem to heal and if you may go to a hypnotherapist near you they could follow up and rid you of this.
      Gem: You are loved! You forgive yourself are anything you maybe aware of or not, that you may have done in the past. Forgive each * parent (* Trusting by Lords breath they are still with you beloved.) If possible that both are still with you, just go to them. When you are in their presence, just hug them and say I love you Mommy or Daddy. And in your inner most part of your heart. You say mentally, “I forgive you ! I love you so much because you had me and took care of me and raised me the best you could”!❤️
      What Hypnotherapists found out , the problem started while you were in your blessed Mothers womb. She and maybe even your Blessed Father , has thoughts of not having you. The Blessed Cherub in the womb, which is you. Heard and felt that thought and while developing in the womb your Mothers emotions of not having you were intense . So that rejected feeling translated into the shortness of breath, which is your asthma. That’s generally what causes the babies to be born with that disease, also it may occur if one or both parents smoke.
      I send sincere Angelic hugs to you Cherub and I hope this reaches you and I didn’t offend. I only took time to post this because I have family who has it. It is my Uncle whom I looked up to as a little Cherub myself growing up in the 70’s. 😂 Peace to you Cherub and to your whole beloved family. Peace from the Magi Hypnotist in the East. ❤️🇲🇦🇺🇸✡️📿🙏🏾

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  4. The 🍊 🍊 🍊’s are running all up thru these comments earning their Bot paychecks that’s for sure.

  5. Knowing the concern, I dropped out of the final two Olympic qualifications due to being a type 1 diabetic in fear of Coronavirus. Everyone must put health and lives for my family, friends and myself is indeed over anything else but on the same note, I am gutted as this is the last time I can qualify for America. But it is okay, America will always have champions coming forth which makes me happy to be a American regardless.

    1. @Timmy Turner Actually she did, but it was decided by the Senate ethics committee that it was ok, wink wink, nod nod…she’ll be former Senator soon, even the right wingers are against her, thankfully.. Read her wikipedia entry, she wrote it herself…should open your eyes to the issue that is our soon to be former Senator. Yep, we get the rare chance to get rid of both of our useless Senators in one year…thank you Johnny.

    2. @JamesAllmond No that’s just not true at all. Loeffler is clean. There are some democrats who tried to blow a nonexistent whistle to sink her but it didn’t happen. It was all fake

    3. This “commissioner” showed zero spine in addressing the Senator’s comments. The Senator is a Nutjob and a Liar. Yet this commissioner showed zero spine here.

    4. @Timmy Turner Lmao. Republicans are so batshit crazy. They literally live in another universe or alternative reality that Fox News brainwashes them with. It’s wild!

    5. @Timmy Turner They ended up ceasing to investigate the Senator, because they could not prove that she had insider-information to for sure get a guilty verdict, so they had to drop it. She sold over $20 million in stocks right when the virus hit, and her husband would have inside information as an insider. Being unable to prosecute is not the same as being innocent.

  6. Sounds like they’re experimenting with the WNBA. Let’s see this done with men’s sports.

  7. *Kelly Loeffler is Donald Sterling’s long lost daughter. They both share traits of hating Blacks*

  8. The WNBA, which has lost $10 million a year on average since its first season. Subsidized by the NBA. Yet these women want more money. No wonder the players love BLM’s Marxist movement.

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