Mother pulls kids from daycare after controversial Black History Month activity

A mother in Miami says she was shocked and outraged after the staff at her children's daycare shared photos with parents of students in blackface as part of Black History Month. CNN national correspondent Athena Jones reports. #CNN #News


  1. What a coincidence. Governor Ron DeSantis wants to ban AP african-American studies and this happens. Maybe we should put back AP African-American studies, So teachers like this to know how offensive black face really is

  2. Blacks were not the only slaves… I come from descends of Irish slaves… I love how people are so triggered… you should embrace what your ancestors went through for you to have a free life..

  3. Everybody so outraged about everything. Chill out. 😎
    My family is mixed and people just looking to play the victim card. Get over it. 🙄

  4. Lol that statement from the daycare.🤦🏽‍♂️
    Well I’m glad that these teachers now understand that painting 2 year old children in blackface is wrong🙄

    1. @LotsOfFundon’t forget the lovely Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, Joy Behar, Robert Downey Jr, Fred Armisen… the bipartisan list goes on.

  5. If the daycare’s reaction was “Sorry?” their director doesn’t have a clue about history. This is a perfect example of what not having history in our public schools has done.

    1. @Aisha bint Abu Bakr Slavery has been around as long as mankind. It didn’t have a color until the European colonies made it a business.

  6. History should be taught in History classes … yes all of it , but HATE shouldnt be taught from past people who none of us knew. What people did right and wrong should always be taught so the bad is not repeated and the good can be kept…I wouldnt want my kids to be taught hate either … or be hated either .. Thats a dangerous path to travel

    1. Really not teaching just keeps it going besides Caucasians teach their children hate at least a different opinion might help them but you Caucasians want a race warcto feel important so 😉

  7. So go find another daycare where they require a GED for the staff. It’s DAYCARE FFS ! Most of the staff are likely living in shelters or vehicles. Everyone looking for a lawsuit payday.

  8. If they are confused about how to celebrate black history month, ask the black community! I’m absolutely sure they will love to share their inspiration with the kiddos! It’s like all respect for the simple situations are just astonishingly gone with common sense and curiosity.

  9. I’m an old woman. This was wrong 50 years ago, it was wrong when I was young, its wrong wrong wrong I really like this information

  10. The fact that this teacher & this school 🏫 did NOT know that this was wrong, wrong & more wrong is freaking unreal. WTH 🤦🏽!

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