Congressional Black Caucus Meets With FBI Director | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Rep. Stacey Plaskett, D-VI, discusses the Congressional Black Caucus' meeting with FBI Director Christopher Wray to discuss the current moment and the actions being taken by the FBI. Aired on 06/09/2020.
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Congressional Black Caucus Meets With FBI Director | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. I keep saying, the solution is simple. All settlement for citizen abuse comes out of their pension. I guarantee they will police each other if their retirement pay is affected.

    1. Do you know any job that has ZERO defects? Around 250,000 people die every year from medical malpractice. Should we have civilian review boards and defund healthcare?

    2. @flyinhawaiian49 Agreed – TOTALLY STUPID as Medical MISTAKES are a totally different thing than PIG COPS MURDERING INNOCENTS ON PURPOSE!!

  2. Another intelligent and well spoken woman who knows the issues and has the ideas to tackle them. Its just so refreshing!
    We need more of them representing the people!

    1. @Lead Gen Magic I think it’s because these women work outside of the old boys club already. They in a sense have nothing to lose in speaking up about discrimination and a need to change. Also in a position to empathize having most likely experienced discrimination themselves.

    2. @Rachel Brown no, baby, i`ve never seen that term before,but if you like sniffing lefties` bums, who am i to judge?

  3. Cormac I hope they are finished come November . Hope 46 turns blue along with the senate . Our country has been looking like a 3 rd works county . Something I never thought I’d see . It looks like one man did it but I’m telling you this man was not intelligent enough to pull it off alone . Putin I’m sure has directed him along the 3 years . So obvious someone has . Putin is far more intelligent & has wanted to take America down & I think has done so without one shot fired except the ones we do to ourselves . First interference in our elections or Trump probably wouldn’t have even won even with his racist base & now right through our Oval Office . Now before you Trolls start & call this a conspiracy theory you better look at your own people & this administration .

    1. So it’s trump burning down democrat cities, beating shop owners and killing cops? Try again. Watch two opposing news sources or be a sheep.

    2. @Matt Thompson True, not Trump. His supporters. They infiltrated the protests to start violence and discredit the demonstrations. Once they get the mob going, it snowballs. Saw the same tactic during Viet Nam protests. You should take your own advice. Maybe watch 3 or 4 and see what all the facts are.

    3. The Periwinkle guy had a stupid question. How do you separate civil work from civilians? How do you keep police from working for society and not engage in social work?

    1. Marck Kilpatrick I don’t get these references to historical atrocities. Bad things happened in the past… so that excuses bad things happening now?

    2. So… you created America’s history from what a few bad cops did? Who created the KKK? The Dems. What POTUS took the steps to rid the U.S. of slavery? A Republican POTUS named Abe Lincoln. What political party did what it took to add amendments to the U.S. Constitution so that blacks and women can have the same rights as whites? The Republican Party w/ the Dems opposing them all the way. What political party passed the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which was the final nail in the Jim Crow Laws coffin? The Republican Party. And now, whenever the Democratic Party feels they’re losing power, they’ll blame racism on the Republican Party every election year. Spreading racism and racial strife is in the Democratic Party’s DNA.

    3. Your a science denier. There’s no genetic evidence racism is systemic. I will give you credit for using the word of the week though. Narrissistic is so last month.

    4. @SokemRokemRobot Lets see the response to the undeniable facts!!!!! Or the lack there of……

    5. @SokemRokemRobot you forget the transformation of both parties…neither are blameless..but the evil cohort has switched tactics….its so evident it burbs faces,eyes..acts are YOU…dwell not in the historical seem to have just been aware of them..

  4. And right after speaking with the Hoover’s, they went and asked the Fox for his opinion on security at the hen house.

  5. To all of you participating in this protest remember Jesus was the original protester. Remember his outrage at the abuse of his father’s house by pharisees and sedduces

    1. Jesus was never a protester. He was a preacher of God’s message of salvation. He never protested the secular leaders of his day… only certain Jewish leaders because of their hypocrisy.

