Claire McCaskill Blames Her Former GOP Colleagues For Losing A Grip | Deadline | MSNBC

Claire McCaskill Blames Her Former GOP Colleagues For Losing A Grip | Deadline | MSNBC 1


  1. American education System is the root of the problem. Make Universities free and youre schools better and you have less dump people

    1. @Kelvin Blackstone Okay, so to paraphrase, You’ve never been to college and you’ve never held a position making more than minimum wage. Because if you had you would not be impressed by a 7 times failed business “little” man that has accomplished nothing and wasted his inheritance.

    2. ​@AnarchoRepublican the communist manifesto is a short pamphlet, written to describe what the communists of its time believed and why. If you feel like you need or want a rudimentary understanding of communists of the 19th century or their ideology but don’t feel like wasting time or effort on it’s literature I guess you can set aside an hour to this text. Its target audience was the “dumb people”(non academic) of it’s days so both the language and topics should be accessible outside academic settings. I guess you can find papers about mechanism or expressions of racial guilt but an entire scientific theory would surprise me. If gender studies is not your thing, pick another subject. Pursue education in a field that a) interest you and b) you can see yourself making a career out of. I agree with you that higher learning should be taxfunded (it works just as well in my country as any other 1st world country and the national benefits are hard to argue against). I disagree that people that chooses not to pursue higher education should be send to work camps and don’t understand what you mean with “groovy”

    3. @Major Minor …sounds like you majored in Marxism with a minor in sleep persuasion …its “groovy” cause its the cool neo Marxist instead of the stogy olde Soviet style…

    4. @AnarchoRepublican You think that spending an hour on reading a well known text equals an academic degree? I wonder what academic credentials you would grant me if you knew I also read das kapital (a real slug in comparison) as a teen. I have never studied civics on a university level. It is not that it is not important I was always more inclined to “hard science”. I did however spend some free time growing up to reading up on different ideologies trying to work out how society and people worked. Judging from your name I bet you would be happy to know I also read E Goldman and Bakunin not to mention rightwing philosophy from both liberals and conservatives. The communist manifest was a short time investment trying to figure out what communists believed but I do well to remember to keep it in its historical context. It was well over 20 years since I read the basics of modern political ideologies (formed and formulated hundreds of years before that) so I have no grasp on neomarxism. Do you have any recommendations on the subject? What would you consider to be the most influential or comprehensive publication on neomarxism if I felt inclined to learn about it?

  2. Trump has two parts of a brain “left & right”

    In the “Left” there’s nothing right and
    In the “right” there’s nothing left

    1. @nadt illegal immigration cost taxpayers 120 billion dollars a year.. they also illegally vote in our elections destroying our country.. and as far as the cheaper fruitif they weren’t here people would have higher-paying jobs because they cut the wagesthey would also have cheaper rent because they take up so many apartments the rents go higher supply and demand. So I’d rather pay you an extra $5 a week on fruit if it means my fellow Americans can get triple the pay doing construction work..the only reason why you want the pedophile in office because you’re unable to achieve equality of outcome without government interpherance you’re pathetic.

    2. @Joe Bidumb I will read your comment when you learn grammar and spelling. Until then, who cares what you have to say. If you’re supporting trump you’re a traitor. Period.

    3. @nadt biden side is weak most of the left didn’t vote for him they vote to get rid of Trump because both party SUCKS !
      The moderate play with fire for the last time!

  3. when there are no consequences for bad behavior, bad behavior becomes the norm.When bad behavior becomes rewarded, then all bets are off, Civil Society is doomed.

    1. @MilkCow

      Sorry, but I believe Chump should be BURIED UNDER Mt. Rushmore for all the things he could have done…BUT DIDN’T CARE TO EVEN ATTEMPT.


  4. When your politicians are millionaires and billionaires, all they obviously care about is money. You’re a fool if you believe anything else…

    1. Because there is no age or term limit all of the politicians get too comfortable in their cosy little club

  5. It’s really sad that’s 60% of America believes in facts….. And 40% of America believes in alternative facts!

    1. @ydamor I think you need to at least learn a little bit about Nazi’s because you just sound stupid! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    2. Aww frail bones are your butt bones hurting you today you must be a fragile wittle soyboy yourself wawawa!

    1. Mussolini, Hitler, Trujillo and Vidal were must better scammers. But they all ended in the garbage bin of history.

    2. The fact that almost half of the voting public voted for the greatest SCAMMER tells you something about the American people and that is, they are heavily brainwashed and easily scammed. Think about it, if what you say is correct.

    1. They want only one Goverment and that is other ones matter.It just took tRump to bring it to the surface.

    2. Strange how their expert opinions about Obamacares death panels turned into Trump killing 300000 or so Americans.

  6. Appeasement is not possible in this environment. The US is in the midst of a civil war and if the nation doesn’t understand that it is delusional. There is no room for compromise here, none. Defeating this scourge is essential and when that is done, then reconciliation is possible. There is too much money in politics, far, far too much money.

    1. Yep, Biden is delusional if he thinks he can compromise with these people at this point in time. His win just bought some time on the clock to address some of the fractures in the system that Trump(ft. Putin) and the Republicans have been trying to exploit to permanently cement themselves into power.

      When we have a TRUE system of checks and balances in place then later down the road we can talk about bipartisanship.

    1. Imagine the dentist trying to convince people they are missing teeth: it’s not tooth decay, it’s truth decay!

  7. republicans only care about staying in power so they can make themselves richer. And no number of dead Americans or people going hungry will sway them from that goal.

    1. And Why this GOP must be voted OUT! ASAP AMERICA we the people have to clean out this swamp they’ve done Too much damage already.

    1. How many times do we have to prove that Trump lost?!? It’s been one recount after another! The Diaper Don needs another recount>>>> !!!

    1. Still waiting on those “facts” Shery. I’m trying to give you a chance to prove that you have some intelligence and don’t just parrot what you’re told from trump.

    2. @AnarchoRepublican The statues of people who took up arms against this country. The ones that so called conservatives revere.

    1. You would think so. They’ve lost nothing. 74 million people who voted certainly experienced the last 5 years and thought “more, please”. The GOP enables this because, if anything, it solidifies their hold on their base and – in some cases- actually expands it.

  8. *There’s going to be so much “Oh I wasn’t in that meeting with trump” “I don’t know anything about that!” Going to get good folks!*

  9. *⚡”putin has discovered the defective gene that causes trump!” The cure will be available Jan 20th!*

  10. If anyone is in doubt this country could fall into a dictatorship, look at the Republican party, they already have.

    1. That because they can’t see how much of a pig they have become, and how they follow Trump like little piglets follow moma!

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