Merrick Garland faces day two of questions at Senate confirmation (LIVE) | USA TODAY 1

Merrick Garland faces day two of questions at Senate confirmation (LIVE) | USA TODAY


Merrick Garland faced the Senate Judiciary Committee for his confirmation hearing as President Joe Biden's attorney general nominee and underwent a few tense moments of questioning.

However, the nominee to head the Justice Department largely earned bipartisan support, approximately five years after Senate Republicans refused to grant him a Supreme Court confirmation hearing.

Garland was pressed on political independence of the Justice Department, systemic racism, immigration, the war on drugs and more.

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  2. If the people who stormed the Capitol are being prosecuted to the fullest why did the Republican Senators let the former President off?

    1. @Timothy Horner people at BLM was the same folks from the Capitol. I’m sorry you didn’t know do you actually think anyone black didn’t notice? I think you should ask that question to your own judgement of folks who always wanna talk down on anyone else that doesn’t look like you and you fear of.

    2. @Timothy Horner and BLM is no ANTIFA those who down our communities. Nobody that lives in our community would ever down where we work..believe whatever you choose to be.

    1. Move somewhere with your cult and your Golden Goat puppet master! That’s what happened during the last 4yrs, that administration didn’t care. Now once again Dems have to clean up the mess. Research how many time Dems have to clean up after a Repub administration!

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