1. Yet they let flights from Indian and let the passengers mingle with everyone else around the airport, same toilets etc

    1. Imagine of world you live in you cant walk around in without a mask unless vaccinated . So basically being vaccinated is having permission.

    2. India is a lab experiment for the democratic deep state corporate beast system antichrist network serpent legion of death right now.
      Lucifers army using countries as labrats for their assortment of labmade viruses


      Good morning for those in New York State. Please get on the phone now to your local state Assembly member.

      TODAY they are voting to pass a bill that will make your private medical records PUBLIC and they will know who has or hasn’t had the vaccine along with other private medical information say if you have any health issues, had an abortion, what your private conversations are with your doctors etc. Their is no end to what they will be able to see. This information if passed with be accessible to even your employer. HIPPA will no longer protect you!

      Please get on the phone ASAP!

      1) Go to http://www.nyassembly.gov
      2) There you will see “Who is my assemblymember?” Click on that, and provide your address on the form.
      3) Click on “Visit Assemblymember’s Page.” Then click on “Contact.” Click on that to find out their phone number in Albany (518 area code) and CALL that Assemblymember and demand that they vote NO!—on Assembly bill A279.
      4) A279, if passed, will take away your ability to keep your own medical information private.
      5) Leave a voicemail if you cannot get a staffer on the phone. Be calm, polite, but firm in your demand for your member of the Assembly to vote NO! on A279. Also send an email!

      For everyone else please know what’s going on in your state or country. There are a lot of bills being passed while everyone is sleeping. We need to stay vigilant and know what’s is going on to protect ourselves. I working tirelessly with an amazing group of people who are trying to stay on top of it all so we are in the know. We need you all to do the same.
      These people who are running the show are very evil and I’m sure either bribe, threaten or blackmail to her the votes they need.


      If you are in another state or county and your country is doing the same please let us know but sending a message via the CVV website.

      If you are in the UNITED KINGDOM, the UK is doing the same! I will do a separate post for you. Stay tuned ❤️

    4. European database shows 405,250+ covid vaccine injuries, 10,570+ deaths (so far)

      The latest data from EudraVigilance, a European vaccine injury and death database, suggests that more people are now getting sick and dying from Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) injections than from the virus itself.

      The side effects resource shows that as of May 8, 2021, 405,259 people have become injured from Chinese Virus jabs while another 10,570 have died. The database also breaks down injuries and deaths associated with each specific type of jab, including those offered by Moderna, Pfizer-BioNTech, AstraZeneca, and Janssen (Johnson & Johnson).

      Through May 8, the Pfizer-BioNTech injection has caused some 170,528 injuries and 5,368 deaths. Among the most common injuries are musculoskeletal and connective tissue disorders, blood and lymphatic disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, respiratory and thoracic disorders, and vascular disorders.

      During the same time period, the Moderna injection caused 22,985 injuries and 2,865 deaths. The same deadly side effects associated with the Pfizer-BioNTech injection are also associated with this one, along with infections, eye disorders, psychiatric disorders, reproductive problems, and skin conditions.

      As for AstraZeneca’s shot, a whopping 208,873 injuries were reported along with 2,102 deaths. At the bottom of the list, ironically, is the J&J injection with 2,873 injuries and 235 deaths.

      America’s Frontline Doctors publishes video linking covid vaccine push to increased mortality

      To help people better understand the effects of these injections, America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) put out a video – see below – that illustrates how increased mortality is being seen everywhere in the world where Chinese Virus shots are being widely administered.


      The data contained in the video comes from healthdata.org as well as The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME), an independent population health research center at UW Medicine.

      In nearly every country evaluated, death rates spiked almost immediately after Wuhan Flu shots were introduced. So much for “saving lives.”

      At Health Impact News, there is also an extensive list available of some of the most well-publicized cases of Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccine injuries and deaths. Rapper DMX is listed there, along with Eric Clapton and many, many others.

      The latest data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which goes a few days beyond what EudraVigilance published, shows an even higher death count. More than 4,434 people, the CDC admits, have died from Wuhan flu shots as of May 10.

      How many more people need to get sick and die before someone in a position of power steps up to say enough? If the whole point of this mass vaccination campaign is to save lives, then why is nobody putting a stop to it now that we know the injections are destroying lives?

