Boris Johnson Knows How To Be Popular And How To Win, Argues Writer

The Atlantic's Tom McTague joins Morning Joe to discuss new reporting on British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Writer Gillian Tett also discusses her new book 'Anthro-Vision.'

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Boris Johnson Knows How To Be Popular And How To Win, Argues Writer


  1. Bojo and his circus of oddities, are responsible for the failure of Brexit.
    At some point the UK will crawl back to the EU on all fours.

    1. @ToadSauce Then listen to ‘No U’ instead of people who know stuff. You don’t need a pub bore now.
      Just find someone who knows less than a child aged six and learn from them.

  2. Fun fact: Johnson’s name is Alexander.
    His friends know him as ‘Alex’, but everyone calls him ‘Boris’.

    (The second line there is a British joke).

  3. This guy is joking? Brexit hasn’t even taken hold yet. A successful vaccine programme? What has that to do with Johnson? It’s the NHS that was successful after more than ten years of Boris and Co. trying to dismantle it

    1. Go to Calais and come back with a car full of booze and tobacco.
      You’ll see if the Brexit scam hasn’t taken hold yet when you arrive in Dover!

    2. They took a gamble on the vaccines that they backed, and lucked out when it turned out that the vaccines they wanted Did work Great against Covid. After that, the NHS organization took over and efficiently rolled things out to everyone (including Me), which had Nothing to do with Boris and pals. Doubt the Yanks grasp any of that though.

  4. He is not popular with the Scottish electorate. He is sometimes compared to Trump…..believed a liar and untrustworthy.

    1. He also knows how to lie…no different than tRump there.The important difference is that Boris has some knowledge. Oh, of politics, whereas tRump has little to no “knowledge” of ANYTHING.

    2. Johnson isn’t stupid. THAT’S the difference to trump.
      he’s only playing stupid.
      underestimate him at your peril.

      (trump isn’t actually as stupid as US people make him out to be, either. he’s ignorant AF but not stupid.)

  5. Where as Joe’s most important quality is his mediocrity, he’s not good at anything, except doing what he’s told.

  6. Unless it’s Scotland, then it’s just nope…not having any of that bull about Doris.

  7. Let’s not forget that, in order to ‘win’ in the UK with its first past the post system, you don’t have to have a majority of the vote to have absolute power in parliament. The Tories have an 80 seat majority in parliament with 43.6% of the popular vote. With a more proportional system – as used in most civilised countries, the UK and USA being exceptions – the Tories would probably never be in power, and certainly never with an absolute majority.


    Boris Johnson knows how to LIE & CHEAT his way through!

    Like Trump, I doubt he has ever told the TRUTH….

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