Confessore: ‘The Vaccine Program Is Going To Be The Equivalent Of A Second Presidential Campaign’

Confessore: ‘The Vaccine Program Is Going To Be The Equivalent Of A Second Presidential Campaign’ 1


  1. Dr Brix has questionalbe crediblity since she buckled under pressure from Trump to downplan the virus. She needs to get the bounce when Biden takes over. No more yes men and cowards. It has been revealed the TRump administration never developed a plan to distribute the vaccne . The incompetence just continues. The majority of States have no money to do it on their own either. This adiministration needs be held accountable in a court of law for their gross neglegence in handling this pandemic.

    1. Absolutely on the mark, pj B. She’s acting like mealy-mouthed ditz playing a subservient role to a narcissistic sociopath. She has knowledge and no courage to use it. She needs to be bounced into some corner cubicle somewhere where she can be her little ‘ineffective-self.

    2. I remember how scared she looked at his “disinfect the body” speech. She just bowed her head and said they would look into it. Sad.

  2. With so few of the GOP accepting Biden’s win, I am concerned they think they are all staying in power under some kind of COUP or illegal take over

  3. Dr. Birx was instrumental in transferring data from the CDC to the White House and HHS. She’s much more like an Azar and less like a Fauci. She needs to get canned when the incoming administration takes over.

  4. brilliantly said, ty mr confessore and ms wallace. it is being done purposely, as everything that t**** does. that it will cause more deaths among his followers matters not, to him.

  5. The U.S. is currently infected with 2 deadly viruses 1) Covid 19 and 2) misinformation – aka Donald Trump/Republicans/looney tune Christian Right.

    1. 4) Outspoken traitors who would rather see a president of the opposition party fail than save American lives
      5) Unpatriotic fools openly calling for a coup rather than help a new administration.

  6. Pfizer: “Will the US need more vaccine doses next year?”
    t’rump: “Nah, we’ll pass.”
    Pfizer: “But you do know that will mean we will sell these to other countries, and you won’t have enough.”
    t’rump: “What part of PASS did you not get?”

    1. He had to go play golf. Never been responsible for the virus and pandemic, he needed to do more important things.

  7. On the positive side: the rest of the world can see how incompetently the US is handling Covid 19, and be warned of the disaster that comes from playing in the middle of the freeway. In some ways, it’s kind of biteback from Tuskegee.

  8. She’s part of the problem and compromised. You can bet trump spawn will get the vaccine before a single American citizen gets it.
    Watch ..

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