Inside a Russian military base in the Arctic

CNN's Fred Pleitgen gets rare access to a Russian base in the North Pole as Russian President Vladimir Putin rapidly spreads the country's military presence around the Arctic. #CNN #News


    1. Because the US Empire makes money out of exploiting other countries resources and profits from the sale of arms.

    1. @Tuck Frump pole vaulting into yer maw’s tuna trench isn’t officially an event, but I do enjoy it.

    1. It’s hardly different than it has ever been, and Russia is still a ghost of its former Soviet self.

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  1. If you ask me, this Russian Military Base is frightening and deserves much more attention, and perhaps actions, being looked at.

    1. @Brihaspati Dattatreya now ask yourself. “Would I be cheering if it was senile trump?”
      Be truthful to yourself

  2. Meanwhile, across the ice is the Canadian Arctic base, consisting of two guys with bolt-action rifles, snowmobiles, and a dogsled team.

    1. You forgot the obligatory “Beer, Bacon, BBQ chips and Poutine”.
      Formally from Cold Lake Alberta.

  3. Tentacles or cobwebs are more than a thousand US military bases and facilities around the world, including those directly near the borders of Russia !!! This is undisguised aggression and incomprehensible EXPANSION. And this base is on its territory!

  4. Looking at these guys they’re not messing around seems like they’re gearing up for something🤔

  5. Americans: we’re concerned about one Russian base in Russia
    Americans: literally have hundread of bases in foreign countries

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