    2. @Terry Kane Jesus was never an illegal alien, because he never broke the laws. He was a Jewish citizen, 100%.

    3. @Thomas Reedy You’re another long line of illiterate Bible readers. The Bible doesn’t support the American or British style of slavery. The Hebrews supported servitude, where people would sell themselves as servants in order to pay off their debts. Then, they are set free. On the 7th year, they are set free, regardless if their debts are paid off, and they’re given livestock and other goods to start a new life. People today, sell themselves into volunteer servitude… it’s called, getting a job, only they get to go home at the end of the day.

    4. @SokemRokemRobot Matthew 2:13 Joseph Mary and Jesus fled to Egypt in fear of Herod. Before you display your ignorance you should learn to read.

    5. @Charlotte Price oh I have read it. Its trash and immoral front to back. And on top of that I ask which version because just of the bible itself there are how many translations and interpretations?

      If god is omniscient and omni present why do we have so many versions?

  6. The world stands in solidarity with BLM and taking control of our policing. It’s not just the US that are appalled by our police and prosecutorial actions.

    1. After Trump term end in 2024,please send him to us to clean up our brainwashed leftists. Thank you!

    2. @corryjookit You should read some books by Thomas Sowell. Merely regurgitating what has been crapped down your throats by nefarious finks in fake news, academia and entertainment seeking to create strife and chaos is not thinking.

    1. Conscientious Thinker, Yes MoscowMitch has gotta to go… To jail. Dig a little and we’ll likely find a litany of crimes committed over his senate career

    2. @Desperado5501 you 16 year olds need to show respect, this is no way to gain friends, you people are losing, you need more people on your side

  7. Redefine the “War on drugs”. Only hard drugs should be forbidden. Softdrugs are as bad as cigarettes, not worse. And free everybody who was convicted for carrying softdrugs.

  8. An officer’s job is to provide the services her/ his community needs. If one does not understand that one should find another job.

    1. A Police officers job is to enforce the Law. I know it’s hard for lefties to understand..

    2. Well, there are a lot who should find another job, however, I like to believe there are more who want to do their jobs and are good police.

  9. She makes an excellent point about how an officer who is disciplined in one department, or even fired for any reason, whether it’s for misconduct, or poor work performance, they just go somewhere else and get hired on at a different department, and keep doing their jobs wrong, badly, not at all, or even perpetrate crime themselves. This is a huge problem.

    1. Gillian Landry look closely at the cops face first the Floyd murder video then his supposed mugshot, I think we’ve been duped chavin in the video nose, brow , neck area look closely!

    2. @M John
      Greetings from Europe.

      “needs to be executed, just like any other murderer”
      Erh, that is another barbaric residue from the bad old days that you have to let go when you have your long overdue justice reform.

      Death penalty brutalise any society and is inherently biased against the poor.

  10. The fact that people in the USA are afraid of the police shows a systemic problem….beyond racism.

    1. Please take a minute to look up systemic. If your going to use the word of the week at least learn what it means. Thanks.

  11. Exactly!! America wants the resources of Guam, Virgin Islands and other but don’t want them to participate in a vote. What sense does that make?

    1. I don’t think any democratic system we would not want their voting in our presidential election. We need to make that change too.

    2. It’s location not resources. We purchase resources. Your thinking of England,Portugal, Spain and even Belgium.

  12. its only the twisted warrior cops who complain of being soocial workers. purge all of them

  13. Funny how the people that were treated the worst in this country very well might be the ones who save our country.

    1. Amen, money and control and the control is what police are taught ,forget the human side of it . might be good intentions when they join up but they come out like robots and attack dogs for the state. and the citizen there just a walking A.T.M. machine for the state . and to fill jails for profit. think about it wall street sells stock on people who are locked up .when money is involved it paves the way for corruption , like the Judge in Penn. locking kids up for profit .happy to see he got 27 years . but you know he is a federal summer camp .

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