Doctor Cautions ‘Nothing Has Changed’ On Wearing Masks | Morning Joe | MSNBC


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  1. Trumpers can just drink it away .. Have a MAGA-rita , use one part bleach and one part Lysol on the rocks and drink up !

    1. @John Wilfred Nothing can be put past that lying imbecile with no education, experience or common sense. Who would believe anything that dope says?

    2. @Keith Mcmorrow says someone who STILL is behind the immature, incompetent, diaper clad dope Crooked Donald.

    3. wait. if trump has cult following why they are not following him a to a T! Ah,got it, they are timid like him! hide in the bunker when the going gets tough!

    4. @Dave S it that all ? Kinda figured .lol you dont care about facts,truth , only attack anyone who disagrees . Grow up !! You have been played again.

  2. Why did Attorney General William BARR gas and attack peaceful protestors outside the White House?
    So the chicken could cross the road!

    1. hhhh9579 Really. Trump has killed over 110,000 people due to his Incompetence as a Leader. There’s only two running for President. Trump has proven he can’t handle his Presidency.

    2. Runewolf 77 I’m black and I have several guns. Democrats aren’t trying to take anyone’s guns who aren’t mentally ill or felons. Many blacks have weapons and not just hand guns.

    3. Runewolf 77 Trump supporters don’t think Trump will take their guns. Trump did say that you can tell them anything and they’ll believe it.

  3. The Doctor apparently has not done a Comparison of the two WHO Mask advisory’s. I have both and have throughly reviewed and compared both. I am not a Doctor. I am an Expert on Requirements Documentation with over a decade of Testing Requirements.
    Masks are now advised for Medical Situations. WHO Advisory is available to all on their Website. WHO says Covid 19 Tests are 50% Accurate. May as well flip a coin to know if you have Covid 19 based on most Tests. I will pull another Snap Shot of WHO Website tomorrow. If they are doing some major Flip Flop on Mask use or Testing without a good explanation, I shall deem them an untrustworthy source of information.

  4. We have a hugh number of deaths compared to other countries, I believe it’s 1/4 of the world’s deaths. I wonder if other countries will want to keep Americans away from their countries, untill we can get it under control, which seems impossible with our slowness in testing, and other problems.

    1. We have the largest population and still one of the best deaths per capita ratios. The left narrative just isn’t supported by facts,…and it never is. BTW, the countries with the worst per capita death ratio are all socialized healthcare, another fact the libs will not address.

    2. @Cold Beer If we have 1/4 of the world’s death and we are 5% of the wold population, then how are we doing so great, as you say?

  5. Challenge is this message is essentially on mute when social distancing is violated at every turn…

  6. Interesting. I’ve been wondering about a distinction between asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic. So asymptomatic people, while having the virus, are NOT contagious, while, of course, those who are pre-symptomatic definitely do spread the virus, unless precautions are taken. My question is, can testing for coronavirus distinguish between those who are asymptomatic vs pre-symptomatic?

  7. Common sense, mask does help spread. The greatest example is Korea, Japan, and Hong Kong. If you do believe China number, China is another example.

  8. This makes no sense.

    It takes us back to February, early March 2020. We do this and there will be a lot of community spread, hastening the arrival of the second wave. If I can figure this out in a heartbeat, the experts at WHO know it too. The only explanation I can think of it that powerful player/s have forced the WHO to release this inane advisory. Who stands to benefit?

    If Trump re-institues funding to WHO, we know who stands to benefit.

    1. Isnt it ? After yesterday We should all be allowed to go to funerals, graduations and weddings. Less than a month ago my state government requested that we snitch on neighbors that had several cars in front of their house.

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