‘It’s cowardly’: John King on Congress’ failure to act after mass shootings

CNN’s John King discusses the reaction to the elementary school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, by lawmakers in Washington. #CNN #News


  1. Condolences to all the mothers and fathers who lost their loved children in Texas mass shooting.

  2. when public servants, (that should represent the people), forget their roll in society, and only look after their personal agendas, then this is when these very public servants should be removed from their political positions and positions of making decisions for their community or state. Its time for change because thoughts and prayers will not bring these children back and thoughts and prayers will not stop the next incident or attack.

  3. In 2016, Senator Murphy held the floor for almost 15 hours in a talking filibuster just to get a vote on a bill that would have prevented this – The vote happened. It failed. Every Republican except the former Senator from Illinois Mark Kirk voted against it

  4. I hope our politicians will change that. Why don’t they care about our lives? Why is is so difficult to just pass that law? Where is the problems?

    1. MONEY plain and simple they don’t care if a million kid’s die what a country we live in the great USA what a joke we are Rest In Peace little angels

    2. @Ralph Howard There is no such thing as an “assault weapon”. What is considered an assault weapon is basically a semiautomatic variant of what the military uses. Semiautomatic means that one bullet is fired per trigger pull as opposed to automatic where bullets are fired as long as the trigger is held down until the magazine runs dry.
      It’s just a buzz word.

    3. @Connie B large number of guns purchased in Texas also come across the Southern Border. And the Federal Government can’t stop drugs from pouring into the USA from Mexico. So do tell me how the Federal Government will stop the black market sales of guns from Mexico? I will hang up and listen.

  5. Calling a shooter a coward has never made sense to me. But calling politicians cowards for not acting is simple truth.

    1. @Criminal n Chief knew he wouldn’t respond to that since he has no rebuttal. Nowhere does the constitution imply that this dude has to have the right to buy rifles or extended mags or other attachments lol. It’s total bs.

      Arms does not equal Rifles exclusively

    2. “Calling a shooter a coward has never made sense to me.” What should we call “a shooter”?

  6. James Lankford 🙄 It’s not just this ONE shooter, it”s this ONE shooter, plus the one last week, and the week before, and the month before that, and on and on.

  7. This is so sad and disheartening, considering I was born in Texas. I feel fortunate that I now live somewhere that has no mass shootings.
    Society is what is missing.

  8. If they can remove abortion as a constitutional right, they can do the same for guns.
    How ’bout that?

    1. @Deborah Freedman Wrong and wrong….. I’d explain it but you wouldn’t even be willing to listen….. it would be a complete waste of time….

    2. @Ashley and german Really? My mother voted in the election in 2020. Will they send someone after her? Please do not tell my black neighbor that he cannot vote, he might get upset. No. Alito never said that if it was not in the initial document, it does not count and can be overturned. That is why we have a process to amend it, if there is the will to do it. Like we have many times. The first amendment most definitely does prevent the government from preventing your free speech one on one and small groups. Sorry, I am not taking lessons on the constitution from someone that is not even from the US. And yes, I have read it. EVERY WORD.

    3. @JimInAuburn keep up. We’re talking about constitutional changes and what was originally in the constitution and what has been amended. The point is, if they can take away abortion rights, which were not in the original constitution, they can take away womens rights, which were not in the original constitution.
      You may have read the constitution, but given you’re struggling to follow a few comments on youtube, I have my doubts as to how much you understood.

  9. Here in the genuinely free world, we realise this is never going to change. Whilst people in the US are focussed on banning books and trying to control other peoples bodies, they are being distracted from the real issues affecting their lives. Nobody should ever have to live with the spectre of potentially losing their life, living their lives. I can’t imagine living with this or how this is deemed to be normal or acceptable.

  10. Our legislators don’t seem to understand that the job of government is to govern.

  11. I’m conservative and I like guns. I don’t own one but if I could afford one,I would own one. I fail to see anything wrong with a background checks to purchase a weapon anywhere. Is it just because you don’t want to go through the hassle?

    1. @steve naylor This occurred in Texas, where no background check is required for private sales.

    2. @The Frying Scotsman not if you are here illegally, and you have clearly never purchased a firearm!

  12. Condolences to the families, teachers and communities who have lost their loved ones in this tragic situation. Prayers and thoughts from South Africa!!!
    US politicians and gun lobbyists are fully accountable for this crisis….
    US has the worst record on gun violence the world over, and still justifies upholding its archaic policies…

    1. It’s not a gun problem, it’s a people problem. Some people don’t need to own a gun for the same reason some folks don’t need a driver’s license – they’re just too crazy, or irresponsible to own one.

