Consumer Sentiment Dips As Inflation Fears Rise | MSNBC 1

Consumer Sentiment Dips As Inflation Fears Rise | MSNBC

Stocks fell sharply Monday amid concerns that the worsening pandemic in hotspots around the world will derail an economic recovery. Morning Joe economic analyst Steve Rattner joins Morning Joe to discuss the market as well as consumer sentiment.

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Consumer Sentiment Dips As Inflation Fears Rise | MSNBC


  1. The excuse, not the reason. This market is priced for a perfect recovery of the world that existed before covid and before the trade war with the Chinese. People are underestimating the impact of both.

    1. No, the market is a predictive indication based on speculation. Investors felt they may have overshot their predictions of how hard the economy was roaring back. The Dow is already back up 500 points today…

    2. The stock market dropped because we have cheating Joe at the helm! He ran out of the money he printed up! That simple!

    3. @N 827 How about the money Bail’em Out Bush and Charnel House Cheney printed for the wars in the Middle East and bailouts? Or the money Trump printed on more bailouts?

    1. Good thing interest rates are low. If they don’t do something about the grocery prices, we may need to start financing the ability to feed our families.

    2. @Vicki Roberts as for the inflation, it started rising in December of 2016 then dipped in June 2018 and then skyrocketed in April 2020 and then blasted off again in December of 2020

  2. Stop bringing on Steve Rattner. This guy doesn’t care about the poor. Multi millionaries/billionaires like him are only caring about their own wealth and not the plight of the working class. We can start giving wealthy people more credibility when they start paying their taxes and stop deflecting the blame from their insatiable greed/wealth hoarding.

  3. #1 way to fix the economy and get the inflation under control…exile all economists to Siberia.

    1. It’s still an incorrect analysis overall because people will gladly work ‘menial’ jobs if they are paid a living wage and are not treated like garbage. There’s nothing wrong with ‘menial’ jobs except the pay rate and the way society treats those who work in that category of jobs.

  4. I’m not buying anything lately. The camping tent I wanted was a little over 200bucks before inflation now it’s selling for 400bucks…..I dont want that tent now!

    1. I feel for you. Cardboard boxes will soon be in short supply if people stop purchasing appliances. I hope there is a bridge close to where your box is now.

    2. I was buying name brand fishing rods for 40 or 50 bucks and now their 100 to 150 bucks. Screw that im not paying those prices just for a fishing rod. Now i buy the cheapest they have.

  5. It’s the grey zone Biden. We are coming out of the worst economic situation that has affected 100s of millions of people. Thousands of low-paying jobs and rising prices for basic food staples.
    I wish the best to those who are trying to make it all work for their families.

  6. Why is it that no matter how the economy goes, the Billionaires and Millionaire don’t loose much, but the middle class continue to loose.

    1. We haven’t built guillotines and used them on the rich since the 1700s. That’s why. They don’t fear the middle class.

  7. Besides corporate debt, if you think prices on consumer items are high now, just wait until all the wage hikes are put into play which will result into wage hikes going all the way up the line and then be passed down again to the consumer in the form of price hikes because no or at least very few CEOs or CFOs are going to absorb the extra money that they are having to pay out in terms of wages. As a Young Man, I used to pay $0.39 a pound for chicken wings which now regularly run over $2 a pound. I remember my sister putting $2 worth of gasoline into a solid steel car and we would be able to drive around for an entire week without putting more in because gas was that cheap, in fact I remember seeing gasoline at 23.9 cents per gallon at the local Clark station. If you ever look at videos showing the quote on quote old days, take a look at the signs in the grocery stores that used to advertise steak for as low as 15 cents per pound. Inflation will be around forever as long as greed is.

    1. The Fed intentionally keeps inflation low but positive: low so as not to discourage investment, positive so as to discourage hoarding. The days you are talking about, and I was there too, were 60 years ago, and a small, positive inflation rate, compounded over 60 years, mounts up. My first job after getting my BA paid $5400 a year, about par for the course back then. In today’s money, that works out to about $46,000, which is still par for the course now, except that back then companies trained employees, whereas now they have to build experience as unpaid interns or get by in the gig economy with no job security and no benefits. Meanwhile, real per capita GDP has doubled and house prices have quadrupled. So Gen Z is really getting screwed, but it’s not inflation that’s to blame, but rather the destruction of unions and four decades of supply-side economics leading to levels of inequality not seen since the Gilded Age. Capitalism at work, amid propaganda conflating progressive egalitarianism with authoritarian Communism.

  8. Imagine being paid to be as wrong as these MSNBC hosts and guests are. People aren’t willing anymore to be paid far less than they need to survive by working at a job where they are blatantly treated like expendable non-humans. That’s what it is, nothing more and nothing less.

    1. Yes, of course, yours is the only and last words in regards to everything that has to do with the USA. LOL!

  9. Temp prices still hurt we are building a house and now this will affect me for a long time.

  10. The covid relief bill pumped 1.6 trillion into the economy. And how much of the 3.5 trillion infrastructure bill will go directly into the economy? Let’s say a trillion. That means that, if the infrastructure bill passes, in only 6 months Biden will have pumped 2.5 trillion into the economy. Inflation is only going one way – and that is UP.

    1. Not true. The Fed has a reserve of >$7 trillion to draw on, and money pumped into real investment like infrastructure and human capital pays off handsomely in the long run. On the other hand tax cuts put money in the hands of corporations, on the premise that they will invest it and all good things will happen. They invest it all right – in China, in automation, in M&A to reduce competition, in stock buybacks to make the balance sheet look better without actually doing anything, in subprime mortgages, in scams like Enron and Bernie Madoff, in speculative hedge funds, in SIlicon Valley unicorns that have never made a profit and never will. Because according to capitalist propaganda, successful businesspeople are good at making investment decisions and the government is not. Tell that to the Chinese, where infrastructure development pushed by their government led to the most spectacular growth spurt in history. Not that anyone wants to live in China, but you can invest in infrastructure without being authoritarian. Like FDR did.

      When the government puts money in the hands of ordinary people by creating infrastructure jobs etc., the ordinary people decide how to spend it, and the benefits ripple from the bottom up. That’s what Biden meant when he spoke of the failed experiment of the past 40 years: Reaganomics, supply-side economics, running up debt at the wrong times for the wrong reasons (while claiming to be the party of fiscal responsibility). The model is so bankrupt that the GOP has completely abandoned policy in favour of culture wars and destructive propaganda. .

  11. John 8:44
    Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

    Isaiah 5:20
    Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

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