‘They’re babies basically’: Parkland survivor on Uvalde victims

Parkland High School shooting survivor and co-founder of March for Our Lives David Hogg speaks with CNN’s New Day in the wake of an elementary school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, where 19 children and two adults were killed. #CNN #News


    1. @Mark Evans aren’t you the smug brilliant one – except it seems you missed the purpose of the post – to make the point – not provide a platform for your snark

  1. Sometimes wish it was easier to purchase a gun where I live but after seeing this it’s a minor inconvenience.

  2. The fact that the murderer had hinted on social media that an attack could be coming, according to State Sen. Roland Gutierrez, and that the gunman “suggested the kids should watch out” and that he had bought two assault weapons after turning 18 which he posted photos on Instagram of the two guns he used in the shooting, is just bizarre. These murderers aren’t hiding what they plan on doing. We are too reactive instead of being proactive.

    1. @shadowshifter7 psst. Why do you guys all just delete your comments when you find out you’re wrong ? Just admit it, apologize and switch sides

    2. @shadowshifter7 AR’s are no different than any other rifle, or handgun for that matter, they just look different.

    1. @Bimmer Fan Go back and look at that sentence champ. You are in no position to pass such judgement.

    2. @Mark Warren It’s pretty rare to hear of mass-stabbings, chief. What, exactly, do you find funny about this whole situation?

    3. @Gretzky Jordan Tiger Cant kill something that hasnt been born. Thats like me digging up seeds in the garden soil and saying ive killed a flower.

  3. This young man is speaking w/great wisdom, addressing causes well beyond the most immediate one of such ridiculously easy gun availability… causes which also bode ill for other serious problems that our nation is also facing

    1. @nun ya exactly. They can move to Cuba or something. Where no one has guns. Hell go to North Korea. No citizens are allowed guns.

  4. Isn’t this the guy marjorie-t-green harassed on the street of Washington dc about keeping her guns? It’s only in America do people cuddle guns more than children. As if parents don’t have enough anxieties raising children to add more where their children are at their most vulnerable, in schools?

    1. I challenge MTG to go walk thru the school and look at the carnage her GOP allowed to happen by voting to have assault weapons and clips and ammo available to anyone 18 and over.🤬

  5. people are looking at their tv in revulsion . the idea that gun ownership is more important than the lives of children, time and again , can only be called insanity

    1. @Kiel Anderson alphabet boy… or is it girl…. Get back on your meds. I notice how defensive you got. Did it strike a nerve?

    2. Did anyone else notice that Fox News, the channel that promotes “free speech”, has turned off all their YouTube comment sections with regard to the Uvalde shooting?

    3. One has absolutely nothing to do with the other.

      Gun ownership has absolutely nothing to do with mass shootings or any other form of illegal and immoral gun violence.

      You can pass all the gun laws you want, up to and including all out bans of every firearm in existence.

      Criminals do not follow laws. Only law-abiding citizens do.

      You are trying to disarm the good guys.

    1. @Swamp Fox some people are smart enough not to have kids ‼️ We don’t want your problems!

    2. They would rationalize that it was a maniac. A one-off evil act. Then they would pray. That’s about it.

    1. @Neighborhood Watch But sure acts like one. Read what x-ray technicians have to say about what they see in the bodies of victims of gun violence, and there’s a distinct difference between an AR-15 wound vs a regular gun wound. The first is lethal because of the severity of the rifle’s impact.

  6. This kid is so articulate speaks wisdom that sadly should’ve been heard from politicians. David for presidency

    1. @Houston Conservative thank you, that’s what I’ve been trying to tell people. This kid is a liar

    2. @Frank Spina ohhhhh..such a liar👍 there’s videos of him drunk in his parents house talking Shiz and he was being recorded..

    3. He seems to be a failure. I looked up his bio and there is nothing that shrieks of accomplishment. He had one business and he was attempted to go head to head with the ‘my pillow guy’. That business might have failed because we don’t hear anything about competition and he recently pulled out of the company. Can’t find anything more in the way of accomplishments for him. He could probably find a career flipping burgers but that’s about it.

  7. At this point, I would prefer schools have armed guards at schools than having lax security where people can just waltz in with a firearm. Our GOP needs to start being more active about new gun registration and restrictions so they can prevent these kinds of incidents from happening again!

    1. @jaranarm Funny how many other developed countries have kids raised in broken homes, or by grandparents, without the constant mass shootings. Rather than treat children like prisoners, with barbed wire around the school, security doors, and armed guards, why not address the real problem, the ready availability of guns.

  8. Devastated Parents and Families of Robb Elementary School: Uvalde: Texas: USA are in my loving prayers and deep sadness. Heartbreakingly, this is similar to Dunblane Primary School: Scotland: UK, 26 years ago: “On Wednesday 13 March 1996, local man Thomas Hamilton walked into Dunblane Primary School and went through the building shooting randomly into classrooms before turning the gun on himself. He shot dead 16 pupils – all of whom were aged just five and six years old – and 45-year-old teacher Gwen Mayor.” May humankind find peace and sanity. Shalom.

    1. How nice for the people of Scotland, that their last school shooting was 26 years ago. We can’t go 26 weeks without a shooting.

  9. In my country you need proof from mental health specialist to get usual hand gun. No way to buy automatic guns.

  10. Where’s the same disgust from parents and politicians over children gunned down in classrooms ( They exhibited over masks and covid innoculations?? )

  11. I live in Uvalde and I can definitely tell you that there’s a lot of shock in my community and I’m honestly disturbed but fact that my community now is the home of the 2nd deadliest mass school shooting. I hate that this is all going on, it could and should have been prevented. The government needs to get it through their thick heads that they serve us, not the other way around.

    1. Actually the 3rd. Virginia Tech then Sandy Hook then Uvalde. Everyone always leaves out Virginia Tech and as an alumni it gets to me.

    2. @Jessica Elliott I’m just going off what the news said. They may have meant second largest primary school shooting or something 🤷. Honest mistake on my part though, this is why media people should get the facts right before putting them out to people that trust what they say.

  12. The FBI is more concerned with Moms and Dads speaking up at school board meetings.
    No wonder these things happen.

  13. I’m David’s age. The day before the MSD shooting I had one of the best days of my life, I remember it clearly. When I heard the news next day and it was kids my age it really hit. I remember Sandy hook but MSD I was old enough to understand how outraging this all is. This will keep happening, kids of all ages will die like this if nothing changes. Oxford was only 5 months ago. 5 months!!

    1. same! parkland happened when i was almost 18. many of the victims were my age and I was so involved in the story. I was traumatised because I’m not American and school shooting at such a scale was a new understanding to me.

  14. that’s what happens when there is so much despair, and inequity. violence is the voice of the unheard

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