Confederate Monument Removals A Mark Of Progress Long In Coming | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


    1. @Spencer Clarkl Because of who they are and why they were erected. Why have monuments to America’s enemies? They tried to destroy not make the country. Why not have monuments of the Japanese generals behind Pearl Harbor, or monuments to Bin Laden for 9/11?

    2. @Dave Ponsford I agree people who tried to split the country in two don’t deserve statues. But why take down statues of Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, the man who wrote our national anthem?

  1. You must understand they been standing looming over you for a reason, just catching up. That kept us all on a chain for 200 years with this. That’s why they won’t let us use symbols of Indians on Flags for schools. It’s actually a sign of strength not racism. It’s a sign we all cared about what was, the right way. Ancient people are being erased for a reason, they don’t want you to remember. They’re actually quite intelligent highly technological people. You wouldn’t like it if you new people were more intelligent Once Upon a Time. We’re all kind of stupid now, with no Direction blaming each other. We need a leader and it’s not Donald Trump, he is mentally unstable. Blackfoot

  2. He does not look like a pleasant man! Rather intimidating in actual fact – probably how he looked to his slaves.

  3. The Whitehouse is fast becoming (if it wasn’t already under this administration) the last standing and representative bastion of racism…, think about that for a while….

    1. That would require Trump to care about something other than himself.
      Accordingly, he didn’t put up much of a fight on this issue, just fleeting comments to appease his fans. End of the day, these are just stone statues of people he’s never heard of. Fuhgedaboudit.

    2. “I as much as any other man am in favor of the position of supremacy being assigned to the white race.” Abraham Lincoln. You think about that.

    3. I’m black and I KNOW Trump has done FAR more in 4 years for blacks than Obama did in eight years. For fooling you in 2016, I say, “Shame on the media.” For fooling you in 2020, I say, “Shame on you.” By now, you should know they lie. Wake up!

      Stephen Burrows

  4. To paraphrase Kimberly Jones ” America is lucky all black people want after all this time is equality and not revenge”

    1. YES!!
      Do American Republicans identify more as 1865 slavery defending Confederates, as 1938 WWII pre-genocidal Nazis or as 1972 Nixon corruption supporters?
      It’s not a race war, it’s a war against racists!
      #theyvotedforaBigot #BuildBridgesNotWalls #DeportMeToo #BanMeToo #BLM

  5. Instead, put “Killed by Donald Trump and the GOP” on the tombstone of every avoidable corona victim.

  6. Removing the confederate statues but you’re leaving a racist would be confederate president in the White House?!

    1. I sure hope so!!!!!!!!! I’m black and I KNOW he’s done FAR more in 4 years for blacks than Obama did in eight years. For fooling you in 2016, I say, “Shame on the media.” For fooling you in 2020, I say, “Shame on you.” By now, you should know they lie. Wake up!

    2. @Love Forgive Noooo not facts and logic! Anything but that! Facts and logic are Kryptonite to NPCs! 🤣

  7. This removal project is really getting under the right’s skin.
    I love it.

    Progression is the only way you get anywhere.

  8. A large part is cause they represented the worst in humanity as they bought and sold human beings for profit. A large part also cause they were the face of of pure evil, hate and racism. Last but not least they were traitors and were the organisers of an armed uprising against the USA. Yes they should be torn down..

  9. “I as much as any other man I am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the white race.” Abraham Lincoln

  10. I wonder how many monuments Germany has of Hitler still erected. But our Orange Hitler wants to threaten people with prison and fines for vandalizing these horrible pieces of our history. We should make sure we take him down too come Nov.

    1. @Voice Of Reality Yes, I always mean something which has absolutely nothing to do with what I said. I mean, words are just noises, they mean nothing!

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