Congresswoman describes moment a stranger assaulted her in apartment elevator

Rep. Angie Craig (D-MN) was attacked in the elevator of her apartment building in Washington, DC, last week. The man who allegedly assaulted her made his initial appearance in federal court Monday. The congresswoman joins CNN's Erin Burnett to share more about the assault. #CNN #News


  1. If you don’t have a cup of hot coffee handy, a good kick in the gentleman’s area would send the strongest man to the ground.
    Self defence 101 for women.

    1. Who cares? She is the problem. Demonrats love them some criminals………….. when the victim is someone else!! 🤣🤣🤣

    2. She is wrong , you don’t lock someone up for life for just an assault, he made a mistake , he can change .

      she didn’t get any physical injuries, even 10 years is to much

      We all made mistakes when we were younger

  2. You can bet the Farm that this man WILL be given the max sentence…especially with his long history of assaults charges. Sad to see that his past criminal history shows he has served the bare minimum and in some case’s was given no time for the exact charges. This seems to be the norm with the Justice System now days.

  3. Perhaps in two or three years’ time, after “attempting” to follow some sort of evidence, Merrick Garland will ask someone to investigate this crime on his behalf.

  4. She’s lucky she isn’t dead. If you’re against a gun at least keep pepper spray at the go ladies. It’s being a tad naive this day in age that you’re perfectly safe walking alone.

  5. I am a hot sauce aficionado (make my own) and keep a squirter bottle of my hottest ghost pepper in my vest at all times. It has saved this occasionally wheelchair-bound teetery old man’s life several times

  6. At a girl, way to fight back, dude look’s like he’s a couple of tacos short of a combination anyway, like really bruh, it’s camera’s everywhere especially in a building such as the one she was in, your a complete BOZO if you see this… 💯🤡🤡💯

  7. public safety! public safety! but continue to allow landlords to raise the rents to literal unafforable rates!

  8. Now she realize the importance of the police and why its so dumb to release violent criminals into the street. Hopefully this changes her politics or she’s just a hypocrite.

  9. me me me, if she was a women of the people she would of been speaking out way earlier, her constituents have been telling her for yrs

  10. One of the towns I lived in several years ago in Connecticut… the first several years of the 2000s… they close a state mental hospital in. Where did the people who lived in the state mental hospital go? Where were they supposed to go? Walking in the woods I found some small camps in the woods, and they lived on the streets. I’ve been told that many mental hospitals all around the country closed in the 1990s and after. I’ve never really looked into that to check how accurate it is, but it’s probably going to take some reinvestment in mental health services… which means money.

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