‘They’re afraid of us’: Ukrainian soldier describes taking down Russian helicopter

On day 90 of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, CNN's Nick Paton Walsh is on the front lines near Kharkiv, where active shelling is taking place meters away. #CNN #News


    1. @terremoto666: so you are justifying the 2014 posse of Odessa and Mariupol? Interesting.
      Do you believe La7 news and the other “pallonari seriali” I suppose?

    2. @CLUELESS JOE About 15-20% of the Azov battalion held Neo-Nazi beliefs when the group was first founded in 2014. Since becoming incorporated into the National Guard however, their recruitment has diversified considerably. To call them Neo-Nazis at this point is just woeful ignorance.

  1. I’m from Russia. All our lives we have been shown on TV that we are the strongest army in the world. And everyone believed the TV. Now I understand that everything is bad with us. I wish health to Ukraine.

    1. @gdi wolverine male 2 From the show “I Dream Of Jeannie”. That’s a picture of Larry Hagman. Surely you knew that.

    2. @Mark Marco Ah, I see. The good old times when the AF enlisted only WASPS. Good times indeed.

    1. @Adrian Sheldon Iran and Turkey,The two countries will never be allowed to build a nuclear bomb. Israel and Nato could be in danger in the future.

  2. My views and feelings for anything Russia has made me bitter. There is absolutely no humanity, no empathy, not even an iota of concern for the children of Ukraine that are in their wake. They steal from their own people, look at their equipment, and the yachts in the water, and not surprising their livelihoods, that grain is needed around the world. If my Gov’t did this, I would rise up, and so would my fellow countryman. Glory to the people and the Hero’s on the front line of Ukraine… Russia is now alone, a pariah state of terror.

  3. Kissinger seems to forget that if you give an inch, Russia will take the mile. This is well known history at this point.
    Would he ever talk about the US conceding land to something? Easy to talk about what another country should do when it isn’t your own.

    1. @Scott Peterson [Western HS] With that sort of talk Mexico ought to take back Texas and California, Germany ought to take back northern Poland (Prussia).

    2. @kayanihati There’s no point for Ukraine to regain that territory at any cost – the territory itself is in ruins and quite useless.

  4. Quarantaine the southwest coast and waters under UN supervision. World food supply is a UN mandated protection program and so this should be implemented. Not NATO, but UN. It’s necessary, it’s just. The General Assembly can authorise it.

    1. The UN General Assembly is the policy making branch, they don’t authorize military action. Think u mean the UN Security Council*. Russia & China are permanent members w/ veto authority. Also, think u mean the “World Food Program”. They aren’t a “mandated” organization that ensures food protection. They’re a non-profit UN agency that responds to food shortages & emergencies by supplying resources

  5. Kissinger is absolutely wrong. Ukraine should NEVER give away their sovereign land to both appease the brutal, vicious bully and to set a precedent.

    1. I agree, they did that last time and what happened. Russia just wants more and more like Hitler did.

    2. I agree, they did that last time and what happened. Russia just wants more and more like Hitler did.

    3. @VG you assume that the Russians will be able to defend all these territories that they have taken? LOL

  6. We need to help the Ukrainians out with all that is needed to help them succeed in taking there country back. 🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦👍👌

    1. No dude we need to leave it alone you probably don’t pay much in taxes but the ones that do are not wanting to pay for another’s war. World wide welfare funded by usa tax payers is getting very old

  7. Never give UP… THIS IS Y O U R COUNTRY.. DONT listen to other people who seem to know it better… Do what you need to do.. Be certain that YOU WILL GET YOUR VICTORY… OUR PRAYERS are with YOU ALL UCRANIANS!! SLAVA UKRAINI.. 💙🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦💙

    1. @Arty Hey Arty, you must be Canadian – what smoke shop are you buying from; it sure is great stuff.

    2. Such love and support…from people who 6 months ago couldn’t even find Ukraine on a world map smh. Bunch of easily influenced phonies

  8. My prayers for Ukrainian people 🙏🏼🙏🏼the God of justice will give you all your rights Amen🙏🏼🛐

  9. Why does everyone listen to and respect what Kissinger has to say? He’s always been wrong on every issue since Vietnam.

  10. Our hearts go out to the victims of the Texas school shooting and all victims still dying in Ukraine 😔❤️🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦.

  11. “The type of hatred we are seeing a lot of”. Hatred is a very good motivation when it has to be. Slava Ukraine!!

