1. @mike greene mike, in the perverted cesspool of liberal lies racial insecurities spiritual ignorance scientific abuse political corruption institutional incompetence constitutional criminality and social regression, your scurvy problems are still pretty bad.

    2. @Sam Huff right!! By banning them from the public square. Erasing them from the internet. That’s how Democrats handle public discourse.
      The fact a Republican won’t cower to Democrats demands makes them vile people, but Democrats vile behavior..like
      Labeling everyone who supports President Trump white supremacist is’ normal ‘ to you.
      THAT IS VILE BEHAVIOR! Disgusting, dishonest, cowardly in fact.

    3. She didn’t start the republicon pathology, but she is turning it into a major weapon against decent people including AOC. She is making the politics much, much worse. Of course, the goddamned republicons will do nothing to stop her because they like what she is doing. I will not be surprised if she actually does physical damage to someone.

    4. Blazing the trail for accountability because someone has to, because democrats think only of their own agenda and have no accountability for their reckless disregard of consequences.

  1. This is what Trump people love about Marjorie, though. They don’t care and this is who they want us to be. A vulnerable nation with way too many immature, ignorant, psychotic people in key leadership roles.


  2. Qrazy Marjorie should spend more time looking for her Sasquatch cousins “The Goat Keepers” in the back woods of Georgia..🤪

    1. @Lauren Daryani Because if politicians can’t debate their political ideas in congress, we will be forced to sort out our differences on the battlefield.

    2. And Lrazy AOC should spend more time looking for her Leprechaun cousins hiding in trees in NYC. They only come out at night!

    3. High Gasoline Price under Biden. Anyone Still Kissing cheater Biden & CNN’s rear.?

  3. Envy leads to hate, hate to aggression. AoC has purpose, values and beauty. It is only understandable that the likes of Green will feel deeply uncomfortable with her.

    1. @Stephen Farry
      OK AOC’s main policies are raising taxes, open borders, and stopping cows from farting.
      She’s Amazing.

    2. @Elvin Gonzalez Using your logic, any republicans who wants to debate a Democrat is a “stalker”.

    3. @Sniffy Joe Thanks Sniffy. I hope you dont mind, a few questions and some responses. Is raising taxes for those more well off, a bad thing? If you think so, can you please tell me why? I know she wants a top tier at 70%. If someone is earning $10m a year, is a bad idea if they pay more. It doesn’t mean they get taxed at 70% on the entire 10m. On Open borders, can you please tell what that means? And what has AOC said that makes her so bad? Stopping cows farting, I thought, was just weird and made me laugh. But as weird as it sounds, I had no idea so did a little research. And what do you know, they are not good for the environment but its not their farts, its their burps. Also a little too more it, cattle also need far more land than other livestock, they just require more resources in order to feed us than anything else we eat and all resources are finite, so what’s the tipping point for a population that continues to grow? If she can do something on this and I still get my steak, even if it costs a little more, then I am fine with that. Also it brings awareness , unless you dont agree with climate change.

    4. High Gasoline Price under Biden. Anyone Still Kissing cheater Biden & CNN’s rear.?

  4. So, by MTG’s logic, American citizens are free to line up outside her office door and harass her. Do with that what you will, my American neighbours. Love from Canada

    1. @Lanuiiohu Sukikiya
      Get over it. By the fall all the neg side effects from the previous administration should be dealt with and pass.
      To bad Joe did not receive a surplus or economy that was not depressed. Like the last two electoral college over majority rupub white house squatters.

    2. @Bass INC _High Gasoline Price under Biden. Anyone Still Kissing cheater Biden & CNN’s rear ?.

    1. @mistatk When has there been an influx at the boarder like there is now?
      Trump also tried to stop flights from China…and was called racist etc. Joe stopped work on the wall and put one up in DC. Closed down a pipeline and had another hacked…also talking about stopping flights from India, and the left are saying that’s a good thing. You must be loving it.

