'I can't deal with this anymore': Video of 10-year-old in Gaza goes viral 1

‘I can’t deal with this anymore’: Video of 10-year-old in Gaza goes viral


As the violence of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict escalates for a second week, CNN's Arwa Damon hears from 10-year-old Gaza resident Nadine Abdullatief about how her life is being affected.

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  1. “When the explosions happen, we all hang out in this room. It’s better to die all, all of us together…”

    1. @Mimzy Jinx have u watched anything regarding how Israel has taken over Palestine. And how it came to be where it is today? I ask not to be rude but so much of what u say sounds like repeated things that ppl in comments sections say. I haven’t really heard u say anything factual. For example u saying there’s plenty of land to go around sounds to me like u don’t realize what Israel has done in the past 100 years as far as how much land they have taken. Even recognizing the UN borders and what they deemed to be Israel which was already more land then they had at the time. Making Palestinians leave to the half that was designated to them. The half was not a perfect half they carved it like a puzzle and gave Palestine bs. Even after that Israel fought the UN and ignfored the borders and continued to take land. The things u say I do think u should look it up. U might be shocked to see the crazy things Israel has done. U could be super religious or very tribal and maybe u won’t take anything from it. However if u are a seeker of truth u will find it very interesting. Maybe u could make a better argument in the future if u were at least armed with facts.

    2. Do u guys think it’s YouTube who removes comments or the channel itself. Or possibly ppl reporting the comments. I know YouTube takes down comments with enough reporting. I didn’t think any of mine have been removed or shadowed. Hope not. I enjoy learning I’m wrong if I’m wrong about something. If they delete it no one could ever enlighten me.

    3. @usmc72409 It’s programmed in somehow, not a person reading it. I tried to make a joke about the assassination of that Iranian General last year, & no matter how I changed the wording, it wouldn’t accept it. And even after translation I can’t see how anyone could’ve viewed my comment as anything other than stupid, rather than offensive. But they will get removed if you’re reported, & if it’s truly offensive they’ll ban your username.
      I think that’s what happens. There’s just certain words or phrases it’ll never accept. Especially commenting on the Mid East.
      But it seems to happily accept a lot of racist BS from the rest of the world.

    4. @Tsubadai Khan ya seems biased for sure. Ya makes sense it’s prob keywords and phrases. Stupid. Should be able to say whatever u want. Even the offensive stuff.

  2. It’s funny how an Unfiltered opinion from an Unfiltered Child can change people’s perceptions. If this was an adult, they would be ignored. But a child’s anguish can Crush even the most jaded partisan.

    1. @Froward Thinker you havent shown any at all. this is youtube comments. every non israeli propaganda journalist has shown my case to be true. the only thing israeli people have shown is how it wasnt authorized by israeli law. that law is new and we both know it was designed to remove muslims from their homes for jews. the israeli settlers have said as much. “we need to keep this area jewish.” even your own settlers betray your lies. Your only “evidence” is as useful as any dictators “evidence” stop your bullshit.

  3. These are truly distressing images that clearly show what it means to live under the ravages of war. The world commits itself to shaping this young girl’s legitimate requests.

    1. @Mimzy Jinx These are reckless acts that we all strongly condemn, wherever they come from. It seems obvious to me. Here, however, we are talking about something else, namely the possibility of sitting at the negotiating table and restoring peace, rescuing these people from a fate of atrocity. I firmly believe that Jews and Palestinians can reach an agreement and live in mutual respect.

    2. @Andrea Marino You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. When you hear people chant “from the river to the sea” they are not advocating for peaceful coexistence. Stop supporting Hamas. Stop making Israel and source of evil.

    3. @Andrea Marino Finally, these “reckless acts” are supported by the majority of Palestinians in Gaza. They elected Hamas and have supported the rocket attacks. It’s why the blockade has lasted so long. No Palestinian is trying unseat Hamas. Anyone who advocates for peace is arrested.

    4. @Andrea Marino
      I respect so much your human feelings and empathy. That’s what I called “humanity”.

  4. An obviously gifted (intellectually, morally, etc) child who could have a bright future, if only given a realistic chance.

    1. @Adam Langton LOL, so what if you got more immigrants. You got Trudeau, one of the worst leaders there is on the planet, second only to good ol Joe.

    2. @savannah505 right. That’s why Canada is the most desirable country to live in, one of the most educated, one of the most tolerant, and one of the wealthiest. Some of the highest standards of gender equality, one of the healthiest populations, and one of the highest life expectancies. Like, what’s your point exactly? Something about “socialism?” Haha, if wherever you’re from had adequate education, you would have learned to do some research before making hilarious arguments. Lol

    3. @savannah505 like, you can’t muddle through a single sentence without grammatical errors. Forgive me if I question your judgement.

