Congressman Calls Out Politicians On Both Sides Who Throw Flames 1

Congressman Calls Out Politicians On Both Sides Who Throw Flames


Rep. Tom Suozzi, D-NY, criticizes members of Congress on both sides who stir up controversy for attention, saying the behavior is counterproductive.

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Congressman Calls Out Politicians On Both Sides Who Throw Flames


  1. “100% of my focus is standing up to this administration.” – Mitch McConnell

    …and, let’s not forget that classic hit from Moscow Mitch:
    “The single most important thing we want to achieve is for Obama to be a one-term President.”

    1. I agree totally. He does not even rate a job in the Senate to the point that I would not appoint him head sanitation worker of an outhouse. His face should be placed on billboards all around America with the words in large block letters underneath


    3. What McConnell meant to say was “100% of my focus is to tear down American political institutions and support at all costs the insane ex-president.”

  2. McCain didn’t live to see the insurrection, if he had, he certainly would have viewed his party differently.

    1. @Timmy Truth only the people he conned think that…and those who push US division because they work against US interest…Which are you ;)?

    2. @Dale Hartley That’s pretty funny coming from someone who supports DIRT-DOGS and SCHMEG HARVEST

    3. @Timmy Truth That’s all you have, insults , name calling and lame innuendo?
      Try again….come on, you can do better surely.

    4. @Mark Evans lol, not denying my comment, just trying to insult me 😉 gotta love that. Then again its hard to actually deny true logic isn’t it rus.

      btw, as previously stated about your comments “no, we KNOW the exact opposite as a matter of fact, fact bub, not supposition, but fact.”
      you have a good one rus…try not to let losing get you down too much. Your killer in chief Putin handles losing the world stage well…so should you. 😉 (true no matter if you are actually a rus or just a rus puppet…you are either-or)

  3. The “both sides” fallacy again. Only one side supports sedition, voter suppression and obstruction as policy

  4. There is only one political party that has ensured it will obstruct every policy that comes out of the current administration. Only one political party has embraced illiberal tenets — the Republican Party.

    1. Greed Obstruction Projection… & it didn’t start under the former guy, it just got more obvious

  5. More of the “both sides” argument – this time from a Democrat! Put the problem squarely where it lies – with the Republicans! They have been standing as an obstructionist bloc ever since the Obama administration. They are intransigent in their opposition to all things Democratic. Mitch McConnell, their leader in the Senate, is the embodiment of that obstructionism. It’s their way or the highway, even when they are the minority. They use use whatever tactics that are available to them to stop the Democratic agenda, yet they expect the Democrats to somehow work with them!

    1. Deborah Pinkey
      “Put the problem squarely where it lies – with the Republicans!” This is why that mans speech was a waste of tax payers money LOL It is also the reason why Republicans should go 100% against any bill that is filled with the Democrats leftest crap

    2. There are people on both sides of the isle because of manipulation of the senate. Some switched positions & some could actually be in place on the other side for manipulation as well. As we see, many angles & walks of life have been being used & played.

  6. Companies are NOT people. Get money OUT of politics. The people who would have to do this are the people who are benefitting from all the “DARK” money and “SUPER” pacs. It will never happen untill we get people in the right positions to change all these money laws.

    1. That is why voting needs to mean all positions..the school board, city council, DA, Judges, secretary of state and… to keep out these morons and racist macho fools.

  7. Sorry, but while I don’t agree with some of the corporate Dems actions/policies, this nonsense both-sides idea is the reason why we are in this mess. You can’t play around with lunatics. They must be confronted. The GOP is not a good-faith actor. It instigated an attempted insurrection and continues to push Russian talking points, conspiracy theories, and Evangelical extremism/bigotry.

  8. Both parties need to get new leaders in the Senate. Mitch McConnell needs to go because he has no intention of making Government work, when Democrats are in power, he just wants to sit back and collect a check. Schumer is to soft. He needs to learn how to play hardball. He is in charge of the Senate, and should start acting like it

  9. No sir, this is not “both sides”, there is exactly one side sir, just one, who is throwing flames, just the one. They call themselves the GOP.

    1. Lex Ruptor
      yeah, sure LOL I find it sad he got paid wasting tax payers money for that speech. He should know who controls his party LOL Morons

    2. @Alex Hamilton gotta love deflection Alex…keep looking in a mirror so you get that infinity effect 😉

  10. Aren’t we passed this both sides nonsense? Not sure how anyone could think that both sides are the issue right now. The extreme left wants to get people healthcare and the extreme right wants to cancel democracy. And the extreme left negotiates the extreme right obstructs.

  11. No, I’m sick of this false equivalency. You can’t “both sides” every issue anymore, not when Republicans have abandoned any semblance of bipartisan spirit. Stop. Stop equating the two parties as being the same, when one is almost entirely the problem.

  12. The Democratic party is already bipartisan in itself. We already have a reasonable right and left within the Democratic party that can balance things and get things done. But the GOP is far right.

    1. I agree with you. So the logical extension of that thought could be that we get rid of the GOP altogether and have Liberal Democrats and Conservative Democrats as the two new parties.

    2. @Paul Copland Exactly. The GOP really only represents Fundamentalists, conspiracy theorists and white supremacists. These groups are not the majority. Republican moderates, aka fiscal conservatives are
      leaving the party. The Murkowskis can join Manchin and Sinema in one party and Sanders, Warren, AOC in another.

  13. Get more people involed when the GOP is actively passing laws to stop voting?
    This guys is smoking some strong stuff.

  14. From France: how is it possible that Mitch McConnell can block everything?? Is he the president of America?? Indeed take corrupt money from your systeem and be a democracy to be proud of.

  15. Wow, calling out both sides is such a brave stance, Tom Suozzi. Meanwhile, The Republican Party is taking away our democracy and selling it to the Russian Federation.

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