Senate Ruling Removes Minimum Wage From Covid-19 Bill, But Is The Fight Over? | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Senate Ruling Removes Minimum Wage From Covid-19 Bill, But Is The Fight Over? | Morning Joe | MSNBC


A ruling in the Senate on Thursday dealt a blow to Democrats' effort to raise the federal minimum wage to $15 in the Covid-19 relief package. Is there room to negotiate on raising the minimum wage? The Morning Joe panel discusses. Aired on 02/26/2021.
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Senate Ruling Removes Minimum Wage From Covid-19 Bill, But Is The Fight Over? | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @Shelley Ross It does not matter that the same exact 50 Senators would vote, to raise the minimum wage, in a separate bill. Since this is not a government spending issue, it cannot pass through reconciliation, and will require 60, not 51 votes.

    2. Eh, it’s not really about that. Minimum wage doesn’t work. Unless you are willing to cap prices on all consumer goods, any gains will be erased by the market. It’s not about right/wrong, it simply has no long term effect.

    1. @Chris H $30/hour is a good starting wage as a technical director on a Hollywood film. Not a reasonable salary for a burger flipper.

    1. Well, the root of the word “progressive” is “progress,” so if you want real, substantial progress in America… then you know who to vote for.

    2. People are losing their jobs and small businesses are struggling, raising minimum wage is going to do more harm than good right now. You can shove your progress.

    1. I disagree, they have a place that must exist. There needs to be some center on all issues. We all know there are some republicans that do the same. If every single victory is based on totally overpowering the other side our democracy will continue to struggle. We all have friends and family on each side of the divide.

    2. @Eric w first, 2017 was based on Obama’s last year. Second 2018 and 2019 were almost the same (3.5 trillion despite big corporations posting record profits) for 2018 and 2019 while the top 10% saw their earnings spike and with record low unemployment. So with everybody making more money, where’s the extra tax? And of course the tax breaks for the rich are permanent while the meesley tax relief for the middle class is set to expire.

    3. @omi god You had it correct, and then you called a conservative vote right-wing. Places like that are resistant to change, because change often makes their miserable lives worse.

    4. @omi god It doesn’t matter that the results of raising the minimum wage could be mostly positive, it is not a government spending issue, and therefore cannot pass through reconciliation.

    5. @Deborah Freedman On that matter, I completely agree.
      Nevertheless, the minimum should be raised – and even many Republicans agree on that question.

    1. @Aykhan Karaman If you need health care then go get a proper and full-time job or buy Obama Care What exactly did I defense

    2. And they will go up again if/when this passes. People need to realize minum wage has zero long term effect. It’s nothing but a politcal carrot to entice the economically ignorant. You can’t abitrarily set price minimums. The market will adjust and erase any of your gains. People need to read more books and less memes.

    3. @Now & Later so thats their fault that they made the sacrifices to buy a home? Seems like no matter what happens you’re going to play victim. Try taking responsibility for your decisions and the choices you make.

  1. Severe blow? Most of them secretly didn’t want it and now they can breath a sigh of relief and yet can say “Well, we tried…”

    1. @Kimberly Winters One which he knows won’t pass. They could definitely have revered the tax breaks Trump gave to the richest people and corporations in America…yet they chose not to.

    1. @David Goldman What did Trump do? In May 2020, Trump allowed 7.2 million to fall below the poverty level because of his inability to formulate a plan to fight COVID-19.

    2. Can somebody tell me what the downside of raising the minimum wage for the first time in 20 years to something that will improve the well-being and standards of so many people? Why do the Republicans hate for the working poor, actual working people to have something a little better. The people affected, let’s face it, are the people that actually work harder than all of the executive VPS and CEOs who sit on their butt, play golf and FaceTime their stockbrokers

    3. Congress can only use reconciliation for spending bills. In order to be passed in reconciliation, a bill has to pass the Byrd rule. Something like raising the minimum wage, or legalizing cannabis, requires no government outlay, so is not a spending bill. That means it has to pass in the Senate with 60, not 51, votes. It does not matter who benefits, rich or poor, if it is not a spending bill, it cannot be passed through reconciliation. How do you not understand that?

  2. Instead of focusing just on raising the minimum wage, can we talk about more and more jobs being taken away and made electronically? Cashiers will be obsolete in 10 years, bus drivers, uber drivers etc in 20 years all the while global population is ever increasing.
    Raising the minimum wage is one thing, but it doesn’t matter if it’s raised to 100 dollars if there are no jobs to begin with.

    1. I wouldn’t mind if we got rid of most drivers, truckers are the most distracted on the road and the deadliest, if you’ve ever been in a taxi then you won’t mind computers taking them over also

  3. 1. Minimum wage has nothing to do with the epidemic. 2. Raising the minimum wage too high would damage the job market and the economy.

    1. @xxkildarxx Like the millions of good paying jobs Biden’s rotten trade deals destroyed? Rotten deals destroyed Americas companies, communities and put Americans into poverty? President Trump using tariffs and embargo’s to force China into better trade deals for Americans and America.

    2. They were going to give businesses the money to pay the extra wage cost so your point of damaging the market and economy is not true. I would have put taxpayer money back into our hands as something we worked for and not just temporary hand out. More money =more consumer spending=stronger economy. But lets keep pretending it will wipe out small businesses like covid and big business taking all the relief money hasn’t already. Those two things exposed the fact that most were never financially prepared for any emergency with what they earned.

    1. Wasn’t the ACA a stand-alone bill? Of course there have been bills that weren’t fill with inducement pork.

    2. @Deborah Freedman – Yes, but there were 60 Dems at the time, so they avoided a filibuster. That was after a year of making compromises with the Republicans, not a single one of who ended up voting for it… hopefully the Dems learned a lesson from that…

    1. @Ben J. Walmart started doing that, wait until you see the prices sky rocket. Things are already expensive just wait until you see the direction our economy is headed in. No matter what specifics happen, our dollar is going to collapse it’s only a matter of time.

    2. @Ramwin 13Lower better than nothing??LOL maybe but if you take what is fair from rich in taxes we all can live a normal life. Maybe you make great money and 15 means nothing to you but that would be just selfishness and nothing else.

    3. @kiko kiko so you would like the government to pay billions for other peoples surgical needs? The Democratic Party wastes enough money. Basic health care and livable wages are good. $10 an hour and basic health care is very livable. I know people who live a livable life with $10 an hour.

    4. @kiko kiko btw rich kid, you should know that almost all skill based jobs pay at least $15 an hour. Hamburger flippers should not be paid $15 an hour. That would make no sense. The rich Democrats should actually use their common sense and not make the price of living increase even more

    5. @Ben J. How about large corporations pay the $15, then government skims a few more billions in tax off the 1%n & top up wages of small businesses?

  4. Hey, look at the bright side:
    at least the bombardment of brοwn people in the midle east have started again.
    America is back baby! The *BigGuy* is back!

  5. “A severe blow to democrats” I’m sorry don’t you mean a severe blow to minimum wage workers, the actual victims here?

  6. The Lord Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins, and he was buried, and he rose again the third day, and he is offering everlasting life to all who will believe in him.

  7. the commentator does not even know when the min wage was raised the last time. GWB in 2007 (likely to appease the voters) it went into effect in 2009. Measly 7.25 (2.25 tipped wages in states that allow that atrocity). Lost 15 % purchasing power since then.

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