    4. @savannah505 they will never understand but thank you for understanding and don’t listen to them we have caravans at our front door Canada is not the most deserible.

    5. @savannah505  Land belongs to no one “Karen”, everyone should be able to move about the world without being enslaved and murdered.
      How about you find your moral compass and utilize it. Sigh..

  5. She’s only a kid and she’s so brave and she needs to smile so her brother won’t be scaredit’s sooooo sad. She’s trying to be brave but she must be terrified too. All they can do is pray and wait. They don’t know if they will see the light of day again.

    And she had her school stuff there and wanted to go to school but knowing at any given moment she may not live to return to school and they’re having dinner not knowing if it will be their last.

    1. @savannah505 Next War it Will be no Israel’s Land.
      1973..Egyptian Won
      2000…Lebanon Won
      2021… Gaza Won
      20?? More To Come

    2. @Alan Peters  
      Next War it Will be no Israel’s Land.
      1973..Egyptian Won
      2000…Lebanon Won
      2021… Gaza Won
      20?? More To Come

    3. @Mike J
      History Says that Israel was behind the attacks of 911 in America!
      History Says That Madoff Bankrupts Americans.
      History Says, Epstein, Ghislan Maxwell, Abused of American Girls/Women.
      History Says that!!!

  6. The video title picked out the wrong quote, the real quote was “it’s better we all die together”.
    When a child accepts that she’ll probably die a child and just wants to at least die together with her family, you know something is very, terribly wrong and broken.

  7. I’m a child of the Vietnam war. I can relate to these children so much. Especially when she was laughing to calm her brother. They’ll be psychological affected by this trust me. Watching these children gave me so many flashbacks. My heart goes out to them. I wish I can give them a hug to provide some comfort.

    1. @I Pleedafif Yes, wars have consequences. I do agree with you that the Palestinian land is shrinking, it would be much better for a two-state solution, but the Palestinians will not agree to that. They didn’t agree in 1948 and they don’t agree to it now. You can’t make peace with someone who doesn’t think you have a right to exist. I see both sides guilty of this. At this point I can’t see any long term peace without at least 15 years of no attacks from both sides.

    2. @I Pleedafif The Abraham accords might make a difference in getting these poor Palestinians a home.

    3. @I Pleedafif I disagree with you. I think both sides are guilty and wars have consequences. You are looking at what is going on today, I am looking at a 50 yr war that was NOT started by Israel.

      Absolutely. What isrealians and their freinds called terrorism it’s just a resistance and teying to defend themselves.

    2. @Ben Fitz
      Why should arabs countries take in the Palestinians?? They have their land.
      Why you want them to live. Hmmm let me guess..to keep the place empty for selters.
      Like yakoub the famous selter said with an American accent of guy originally from New.York.said: “if I don’t steal it someonelse gonna steal it”.

    3. @D.O.A_ Unpossibles Ger the F O of their lands then. You are the occupiers making life difficult for Palestinians.

  8. This little girl has a bigger heart than most other people on Earth. She and her brother are so brave.

    1. As Americans, we take family, food and safety for granted. She has so much perspective at 10yrs old. Most 30yr old Americans don’t have that same gratitude and perspective

    2. They should interview a little girl from Israel that huddled with her family earlier in the day.

    3. @D.O.A_ Unpossibles it doesn’t matter what country they are from. As a human being, 10 years old is ridiculous regardless of what country you are from.

  9. This young lady is absolutely lovely. Everyone would be lucky to have a sister, friend or daughter like her. Her videos and insight are a blessing to the world.

  10. She has basically become a mother and has had to mature up for her brother at such a young age this is incredibly sad

  11. You know how heart breaking it is for a child to have to say, we gather into this room so we get hit, we will die together…
    She is holding it together so that her brother and her mother won’t fall into pieces.
    This is not right. No child should grow up thinking like this.

  12. my heart breaks for this little girl and her family. I cannot even imagine how horrible this must be for them.

  13. This girl is a very caring and loving human being. A ray of sunshine and a precious treasure for her family friends and the ones being around her. Bless you, precious little lady. You`re a treasure.

  14. 2:00 “It’s better to die with all of us together”

    What a thing for a 10 year old to even have to think about.

  15. At the age of 10 yrs, she is telling the public where probably she will die, this is so so sad. That lovely smile must be holding back many tears and fear.

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