1. @joseph King who was trying to be smart? I was just trying to be funny. apparently you don’t have a sense of humor

  1. Time for the tool to go, he doesn’t speak for me or anyone else with like minded thought, he has no backbone, more concerned with the cancel culture then fighting for our rights and freedoms.

  2. Maybe the Conservative out west should have their own party representing the west like Quebec has with the block representing Quebec interests. It was a error for the Conservatives and Reform Parties to join. Very different values on both sides.

  3. Thank you Senator Batters! Erin O’Toole is disliked in the Veteran community for blading his brothers and sisters in Arms when he was the minister of Veteran’s Affairs! There was even a facebook page started after Erin silenced veterans and their caregivers (including me when I was advocating on behalf of my dad, a WWII veteran) called “Erin O’Tooles Banished Veterans”. While the closure of the veterans offices had a negative effect on so many lives, I am afraid it also had tragic consequences! Lionel Desmond just lived down the road from me, and he should have been a client of the Sydney VAC office. That office closed in 2014, and only re-opened November 10, 2016…less than 2 months before the tragedy that claimed four lives, including a 10 year old little girl! I will never forgive Erin, or Julian Fantino, or Stephen Harper, or my former MP Peter MacKay…they all have blood on their hands! Maybe with new leadership, I may actually go back to the Conservatives, because we need Trudeau gone!

  4. Although I contributed to O’Toole’s leadership campaign I now release he has been a disaster. He absolutely has to go.

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