1. “When I went on hunger strike, I was initially met with silence from the authorities and that changed me as a person,” John said. “I’ve become a monster now – a kind and gentle monster – I really understand that if you want to change things you have to fight for it.”

  2. 4:33 “I have not been satisfied with the Administration’s transparency…”
    You know, for once I’d like to hear a Republican official come in on the side of America,
    instead of using every international challenge as a soapbox for their next election.

    1. @Chad Republicans are real lovers, I hear.
      They appear to love Putin enough to undercut America.
      I hear Republicans use Putin/Russian talking points all the time.
      I have never understood that.

  3. The US has been flying intel assets over the airspace of other countries, China included, since the 1950s. The U2 shoot-down incident over China in the 60s is an example that provides context in the face of the hypocritical hysterics being affected currently by your politicians.

  4. The main problem with shooting down a Chinese balloon is that half an hour later you want to shoot down another!

  5. ‘U.S. is the strongest, most powerfu….BALLOON? Did you say you saw a BALLOON!? I gotta change my pants.’ 🤦‍♂

  6. Kudos to the Senator! He’s right on the roads, “we have communities with no roads” Ya’ can’t get there from here!

  7. Ronald Reagan “Perhaps we need some outside universal threat to make us recognize this common bond. I occasionally think how quickly our petite differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world.”

  8. To think that our main adversary launched a spy balloon that just drifted off course, entered the tip of Alaska, tracking its coastline, then entered the mainland through Canada, crossed over launch sites, and the rest of the United States WAS AN ACCIDENT? These people worry me.

    1. News just broke that US Intelligence watched the 1st balloon launch from China then monitored it all the way into American airspace

  9. Maybe a good idea to find out what’s in the damn balloon before you go shooting at it. I really like this information

  10. When will we hear from Biden about how we are going to fix this issue and what actions will be taken against China?

  11. :dad, why do aliens in life and in movies always attack only the usa?
    :Aliens are kind, they want to save the world. 🌏

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