    2. @Steve Austin you’re leaving out a whole lot more facts. And “contained” is an opinion, not a fact. If you want to speak facts, Obama out performed Trump but I bet you won’t accept that fact. Biden has hardly been in office 4 months. To compare his Presidency to 4 years of Trump is disengenuous at best…

    3. @HalloweenJack When you say biden had the pipeline hacked? Trump fired the head of cyber security for saying the election wasn’t rigged, you think that helped our defense against getting hacked? If the wall worked, people would not be climbing over it, biden didn’t tear down any wall. And I’m fine with blocking flights from anywhere.

    4. High Gasoline Price under Biden. Anyone Still Kissing cheater Biden & CNN’s rear.?

    1. High Gasoline Price under Biden. Anyone Still Kissing cheater Biden & CNN’s rear.?

  5. We all know one thing, She is nuts. She needs help FAST. Otherwise she can be a threat.
    She is another breed of dangerous Karens that must be tamed.

    1. Green is most likely doing this as a means to secure support from her donors. Because the only reason she is there is to annoy congress. She servers no other purpose and her actions say a lot about her district.

    1. You’re giving it too much credit. It’s one screw short of some modern “art project”. No one is even sure what it’s supposed to be.

  6. “I disagree with everything in the GND! I haven’t read it yet, but once I do, I demand you debate me!” -MTG literally said this to AOC xD

    1. She’s unbelievably stupid! And, just like chump, she readily exposes her stupidity all by herself! Anyone desiring that a case be made against her – easy! – just give her a mic and don’t interrupt!
      The downside, of course, is that as an official representative of the country, she’s simultaneously trashing America’s reputation even further than the damage already done by chump…

    2. Precisely. These people always seem so enamored with having the emotional gut-reaction position to a policy first and then finding rationalizations as to why after the fact. Hence all the goalpost-moving to maintain their position. It’s why all the “Dems rigged the election” bullshit has persisted even half a year into the new admin with no evidence.

      And now they’re looking for bamboo fibers or soy sauce or whatever the hell on these “fraudulent” ballots like a bunch of loonballs with no sense of shame or self-awareness.

  7. Actually… sometimes even an average person off the street (without formal training) can see quite clearly when another person is coo coo for Cocoa Puffs. I’d have to be blind not to see it.

  8. One of these women is eloquent, compassionate, educated, is attractive, and has youth on her side.
    And the other is empty Greene.

    1. Eloquent? Intelligent?

      AOC can’t finish a sentence without saying “like” at least 15 times.

    2. @xps xps133 Sander a panders, that’s why. He knows he will never have real power so he promises kids the moon and they are gullible enough to believe it.

  9. “Think of how stupid the average person is, and realise half of them are stupider than that.” – George Carlin

    1. Which one are you? This charade is scheme to make people defend AOC, even though they realize that she’s a fraud.

    2. @GooseEgg if they realize shes a fraud, why would they defend her? Seems we all know which one you are 🥴😂🤣😂🤣

  10. As The Joker once said, “I’m crazy enough to take on Batman, but The IRS? No, thank you!” Good luck, MTG, you’re going to need it.

  11. I suggest we ALL call MTG’s office using her script:
    “I’m a tax paying citizen that pays your salary.”
    See how she responds. Should be fun!

    1. I hate that argument so much. Everyone (in theory) pay taxes. Even kidnappers, murderers, drug lords and terrorist who lives in the country pay taxes. Why should who pay taxes be a valid argument point. Taxes is not collected to benefit the people who pay taxes…. It is for the benefit of everyone based on the opinion of the govt (whether you like them or not). It irks me so much whenever someone says I pay taxes therefore I pay you.. and I’m like no. We don’t own the govt. We pay taxes cause we are given the opportunity to stay and work and use the public services.

  12. By the way, MTG was lying when she said, “I pay my taxes…”. The IRS is investigating her for tax fraud – trying to deduct two primary residencies from her taxes.

    1. David, FYI, that is not IRS. You should only post comments when you know what you are talking about

  13. MTG is the kinda person who totally would commit atrocities if she was able to.
    I dont trust her

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