Video Shows Former NYPD Officer Striking Officer During Capitol Riot 1

Video Shows Former NYPD Officer Striking Officer During Capitol Riot


The Department of Justice has released new video from the Capitol riot on January 6 that shows a former NYPD officer harassing and striking Capitol police officers with a flagpole. NBC4 Washington's Scott MacFarlane reports from Capitol Hill.

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Video Shows Former NYPD Officer Striking Officer During Capitol Riot


  1. “Capitol policeman called me names and made hand gestures. Waaaah, waaah, waaaaaaah. Mommy make him stop!” This was an NYPD police officer?

    1. Unfortunately, weak-minded guys like him are drawn to policing because of the power fantasy – the desire to compensate. It’s why there are SO MANY bad cops – we don’t have a system to weed-out those people, nor do we have incentives to have enough people on the force not to take them. We need to re-structure the function of policing for everyone’s sake – including each and every officer.

  2. It’s funny how blue lives matter don’t matter when it comes to trump supporters not getting what they want

    1. People tend to forget, when Trump won office, dems cried a river of tears and wanted a recount right away. I’m not pro republican or Democrat just calling it how it is.

    2. @D Are you comparing a recall to an insurrection? Call it as you see it? Do you even know what that means?

    1. Or maybe you and your children small children laying face down on hot Blacktop for a couple hours while the cops figured out if the car was stolen or not it was not, all they had to do was check her driver’s license and the registration they would have known it wasn’t stolen

    1. @Joseph Pedoski and waved them in and how about the blm leader arrested for being first in an selling video to cnn

  3. Don’t you just love this “𝐓𝐎𝐔𝐑𝐈𝐒𝐓 𝐓𝐇𝐄𝐌𝐄” this time of year!

  4. Being a former officer, he knows darn well those officers don’t even want to be there and have to deal with unruly and combative idiots.

    1. We all know that HELP
      Was asked for… And
      Refused. It should never have happened
      And we know whose to blame.

    2. @ Ironically enough Rosanne Boyland was trampled by the very people who were on her side. You know. The “don’t tread on me” people.

    3. All would’ve been good if crazy Nancy and her cronies would have beafed up security , funny how the FBI warned them of an imminent threat yet they didn’t need more security, just so they could turn the nation’s capital into a police action state, good thing they’re running out of time, because, now they’re scrambling to push their bs and everyone can see how fn crazy they really are

    4. @Henrique Batistuzzo Ironically enough Trump isn’t President anymore and you can’t stop lying and presenting fake news. She died of an overdose. Go try your propaganda lies on someone else.

  5. So he could hear the police taunting him behind their gasmasks and face shields amongst all the noise, wow!

    Appears he using a defence he may used when as a police officer he assaulted members of the public.

  6. Why don’t you release the security cameras footage it’s like 12.000 hours of that day from every corner of the Capitol!!!! And you will know who did it!!!!

  7. Think about how many guys like that are still working in law enforcement or serving in the military

  8. It’s strange that any Right Wing accusation (or Conspiracy Theory) has never been verified. Beginning with Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) in 2003 and it went downhill from there.

  9. Well well so it’s officer against officer? Oh the irony.. mocking? Wow so he admits he can’t handle stress. And has no business being in the general public. Because if everyone just attacked a person who was mocking them….wow just think about it …

    1. I know. Its like what they’ve been doing in Portland for a year now. They wanted police abolished a year ago. Now they care?

  10. Lock him Up. He is ” Just as Guilty ” as anyone else. A Violent man – that Deserves . . . No Special Treatment.

    1. @L W any attack on a federal building brings in the feds. Well that is if the attackers are white and of a the right. Any attack that is meant to instill fear over political, religious thought is a terror attack and is also under the feds jurisdiction, here again though only applies to certain demography. This is how civil wars start.

    2. @Stan Washighski Oh cry little one, cry cry cry. An attack on religion is not terror attacks. Get lost clown liar. You traitors belong locked up.

    3. @Ben Shapyro You break the law you go to prison wether its that ANTIFA Bogeyman of yours My Dad who would have been 97 was proud ANTIFA and fought evil in Norway, North Africa, Scilly Italy France and Japan during the period 1939 to 1945. and he would have domonstrated to the ex Copper the teachings of My Sykes and Fairburn

    4. @Stan Washighski What those Naughty ANTIFA did was a State Crime those Seditonists committed a Federal Crime as Treason is a Federal Offense

    5. @ William Derby terrorism is a federal crime and so is attacking any federal building. It’s not complicated. Unless you’re daf

  11. Another bad cop. Retired to. If he’ll attack a cop I’m sure he wasn’t good with suspects.

    1. Exactly! No will for the rule of law…and yet, there he was embedded in a police force. What does that tell you? It tells me we need to go back and purge the bad apples from every police department across this country. They give a bad name to the good police officers…and they’re plenty of those.

  12. 3 years probation feeds right into their nonsense defence “we’re too stupid to be held responsible for our actions”

    lock her up.

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