    1. Oh yes, hatred is a great motivator.
      But one must NEVER loose one’s humanity or stoop as low as in enemy.
      You do that, you become the very monster you are fighting.
      I have read some interesting stories about glimmers of humanity during WW2.
      There is a famous case where a German pilot would of earned the iron cross shooting a crippled, defenseless, and barely flying B-17 called ”Yea old Pub”.
      But most pilots in the Western Theater (not so much the Japanese supposedly) had a strict rule in the air.
      You do NOT shoot a man in a parachute. This was drilled into most German pilots in school.
      When Franz Sigler (?) saw the tail gunner was dead, half the tail was gone, the plane had huge holes in it, and only 1 good engine left……….he took pity on the crew.
      He felt these men were in a parachute, and he was not in range on their 1 working belly gun.
      The surviving crew was either injured or in shock…..terrified at the sight of him.
      He ended up escorting them back to the French Coast so they would not get shot, and saluted them once over the English Channel and flew away.
      The Ally’s classified that incident….until in the 80’s the Pilot, Charlie Brown (yes, that was his name) started talking about it.
      Charlie Brown even gave the story to a magazine (left out key details only the German pilot would of known) and sure enough Franz read the story.
      Franz now lived in Canada, only a medium drive to Charlie’s house in the Pacific North West.
      Franz wrote to him, and both men meet (meeting on YouTube).
      They became….like brothers. Regularly meeting and fishing together.
      Both died only months apart in the 2010’s.

      Ironically, one of Charlie Browns fellow crew mate survived his injuries, returned home, raised a family, and his son later became a star baseball player for the Cardinals.

      Look up “when a German Pilot saved a B-17 during WW2” on YouTube.
      Heck a historical Metal band “Sabaton” did a song about it call “No Bullet Fly”.

      That’s just one story.

      Another story was how a German Medic found a seriously injured American treated him, then hid him from the SS with branches and debris till his friends could come back for him.
      Another was how a Jewish American Officer was captured with his fellow officers by the Germans (when out of ammo, your screwed). When he and his fellow officers and men were lined up and told to state his name and rank….to a high ranking scary German officer. This guy had a huge scar on his face, high ranking….but not SS.
      When the Officer, who knew English, asked the Jewish Officer his name…his eyes almost bugged out of his face when he heard it😳.
      He immediately asked if he was Jewish, the answer Jewish American thinking this was it…..was 100% honest.
      The German composed himself, looked at his fellow German soldiers, and announced clearly that,
      “They were soldiers, not murders”.
      The German told the Jewish Officer to get the heck out of there….in a SS free direction right away.
      Fun fact. Most Non-SS Officers and soldiers HATED the SS. They complained to Hitler about what they did constantly, but Hitler just gave the SS more power.
      Sometimes Non-SS Officers would sabotage SS efforts or “not see something”.
      Heck, one of Hitlers top advisers hated the SS so much he advised Spain to stay neutral (Spain had sympathies for Germany at the time).
      He did this dispute Hitler sending him to Spain to convince them to join the Axis TWICE😅.
      He even snuck intel to the Allie’s.

      Quite a few Russians Soldiers are not happy there.
      Capture a few, and actually tread them decently…..they may give valuable intel when they realize who the real bad guys are.
      Heck, apparently a few willingly surrendered perfectly good tanks and equipment in exchange for a cash reward, ability to become a Ukrainian citizen….or an allied European country.
      One tank operator did this, and is technically a POW…but is housed in a nice little studio apartment with TV, bed, Kitchen, and shower. He will get about 10K for the perfectly good tank he willingly gave over to Ukrainian Special Forces.
      Apparently your own tank battalion splitting, your crew fleeing, the commander threatening to shoot you, and fearing going back home is a great motivator to do that.😅

      In the early days of the war, a young barely 18 Russian conscript get separated from his military group, wondered lost in the freezing cold woods with no food or water for 3 days, and was absolutely terrified.
      On the 3rd day he came upon Ukrainian women and children leaving Kiev for Poland.
      He was in such a sorry state the women took pity on him (he was not malicious to them) they give him hot tea and a nice big sandwich.
      Saw footage of that young man eating wrapped in a blanket, chowing down.
      He looked relieved and he did not care he was technically captured by women and kids.
      He was barely legally an adult and so over the “special operation”.
      🤔 That was smart of the Moms to do that.
      A hungry male is a desperate male. By offering maternal comfort and food, they protected the group…..

      I look for little “hope” stories like that.
      Yes, be wary of propaganda.
      But I tend to fear humans in general. Don’t trust them.
      As a hunter I live wild carnivores and trust them more them most humans.
      So stories like that give me some hope for humanity.

  12. The soldier looks like my younger brother… It just made me feel so sad. So many people are dying.

  13. Zelenskiy rejected the notion that his country should cede territory to make peace with Russia. “Symptomatic editorials began to appear in some Western media stating that Ukraine must allegedly accept so-called difficult compromises by giving up territory in exchange for peace,” he said in his latest nightly address. Those who advise Ukraine to give up territory fail to see the ordinary people, he said, “who actually live in the territory they propose to exchange for the illusion of peace.” Presidential adviser Oleksiy Arestovych added: “No one is going to trade a gram of our sovereignty or a millimetre of our territory. Our children are dying, soldiers are being blown apart by shells, and they tell us to sacrifice territory. Get lost. It’s never going to happen.”

  14. I’m from Kharkiv, thank you guys for displaying all these to the world. You are doing very important job. We are grateful for the support all the world provide, but we need more heavy weapon. Everyone who trying to make a deal with Russia should know, we will fight to the end, we are ready to die for our home. With or without your help we’ll continue fighting, but now world able to make the right decision and choose the light side not the dark one.

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