‘Complete and utter nuclear blackmail’: Fiona Hill on Putin’s brinksmanship

Russia expert Fiona Hill says Vladimir Putin believes the West will eventually capitulate, as he looks to regain lost momentum in his war on Ukraine. #CNN #News


  1. Shoutout to Fiona Hill for being the only person on english-speaking media to pronounce Ukrainian city names correctly

    1. @TheIfifi Ukrainians *CARE* ! And no one cares as long as they stop saying *_KEEVE_* like a ruski troll.
      >> Tom’s Ukrainian/American wife Pam <<

    2. So California has no electricity
      Mississippi has no clean water
      The south has no borders

      But we have tons of money to send overseas.

      And now Biden is provoking our enemies into WW3

    3. Every war, every struggle, every natural calamity, every conspiracy in the world is only because of Satan, Satan is the gate of hell that always leads to destruction.

    4. This should be the least of their worries! They’re getting wiped off the map and you’re worried about how they’re pronounced! lol

    5. @News Now Adirondacks Redux it’s not? And btw, it might not be the greatest concern of the American people but it is the greatest concern of America as a whole

  2. What a brilliant name, sounds like a high ranking SHEILD operative! Very well summarised and has a wonderful grasp on the situation, I really hope Fiona Hill has a voice where is matters!

  3. I wouldn’t describe what Putin is doing as ‘nuclear blackmail’; rather, ‘nuclear extortion’ would be the better term.

    1. What he needs is to be nuked off the map. Just get to it already! Are we going to do this for years more? Nuke Russia.

  4. I appreciated Fiona Hill’s clear message ! We must remain united and we need the world to realize if Putin escalates this war it will affect all of us ! China and India must be involved to stop this as well !

    1. @Andrew D. Conard peace is only possible when Russia withdraws its troops .Putin won’t do that so China and India are useless at this point

    2. Maybe someone should have told her working with Danschanko a Russian spy was not a good thing to use against President Trump

  5. Dr. Hill is an incredibly knowledgeable & insightful professional. I wish that she was a professor, teaching international relations & international law. If I were a much younger man, I’d be trying to take as many courses as she was teaching. We can sure learn a lot from her.

  6. Love Fiona! She is such a smart woman, very cunning and she knows her ish. Can listen to her and Michael Mcfaul nerd out all day. Thanks for having her on 👍🏻

    1. I would love to see her and Col Vindmen run for President but unfortunately you have be a born citizen in the United States for the Presidential run,

  7. Fiona Hill always strikes me as the kind of person who would always be the smartest and most interesting person in a room…

  8. Two highly intelligent, articulate experts. Always worth listening to. If more media worked to this high level American democracy would be under less pressure. Thanks to PBS news service too. Heather Cox Richardson’s letters, a few others.

  9. Very informative interview! The prevailing news and talks have been more about what happens on the ground and how to support Ukraine in the war. While that’s obviously critical, I appreciate the guest’s views on the strategic side and world dynamics. She pointed out Putin’s recent maneuvers in setting up negotiation stance, the escalation of war and impact on the whole world, and therefore the importance of enlisting other world powers. They have the common interests in preventing a potential nuclear war, as well as against annexation of other countries’ sovereign territories by force, now that both being pushed by Putin recklessly to red lines.

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