Conservative ‘America, Uncanceled’ Event Cancels Speaker | All In | MSNBC 1

Conservative ‘America, Uncanceled’ Event Cancels Speaker | All In | MSNBC


How long do you think it took CPAC's "America, Uncanceled" event to themselves cancel someone?. Aired on 02/23/2021.
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Conservative ‘America, Uncanceled’ Event Cancels Speaker | All In | MSNBC


    1. Yeah. Not too long ago, these “conservatives” whined about political correctness, that accountability you mention. Then came tRump, and his name calling, “lock her up”, “get him outta here”. The base love that ugly bullying.

    1. *Jonestown* would never cancel the dude with The Koolaid Recipe. #JustSayin’ #WTF

      _Stay healthy y’all including the trump-trolls._

  1. cancelled culture, then I guess the culture for GOP is cover your eye, cover your ears but open your mouth culture

  2. Cancel culture is the hill they’re going to die on?!
    No wonder 500,000+ Americans died of covid-19, Republicans are incapable of assessing reality.

  3. What was their catchphrase before “cancel culture”? Was it just “Hillary’s e-mails”? Seems like there must have been something in between.

  4. Trump does not like the guy who bent over backwards for him for 5 years and almost got hung for following the law… there’s a nifty club to be in.
    Drawing the line at being anti Semitic … progress?

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