Congress grills former Twitter executives over Hunter Biden’s laptop | USA TODAY

The GOP-led House Oversight Committee questioned three former Twitter executives on how the company handled the Hunter Biden laptop story.

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The House hearing Wednesday into Twitter’s brief suppression of a story about Hunter Biden’s laptop outlined the queasiness of former executives to block it and provided a bare-knuckle arena for partisan lawmakers to debate allegations against President Joe Biden.

Former Twitter executives told the House Oversight and Accountability Committee the company blocked links to the New York Post story in October 2020 because of similarities to the posting of leaks from hacked Democratic computers before the 2016 election. The executives called the 24-hour suppression a mistake and said it was difficult to judge between contentious and dangerous speech during a campaign.

Against that backdrop, Republican lawmakers argued Twitter’s decision could have thrown the election to Biden rather than former President Donald Trump. Some lawmakers called for legislation to prevent Twitter from blocking posts or government agencies from recommending against publication.

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  2. That waitress understands that even Hunter’s attorneys have admitted the laptop and it’s contents are real and accurate, right?

  3. She’s really trying to claim that that laptop wasn’t real?? Is she trying to muddy the waters or has she not been paying attention for the last 2 years?!

    1. @Vagari Incipiam Rothschild or actually maybe “beth.” I’m not really sure tbh. It was not the wacky or tobaccy though, I’m sure

    2. Hunter Biden already said publicly it’s his laptop but the bartender didn’t hear it on Twitter so she doesn’t know yet

    3. @Henry Tomas hunter wanted to sue the computer store owner for trafficking in stolen information from his laptop. He admitted it was his without saying it was his.

    1. @Digital yeah he admitted he owns a laptop, that doesn’t mean that what you want to believe is on the laptop is actually on the laptop, none of you right wingers know what’s on the laptop, and acting like you do is propaganda

  4. When you listen to the members speak and then you hear AOC speak it’s like a grade-school kid in with college grads

    1. AOC is the toddler in the room. 🤡 There was evidence that Twitter, MSM, YouTube and other platforms suppressed due to political bias. That👏is👏the👏point. Lawdy.

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