1. Defense department officials say a 10 percent casualty rate, including dead and wounded, for a single unit renders it unable to carry out combat-related tasks. With more than 150,000 troops now involved in the war in Ukraine, Russian casualties, when including the estimated 14,000 to 21,000 injured, are near that level.

    1. @Fa Greed лол, я могу признать, что моя страна испортила историю, но ничто из того, что сделали США, не сравнится с этническими чистками и геноцидом, которые Россия пережила на протяжении всей своей истории.

      у России сотни лет зверств над США, лол.

    2. @Fa Greed да – у нас есть свобода. Вот почему сотни тысяч людей бегут из России, а украинцы отправляют еще десятки тысяч домой в мешках для трупов – потому что они не хотят жить в клептократической диктатуре с диктатором-психопатом, разрушающим страну и убивающим ее людей.

    3. @Fa Greed «Достаточно того, что люди знают, что были выборы. Люди, которые голосуют, ничего не решают. Люди, которые считают голоса, решают все». – это не цитата из Иосифа Сталина …. это выдумка – нет никаких записей о том, что он КОГДА-ЛИБО говорил это..

    1. @Gary Katzenmaier You think I’M a racist? HAHAHAHAHA maybe you never heard all the racist CRAP your buddy Joe has said.

    1. @Андрей Град Darling, the russians in Ukraine doesn’t want to live under putin’s dictatorship. They are fighting right now against him. PUTIN’S TROLL PUPPET.

    1. absolutelty AMAZING thats theres SOOO many video of Ukraines COMPLAINING that the Ukraine military is using civilians and civilian targets as shields and NOT ONE SINGLE MSM OUTLET IS COVERING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. This is so sad I do hope that this war will come to a stop as soon as possible. No country can count
    the cost what this war will have on them on the long run.

    1. If Ukraine became a puppet government run country under Russia, the impact would be magnified in former countries under the now defunct USSR. How much of that fact have you considered?

  3. Wow looking at that Ukrainian police officer very brave of him to patrol the streets in this situation🤔

    1. He has tattoos all over of racist symbols. What else can he do. Poland does not allow the men to enter into Poland. Wonder why?

    2. absolutelty AMAZING thats theres SOOO many video of Ukraines COMPLAINING that the Ukraine military is using civilians and civilian targets as shields and NOT ONE SINGLE MSM OUTLET IS COVERING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. “You are not a soldier… would you still fight?
    “I am a man.” — enough said.
    Not saying that women would not fight… they do! But the way he said it, makes very clear that he serves and protect.

    1. @Christine You are full of putin’s venom. You are not human being. Look at mirror – evil 😈 will look at you.

    2. @klava @TUCKER
      YOU will be sanctioned by EU and German and French and by Western alies.
      Don’t speak the truth.
      You will be sanctioned by your great democracy. Don’t speak the truth. Be the stenographer of WH.

      USA can’t sleep at night in fear of Russia. So her fake media ( Trump versions) barks all night to protect Old Biden and Boris.
      Inside :
      Both Biden and Boris are weeping in fear of Trump too. Weeping ZELENSKYY can’t fool US audiences and international audience long.
      Russia is now National Christian democracy and has great influence over all Democracies and Autocracies at the same time. Russia holds the hand of Christianity, Muslims,Hindus, Jews and communists, 3rd world and 1st World. The Young determined powerful Leader OF THE WORLD.
      HER COMODITIES helps control the price rise and save the working population of the world.

  5. Ukraine will be so strong after the war ,as we were just after WW2 Our greatest generation worked harder than any; The ethics of that generation have never been seen since

  6. I don’t care how accurate the translator might have been, or how well his technique may be, it’s an absolute torture listening to translation like that. Ukrainian mixed with “EEEEH! BLABLABLA!” at the same time. Just having subtitles in the form of text, or as in the form of a voice that the ears can bare listen to would be much more preferable.

  7. As a disabled veteran, I’m completely heartbroken that I’m too much of a liability to join the fight.

    1. I’m a disabled vet as well…contact the Ukrainian embassy, they can tell you how you can help. I speak German and Polish, so I am helping with getting people moved around and supplies in with NATO and different agencies.

    2. @Christine MmmmHmmm…🤨 why don’t I believe that they are real? And at this point…Shut Up!

  8. I just like how the US or in this case Ukraine have soldiers volunteering, but some places like Russia are more likely to get conscripts, smh.

  9. 01:14

    I worked with a cool Ukrainian dude at a place called Crown Toyota in Ontario California.
    His name was Vitaliy, and he sounded exactly like this man who is being interviewed.
    Shoutout to Ukraine, we are with you 100% here in the USA.

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