Congressman Henry Cuellar Addresses Border Crossings | MSNBC

Rep. Henry Cuellar, D-Texas, discusses a new CBP report on illegal border crossings reaching a 20-year-high as well as removing incentives for smugglers to bring people over the border.

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Congressman Henry Cuellar Addresses Border Crossings | MSNBC


    1. Exactly. If these people are so destitute, where do they get the thousands to come here? I’ll bet they all have cell phones, computers, etc., too. $6000 in Central America is a lot.

  1. Why is the media emphasizing on the words Don’t come. When in fact: The Vice president is setting goals in their country so the immigrants will not come to the borders. Therefore Here’s my Question: Why doesn’t a legal immigrant; Do not understanding the core issues. When’ once about a time; He was an illegal immigrant?

    1. Goals and plans that will be mismanaged or not seen through at all. These people know that nothing will be done.

    2. Because Kamala specifically said “don’t come here , don’t come here . Not all immigrants are illegal ? Nobody said they didn’t want immigrants just legal

  2. Too Many People On The Border, Too Few People In the Rust Belt,
    So Use AMTRAK To CONNECT & SOLVE Both Problems> (Remember Current Transport Bill ?)
    House The Homeless People In the Empty Houses And They Will Revitalize Local Economies.

    1. @Ahamed – Yeah, that’s why Republicans want immigrants, but to come into the country legally.

    1. Maybe you should work harder then. Afraid an undocumented worker is gonna take your shtty job from you?

  3. Put out the message that when caught & returned that they never will be allowed back in through the legal process. Speed up processing. And for the kids dropped over the border that have relatives they expect to be sent in the US, charge them with child abandonment. For the other children without relatives, put them in a National adoption program & ship to other countries. This would stop alot of the illegal migration. And the rules need broadcasted every where.

  4. If we made it easier to apply for legal immigration in their home countries even if they had to wait a year they could use the $6000 to buy plane tickets.

  5. The Obama administration was good at hiding the problem, “sweeping it under the carpet”… saying one thing behind closed doors, saying another thing during domestic press conferences, saying another thing at “staged” foreign press conferences (like the current VP does)…, all along being coddled and abated by the propagandist U.S. media…

  6. Same thing Trump was saying the whole time but he’s racists! The administration won’t even listen to a Hispanic Democratic Congressmen who knows how long it’s gonna take for action! Maybe all this attention finally!

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