1. So sad for those victims, the horrors they had to see before being killed by him.
    How an 18-year-old can possibly own firearms like that is beyond me.

    1. @fidel catsro 18 year olds cannot buy handguns. Most of gun violence is committed with handguns. This shooting was committed by an 18 year old with a hand gun. This handgun was illegally acquired, because he is 18. What laws do you propose that will stop people from obtaining guns illegally? 🤔

  2. I can’t even imagine the fear and horror these poor kids went through in those final minutes in that classroom. It’s so tragic.

    1. @Seth Froman Sandy Hook is sketchy asf. Drill , turned into a Crisis actor decathlon. You should know this.

  3. My heart goes out to the victims and there family’s. As a father of a 2yr old I am dreading the day I have to send him to school.

    1. Maybe consider moving abroad? I’m American, live abroad almost my whole life, hardly ever seen a gun and never have to worry about gun violence.

    2. @jodyyy Bangkok, Thailand 🇹🇭
      There are enough expats (including Americans) here to not feel too homesick.

  4. It really hurts to know they engaged him before he went in but weren’t successful. There is such a thin line between absolute horror and peace.

  5. Sad that we need to deal with this. No other country has such looses gun laws because if it wasn’t for the citizens buying these unnecessary guns, these gun manufacturers wouldn’t make any money. So we need to deal with this b.s. because a few companies that really don’t really employ a lot of employees need to make money. Sad sad sad

    1. @RU. MM 1. they don’t sound very trained. 2 school should of been locked. 3. school should have been notified. – PREVENTION . And if the teacher had a gun it would not have happened.

    2. @Kim how is a teacher with a gun better than TWO ARMED COPS ?!?! how do you spect to have teachers equally trained as cops???

  6. As a retired teacher who has been in lock down situations with students for many reasons. I can’t even imagine the sheer terror that the children and their teachers experienced.
    This is unacceptable!

    1. @Bonne Naturel I am a sub and it would scare the crap out of you how many people can just walk into a school with no checking. It scares me daily.

  7. So he barricaded himself in a classroom, and then starting executing small children one by one. This makes me sick. I cannot imagine the sheer terror the surviving children will have to live with for the rest of their lives.

  8. This guy in the middle is asking the right questions. There is some details here in the timeline that don’t add up. If he was engaged and they knew he was near the school, it shouldn’t have been possible for him to enter. Period. I want to see the footage, all of it. This will have to come down to seconds or they were ineffective in carrying out their duties. It’s an 18-year-old kid who had guns for maybe all of a week, at most.

    edit: Wow. He didn’t even have armor in the plate carrier. There’s no excuse.

    1. @Steven Martinez Hey I really appreciate your update! Good to know. Glad to hear the officer is in good condition.

    2. @Agan Dat8 yeah so hate to break it to you but looks like he walked into the back of the school before the police were on the scene. So…thought you might like to know.

    3. @Agan Dat8 Are you referencing the line “And although the shooter had crashed his car and been “engaged by law enforcement,” before entering the school, he still made it inside.”? That seems to be the only mention of it. Most other articles say he engaged the school security officer before others arrived at the scene.
      As they were notified he was heading towards the school. Yes they failed to stop him from entering. Its unfortunate but nothing mind blowing. Kid was screwed mentally. Apparently he was not going to graduate high school.

  9. He’s really patient- answering same questions for 10 mins straight – my condolences- this is sickening

  10. This is horrifying!! I cannot even imagine what the little ones and the teachers went through in their last moments. This is unacceptable. I’m afraid already to send my kid to school when she is old enough.

    1. @Paul From your comment, I bet you don’t even know which way is down. hahaha. Get a life

  11. Between 3:40 and 3:50 he said NO CRIMINAL HISTORY. JUST having CRIMINAL background check for gun purchase is not enough. There also needs to be a MENTAL HEALTH BACKGROUND CHECK. You should have to get a psychiatrist to approve of your mental state and anyone with diagnosed mental health problems should not be allowed to have a gun EVEN IF THEY HAVE NO CRIMINAL RECORD.

    1. yea, banning things always works. LA, Chi, DC, Baltimore, Detroit have the highest rates of deaths by guns, they also have the most restrictive gun laws. How about enforcing laws on the books, not letting criminals out, It is a felony to show guns online and threaten people like this kid did. Criminals don’t obey laws.

    2. You think he could buy 2 Daniel defense rifles that cost 2500 ?? People
      That work can’t even afford a handgun don’t be a fool

  12. Wow, I tell my daughter make sure you tell your teacher to lock the doors. They had a lockdown about month ago and she was asking me questions. This happens only in America, how sad. Prayers for the families, I pray for comfort and peace at this tough time. Lord please guide them through this journey and give them the strength they need to wake up and be strong 🙏🏽 Amen.

    1. |Seems like he just blew right into the school. If he was firing his weapons then folks heard that, isn’t there a protocol in place to shelter and lock doors? What happened? the security at the school supposedly engaged with him but he got past them. With all the electronic security these days the classroom doors should automatically lock. Hopefully more details will emerge and be used to fix flaws.

    2. What good is mumbling spells to your Magic Sky-Daddy? DO SOMETHING – Call your Congress person, work to get rapid-fire guns out of the hands of teenagers.

    3. @Marg F. not mumbling just praying for the families because They Need it daily. You can call congress, like you said, but that isn’t bringing any of them back. So before you shoot your sarcasm my way check yourself before you wreck yourself.

  13. This is pure evil I can’t even imagine how those children and their parents must feel behind this.

    1. have to put part of the blame on the parents. they knew that texas encouraged this type of activity. they could have moved to a civilized state.texas is where the governor made it legal for criminals to get guns.

    1. Voting out republicants who only care about money 💰 🤑 💸 and power is a must. Or our prayers mean nothing.

  14. I cried for these families having to search for their little ones and going through this. I could not imagine anything worse than loosing a child, but loosing them in such a cruel and senseless way is just horrible. One of the worse things is that the children seeing the shooter shoot their little friends and knowing they would be next. That would be torture. These precious little angels deserved to grow old and make memories not this.

  15. This officer is being so forthcoming and open about what happened giving details you almost never hear until much later after a tragedy of this type (if ever).

    1. yes and he even told some things he shouldn t have said already now (from the sheriffs POV).
      Nevertheless the shooter murdered the poor kids, teachers. RIP, let there be good laws as their legacy!

      Did even someone survive or was not being hurt in this one classroom? Was there at some point the chance to negotiate/talk?

    2. @christoph paessler the shooter is gone. The officer is honestly and intelligently informing the public. We need more officers like him. Situations like this, the threat is neutralized, the public needs to know.

  16. I really appreciate this officer just being straight forward. “X,y,z happened”. He is just being straight forward and honest with the public. Not pulling ‘the investigation is still ongoing’ card.

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