Congressmen Push For Emergency Monthly Relief To Americans Impacted By Virus | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Congressmen Push For Emergency Monthly Relief To Americans Impacted By Virus | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Reps. Ro Khanna, D-Calif., and Tim Ryan, D-Ohio, discuss their proposal to provide additional cash payments for Americans impacted by the coronavirus. Reps. Khanna and Ryan also discusses President Biden's $1.9T coronavirus stimulus plan. Aired on 02/26/2021.
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Congressmen Push For Emergency Monthly Relief To Americans Impacted By Virus | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @coolmodelguy my son Craig is hungry. Can you cash app me 5 bucks please. All pay you back… I can give you my number.

  1. My, my, my how this *broken system* within this Stone age baggage carryover stifles overall life quality and sound policy on our shared planet.

  2. this seriously should’ve happened from the start like they did in Europe. people would’ve been spending and the economy wouldn’t have crashed so hard. but unless it’s for war, military spending, tax cuts or corporate bailouts, the GOP won’t do it.

    1. @Nitro hasn’t biden just spent a load of money bombing Syria.? So that plane flew through the Obama era for 8 years and he never thought to say yeah it’s no good either. ?

    2. @Nitro your crazy , money was spent on that plane way before trump came to office , he actually negotiated costs down on that project when he came in? Now Biden is wasting money on a war in the Middle East again and spending billions on other countries and concentration camps and scrapping project talon . Nobody talking about that .

    1. Don’t sound so uninformed. Lumping politicians who are trying to get things done with those who don’t want to is sending the wrong message to other uninformed voters. Call out the people who aren’t on board with your interest.

    2. @Sams Son Uninformed? I live in the USA and I know people are suffering and politicians are still talking about helping the people with no results. I would think people are smart enough to look at politicians policies and where they stand come voting time.

    1. Exactly and instead of working 16hrs to survive, maybe they only work 10 and take their families out for a meal.

      All work and no money for play will have the peasants at the gates with pitch forks eventually.

  3. Thank the Republican’s for keeping you in poverty, America now a third world country – democracy is dead, as if you didn’t know it already!

    1. And all thanks to Frumptard Mitch McConnell turtle boy and rest of congress!
      Mitch and most those republicans DID NOT want pass a single bill since Covid started

  4. I just want a minimum wage stand alone bill to go to a vote on the Senate floor, each month for the net 20 months. Then in 2022, America will elect a Senate run by people who actually love America and Americans.

  5. Many people are already receiving monthly relief payments in the form of extended unemployment benefits. What about the rest of us, though?

    1. Before the pandemic, I had 3 jobs (2 part time, and one full time, none of which were minimum wage but the full time is only $1.50 more than minimum). I lost one part time job, and the other halved my hours, so now I don’t qualify for aid because I still have a full time job and a part time job, but I took a 35% hit to my income. Money was already tight before, and now I’m barely scraping through. I don’t live extravagantly, nor do I live in an expensive neighborhood. I still work 50+ hours a week to be dirt poor. A $15 minimum wage would fix the problem, allow me to quit the part time job, and that would make it easier for me to finish my degree because I’d have enough time to take more than 1 class a semester.

      The working class needs help. Not so we can be lazy, but so we can help ourselves move up and actually achieve the American dream that has become nearly unreachable.

  6. “Couple of seats in my barber shop”? Willie, salons _rent_ their chairs to independent contractors. They don’t _pay_ the people working there. They charge them a fee for the privilege.

  7. Here’s some news for you. McConnell isn’t in control anymore. It’s time to release that turtle back into the wild.

  8. A lot of Americans are disappointed by some of those Wicked Republican SENATORS. It is just a disgrace that , they are very selfish and greedy.

  9. They don’t care about the Suffering Americans who don’t have CASH like them. They are only thinking about their Millions every day and not the Poor . Almighty JEHOVAH is watching them All.

  10. Don’t wait for Republicans on anything. They didn’t wait or negotiate for anyone else, so why should the Dems?

    1. @Cortez The Killer He will have to. The republican Governor in his state has already announced his support for the rescue package. It will not bode well for Manchin if he rejects it. .

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