      In the comment section at Health Impact News, one woman claims to have been injected with a Chinese Virus shot without permission while she was under the knife for a hernia repair surgery at Sturgeon Hospital in Alberta, Canada. Is this a widespread phenomenon as well?

      “I told the surgeon two weeks prior that I did not want or require the shot but they injected me anyway,” this person wrote, distressed about the situation. “I feel like my body and soul were violated.”

      “Now I sit and wait in stress for negative side effects. What makes it more difficult for me is that I suffer from CPTSD (complex post-traumatic stress disorder) and now refuse to book a post-surgery appointment with this surgeon.”

      Another responded by calling this invasion of bodily autonomy “a Dr. Mengele-type attack” since it happened without consent.

      “I recommend praying Psalm 91 and Psalm 23 over and over during the day and take to heart the Gospel of John as well as Romans,” responded another.


  2. Hesitation on having India on the red list has contributed to this. Again, Boris not wanting to upset his friend in India, waiting and hoping this variant would ‘go away’.
    It’s this hesitancy that has the U.K. as the worst performing country in Europe regarding Covid-19 death rate.

    1. @Ryan Skillen Now that the case. However we have still be the worst performing country in Europe

    1. @Aaron Weiser Are you f·ing kidding me? People are dying en-masse and you want to ignore it? You’re a horrible person.

  3. Here in the UK all we are bothered about is how much bulls**t propaganda is going about from the MSM and corrupt government.

    1. And they all laughed and jeered at Noah too, then turned Jesus in to the Romans to be crucified. . Just sayin’.

    1. I watched and interview with the CEO of Pfizer last night and he said those already vaccinated will need a booster for the newer variants six to eight months after their second shot.

    1. @Rocky Stellone I’ve seen what the highly uneducated will invent to fit their needs. And even showing
      real numbers bounce right off because everyone is “in on it”. Perfect circle jerk logic. Stay
      deluded, you might win a surprise.

    2. @Rocky Stellone I was waiting for that. Actually, I took very expensive new MRI that showed nothing was wrong with my heart or other organs before, and it proved a particularly nasty virus caused it.

      Imagine, only sleeping for 2-4 hrs a day accumulatively, because you woke up not breathing, and had to hang your head over the bed every night.. or wake up and rock yourself to sleep sitting up.. drinking bottle after bottle of guaifenesin just to breathe something other than your own fluids..

      You never really recover and don’t realize your organs are failing, you gain 30-35 lbs in fluid and every move you make, you’re in so much pain you think your skin is going to split open like in those alien movies..

      Maybe genetically, I’m more predisposed for some reason, but scientists haven’t figure out that connection, because people from every race, socioeconomic status, nation of residence, culture, gender, has died from it. The one thing they do know, is it’s nasty and attacks at a cellular level unlike most any other virus.

      I’m not even in the older range. Have been a plant based diet for years, taken care of myself. My immune system always great.. too good. Then whammo..

      Even if I weren’t, I have good reason to protect myself and others not knowing their immune system.

    3. @ursaltydog i haven’t worn a mask since this Chinese flu started…..i take vitamin d as well being in the sun too. Guess i got good genes from my parents

    4. @Rocky Stellone Or… you were just lucky, or have been asymptomatic, and part of the chain. But perhaps it is your genes. I also took Vitamin D and C when all this first started, but the damage was done. Now I take 8 pills a day, plus about that many in supplements.

      I’d never been on medication like this ever in my life. Btw, the only place I’d been the week before I caught it, was the grocery store chain. I remember passing the lady of the couple who owns the chinese restaurant next door. She was wearing a coat in warm weather. I know they go back and forth for their holidays and also when their visas have to be renewed. I’m not racist, but I feel I caught it from her. They’re a lovely couple and very well liked in our community. I haven’t seen her lately and hope she and her husband are okay.

  4. It may not be scientific or well organized , but a man is doing research when he reads the business sections of the newspaper , scans his trade journal , and peruses the commercial letters published by banks and manufacturers.

  5. I feel very sad for all the people that aren’t happy where they live that they have to fly some where.

  6. Did I hear UK is opening up for summer and traveling to the continent?? Bonkers in my opinion.

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  8. We are not safe from this variant get ready this is coming our way and we must start quarantine as soon as possible!

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