Congress And DOJ Watchdog Investigating Trump-Era Data Seizures 1

Congress And DOJ Watchdog Investigating Trump-Era Data Seizures


House Judiciary Committee member Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA)  comments on the investigation of Trump-era data seizures.

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  1. It’s actually an impressive feat for the Stable Genius to be such an incompetent 1-term president, that not only were you impeached twice, but even after you’ve lost re-election, they’re still finding crimes that would have gotten you impeached a third time!

    1. Adults have a duty towards their communities to think and behave
      in a mature, intelligent and responsible manner.
      repUGLYcans, trumpturds & q-no-ones have failed to do so.

  2. Break the back of the authoritarian trump party, make an example out of it, one that will serve as a warning through history to anyone attempting to establish a dictatorship in America.

  3. Sessions: “I do not recawll ma own name.” Rosenstein: “I was busy landing an imaginary plane.” Barr: “I’m struggling with the meaning of the word ‘know’.”
    Pathetic childish chocolate faced liars, the lot of them. I doubt we’ll get it, but wouldn’t it be something to see all three AGs who served a one-term president convicted of at least perjury?

    1. Adults have a duty towards their communities to think and behave
      in a mature, intelligent and responsible manner.
      repUGLYcans, trumpturds & q-no-ones have failed to do so.

    2. For god’s sake, Garland, do your job and do the right thing. Btw, fighting trumpty dumpty’s libel case is not the right thing.

  4. Imagine if Hillary supporters stormed the Capitol. Would the GOP demand an independent commission to investigate the insurrection then?

    1. @Jasmany Foch what’s so funny about an Insurrection that cost us taxpayers at least $30 MILLION to clean up?

  5. So everyone involved in today’s episode of screaming corruption will surely go to jail right? Or will they just scarf another $1000 lunch & waddle back to the golf course totally unaccountable as always?

  6. There MUST be an investigation
    There MUST be accountability
    There MUST justice
    Funny how Republicans want to BLOCK anything to do with LAW & ORDER and investigations into TRUMPS deliberate and blatant CORRUPTION and ABUSE of POWER!

    1. @Kath Casey he wasnt the only one. mostly dems have got deferments. why bring up something that means so little an off topic that is from the past to this conversation? he has changed as a person. but im sure you dont believe in change .

    2. @Gdawg – A person like the exPOTUS can never change. And your comment stated, “And im sure everything he is doing is done by law and order he hasn’t done a single thing illegal”.

      So I’m bringing you up to speed slowly. Lying on a draft is illegal. So it started DECADES before he became POTUS.

      Then your comment said, “Noone with a brain likes Biden regardless of his party. He is braindead. An his VP is just as clueless as him. Has no care for our country.”

      So logically, if you are going to use comparisons as to who cares for the country, I will try to explain the difference. Ergo, Biden served his country. Trump lied to get out of serving. See the difference?

    3. @Kath Casey you’re mixing my words. and putting them on things i wasn’t referring to. i said he never did anything illegal referring to his presidency not before hand. and do we need to go over everything Biden has done illegally??

    4. @joseph fuller tell that to Hunter Biden. and i was referring to when he was POTUS. if you would have read my other comment.

  7. During his term Trump fired anybody who wouldn’t play along with his plans. Biden needs to take a page out of his book and replace all those boot lickers as for the replacement rehire the ones who were thrown out during Trump’s term.

    1. I’d love to know what happened to all the hero’s who stood up during the exPOTUS’ impeachment trials. I know some were fired for it.

    2. @Kath Casey they should offer them their positions back. Although I’m sure government has left a bad taste in many of their mouths.

  8. Screw optics. Do your job Garland. I guarantee you that there will be far more instability if you don’t than if you do.

    1. If Garland can’t do his job, it’s over , there are no law’s except don’t get caught, and shoot your way out if you do .

    1. My gut? Says that now that we are out of the days where our Senate determines outcomes for this man? A constitutionally directed legal system will prevail. (Still means cuts and bruises though.) Git ‘er done.

  9. Unfortunately we Democrats tend to be reasonable, fair, moderate, forgiving, responsible, self-deprecating. No wonder we don’t utilize our superior numbers, intellect, and economic power against the party of crooks.

  10. The Orange Pumpkin acted like an autocrat and a dictator for all Four Years of his presidency and it will be befitting to see him get the Prison Bed left vacant on 14 April 2021 when Bernie Madoff passed away.

    1. They already filled that bed. Someone dropped the ball and forgot to call in a reservation.

    2. @randal gibbons A date with Lady Justice in Criminal Court will be a Good Start holding the Orange Pumpkin accountable for evading justice for the last 50 plus years. Thanks for the reply.

  11. “Witch hunt” Everything is a witch hunt. I wonder why Trump and all his witches are afraid of a witch hunt.

  12. Someone needs to show some courage or we are going down as a country. Accountability and justice need to be served not self-serving.

  13. The corruption that Trump brought to his 4 year reign is only now being exposed, more will come, count on it…

    1. ~ Rand Paul ‘s brain is out of order ..the transplant of his pubic hair to the top of his head , hurt what was left of his brain.

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