1. Whoever’s reading this, I pray that whatever your going through gets better and whatever your struggling with or worrying about is going to be fine i’m here to give you back love 💝

    1. @Pyeman Yeah…so what ! That’s almost exactly the same every year since 2015 . Are you gonna whine about all of them too…??? Wake TF UP…!!!

    2. Thank you SO much for writting that! You have NO IDEA how badly I needed to read it, right at this very moment. Thank you. Sensing you the same love back! Sending love to EVERYONE!

      Thank you again! Xo

  2. There’s always two sides to every story. It would be refreshing if we could do both without judgement and false scenarios.

    1. Well, a lot of folks won’t talk to the news now. They resent them for recording and replaying what they say I guess.

  3. You tried so hard to paint this as Canada’s Jan 6th, but all you got was honking and bouncy castles.

    1. @william r johnston I know a couple of millionaire farmers.
      One drives a 2002 Corolla, the other drives a 2008 Nissan pickup. They work their asses off on the farm and yet still manage to do community volunteer work.
      What do you do?

    2. @Damian Mensch The homeless never ate better in their lives, the Truckers took care of them better than all the millionaire politicians ever did.

    3. @Damian Mensch What are you talking about, we just finished in Sri Lanka and we’re in the Netherlands 🇳🇱 right now. Fixing the world is a tough job, it takes time, and yours will come.

    1. Unity and division are the same thing. To unite you must have a group to unite against, thus division. It is why humanity has always united against “external enemies” (our groups of humanity). Uniting Canadians against the Canadian government is essentially dividing Canadians between those in the government and those outside out it.

    2. @YouReadMyName If you don’t think someday we’re going to need each other then you’re not paying attention to what’s happening elsewhere.

    3. @etrnlygr8tful the only one dividing Canadians I’d Justin, never have Canadians been as divided as they under that fools rule.

  4. Doors look much nicer now minus the graffiti, and the locals should be happy that the bums are not shooting up heroin in the alcoves of the church.

  5. So what? They have every right to assemble, buy property and be “close allies” of anyone they choose.

  6. If you choose to live in the political capital of Canada, a city that exists arguably at the largess of the Canadian taxpayer, you can expect that from time to time, your life will be disrupted by protests and the establishment of groups that want the government’s ear. It goes with the territory, like cold in Winnipeg, traffic in Toronto, and the potential that one day, without warning, the Cascadia subduction zone will put most of the Lower Mainland under water.

  7. I love how these stories have more likes than any of their stories NOT related to the convoy 🇨🇦🇨🇦

  8. Anyone opposing the Trudeau government is now called “convoy connects,” such lazy journalism.

  9. Maybe they’ll find some contact with reality if they pray together but given that they think they’re establishing an embassy, as if the United Conspiracists of Canada are a separate country, I’m not expecting it.

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