    2. @Mark Berryhill Out of respect to those beautiful, innocent children (and adults) who have lost their lives, I don’t wish to enter into a long debate.
      However, my rebuttal is that guns are in the hands of “crazy people” throughout the world, but the scale of mass shooting in the United States calls for serious gun control. It seems the US has most crazies in the world…

    3. Among developed countries, the US has far and away the most fun violence. It is not even close. Of course, if you would rather compare the US to Brazil and South Africa, that’s your prerogative, but I assume the US should be comparing itself to Japan, France, Germany, etc…

  13. There’s a reason the National Rifle Association has a grading system for politicians. An “A” rating means you are bought and sold by them. It’s about the money. The politicians are deciding how much your child’s life is worth. Pure and simple.

  14. Any politician who says “it’s too hard”, should not be in office. They need to do their job, and stop whining about how hard it is.

  15. it takes a lot of courage to send out insincere, meaningless, and hollow ‘thoughts and prayers’ to the victims families. a lack of morals, ethics, empathy, and conscience really help when more children are gunned down. greed and corruption over everything and everyone is the new neo-fascist GQP, and they are openly proud of it.

  16. If we don’t learn from the past we are doomed to repeat it! It keeps happening again and again and again… Smh

  17. If these Senators and Congress people had their children and/or grand-children blown away like this, something would be done. These cowards are of scant use as representatives of the U.S people.

    1. You would think. Probably so. However, not so long ago, recall House Republican Steve Scalise was shot and wounded at a baseball game or practice bet members. He was fortunate to have a good recovery.
      Now, in the aftermath he said “this is the price we pay to for the freedoms we have.”
      Hmmm. Had he ended up in a wheelchair or bedridden, might he remain so philosophical?

    2. It wouldn’t change anything. The NRA and the gun culture in America is tooo entrenched. Nothing will change

  18. You realize how hypocritical these Republicans are when they talk about protecting the lives of the unborn child, but refuse to do anything to protect the lives of ones living. How can so many Americans not see this hypocrisy and stupidity?

    1. @Julie C Other countries do not have the troubled kids like we do. They do not have kids that believe that if someone disagrees with them that it is violence. They do not have the kids that believe whatever they want is the way it should be. This creates people that are victims. People that feel like they have not been given a fair shake. Those kind of people act out and do these things. They feel so small, ignored, that this is a way for them to get the attention of the world. I do not see that in other countries. And sure, if we had no guns, it would limit what they could do. But we have hundreds of millions of guns. There is no putting that genie back into the bottle.

    2. We see it, but Repuglicans do not want to “see” anything that don’t help them stay in power and topple their “enemies” from power…

  19. “Thoughts and prayers”, “Thoughts and prayers”, “Thoughts and prayers”, “Thoughts and prayers”, “Thoughts and prayers” …. That’s all Republicans can say, useless words, sickening isn’t it. How do Republicans still get voted in? You need a license to operate a moped, but not a machine gun. What is wrong with Murica?

    1. Actually you have to file paperwork with the ATF, undergo a background check by the FBI, be fingerprinted, and a few other things to have a machine gun. And it takes a year or more.

    2. @JimInAuburn That’s not true, plenty of people have proved anyone can buy any weapon in the USA. Even tourists have shown how easy it is.

    3. @Rick C Sorry, you do not know what you are talking about. In order to buy a machine gun legally you need to file a form 4 with the ATF and pay a tax of $200. You have to submit paperwork for a background check to them, which they give to the FBI to carry out the background check. You have to give them fingerprints. Then then do their stuff and currently it takes over a year to get an approval so that you can take your machine gun home. As part of that paperwork you have to submit it to your local police department as well, and they can chime in if they believe there is a reason you should not have one. Machine guns are actually banned in 15 states. In my state you can only have one if you owned it before 1994. Federally, you can only have machine guns made/imported/registered prior to 1986.

  20. I like how she said, “twelve republicans need to change their mind.” Yep, one mind, no independent thinking without punishment. Perhaps getting access to ammunition should be made extremely difficult, expensive, require identification, a gun license and strict limits on quantities. This appeases the Second Amendment’s access to guns but severely restricts ammunition.

    1. Yeah, and let’s let everyone buy cars but limit gas. Ammunition is already very expensive. How would requiring ID to buy ammo have prevented this shooting? He bought a gun, and had a background check, so he has ID. He passed a background check. What are you going to require for a gun license? Strict limits on quantities of ammo? Go out shooting one time and you can use a few hundred rounds. He used way less than that. Are you going to limit people to 3 bullets?

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