Concerns About Lambda Variant | TVJ News - July 6 2021 1

Concerns About Lambda Variant | TVJ News – July 6 2021


Yet another strain of the coronavirus is proving to be just as deadly as the delta variant it's called the lambda variant now what could this mean for Jamaica's health system Anthony Lugg has that report.

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  1. Hahaha one more strain as if the first 2 is not enough we this won’t stop until the whole world get vaccinated

    1. @Sunshine Jamaica
      The rats asked ” when are we going to get vaccinated?” Response : ” they are testing it on humans first “

  2. vaccine nah stop nothing. I am now convinced that all man do is chat an mek noise. We all need to be vigilant and take care of #1 and family.

  3. In this case, and in a situation like this, it would be wise if we started working on a cure for this disease. Vaccination may not likely be the solution. People MUST all obey the protocols and take social distancing VERY seriously…

    1. Lol that can’t help when the ones telling us to follow the protocols are involved in the deception of these so called ‘new variant’

    1. Made in a lab. Nobody caa tell mi say anno dem a mek dis ting, each variant more deadly than the rest

  4. Wha a keep a England mek all the different variants seem to reach there almost before all other countries. This is serious!!!

  5. This is the song that never ends yes it goes on and on my friend, someone started it not knowing what it was they will keep on singing it forever just because this is the song that never ends… beta, lamda, epsilon….

  6. This is really ridiculous now and has been for months. The psychological mind games and fear mongering is just cruel intentions by MSM.

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