Conservatives calling for Minister Morneau’s resignation

Michel Boyer has the latest on the WE controversy and what the Conservatives are calling for.

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    1. @Rico Fittano The important thing is that the Liberals are proven to be corrupt. We don’t have that with any of the other parties.

    2. @F F And the cry of the typical Liberal voter when their party is exposed for corruption. Got news for ya bud every one is NOT corrupt.

    3. @Will Pearce You don’t know the history of this low populated nation for a reason, you must be a new convenience Canadain😅😂🤣, the past 7 Prime Ministers have been useless and full of scandals from various political parties

  1. Pierre Poilievre is on the case… running the rats out of town. Morneau today…. Trudeau will be next. No more crooks running the government – Canadians have had enough!

  2. The Canadian Finance Minister Morneau can’t keep up with his personal accounts, how can he take care of the Canadian Accounts accurately. He has a degree from London School of Economics and Political Science, so he does have the education on paper. He is eighther stupid, incompitent or lying. Pick one or all. The Trudeau and Morneau crime families think Canadians can’t see through this.

  3. Both Morneau and Trudeau must resign otherwise, we can kiss Canadian democracy goodbye. The same goes for any other party in power. I’m amazed at how Morneau tried to “skate” his way out of this one. SHAME. A holiday worth more than my yearly income brushed off. That’s too much!

  4. Why not mention the trip in question was in 2017, and Morneau only reimbursed $41,366 to WE for the trip after he got caught three years later in 2020?

  5. It’s tax evasion too if you look at it another way. We pays for trips for politicians, writes off expenses as charitable work. Politician pays We, writes it off as a charitable donation. Therefore whole trip is a tax evasion scheme.

  6. Look what they’ve done to our country in less than five years . And now the world is not just laughing at Trudeau , their laughing at Canada .

    1. Canadas government has been pretty corrupt for a long time. Mr. blackface peoplekind is just Canada’s cherry on top. Notice calls for resignation instead of prosecution.

    1. It’s a new thing , in canada you can be a political criminal and if you get caught and apologize before your charged you get a free pass

  7. In light of the Scandal the government should put sanctions against the we charity preventing them from being able to receive any further government contracts

  8. Time to get rid of Trudeau bill Tam all the criminals in government then put them all in jail

  9. Canada should be insisting on the Liberal dictatorship being disbanded the entire party is corrupt otherwise they themselves would be calling for Trudeau and Morneau to resign every apple in the Liberal bushel is rotten to the core

    1. they almost got a billion dollars too cover those debts. oops liberals are sry .

  10. So Gerald Butt submitted his resignation over the SNC Lavalin scandal. But then was hired BACK soon afterwards. Some penalty!

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