U.S. Journalist Danny Fenster Imprisoned in Myanmar 1

U.S. Journalist Danny Fenster Imprisoned in Myanmar


Bryan Fenster, brother of imprisoned journalist Danny Fenster, joins Ayman.

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    1. @Luis Rosales 200+ years ago we defended America from the ‘Red Coats’. Now we defend America from the ‘Red Hats’. One consistency throughout History, Traitors always wear ‘Red’.

    2. @Luis Rosales it’s amazing that your response isn’t “we’re not trying to make the country like Myanmar,” you just want real Americans to be afraid of it.

    3. @Luis Rosales
      The blue states that support your have not states?
      Pure genius to wish harm to the hands that feeds you.
      Just so you know.

    1. @Stefan Frankel I’m pretty sure he’s mocking the Trump cult member who asked Michael Flynn why a “Minamar” style coup can’t happen here in the US, to which Flynn replied “it should”.

  1. I think Jim Jordan should go in with Marjorie Taylor Greene on the trade to Putin( when you add in Trump and Bill Barr) for a bunch of our journalist and soldiers…. Can I get an amen?

    1. What would be a fair trade? MTG, trump, and Ted Cruz? 3 baddies for one good guy? One for one isn’t fair, trading damaged goods.

  2. Tbh It’s first time I learn about him. Still Journalism (I mean real journalism) is a dangerous job everywhere and free media are the mirror to the truth. (Despite the fact no medium should not be taken for granted).
    I hope he will be released soon, same goes with Assange, Manning and on the exile Snowden as well as all people who are paying the price for exposing the documented (Vs. manufactured) truth in our divided world.

  3. U.S. Journalist are an asset to all of us. Let’s bring this 1 Home. as He departed to work out there. 6 US!!!

    Sergeant Robert Justin alford green where are my two daughters karee and Jahmela and my 7 grandchildren and what have you done to them

  5. Burma is gone. I hope the whole country of Burmese citizens rise up and fight back against the Burmese military and destroy the generals.

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